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  1. It's probably trying to open a browser from within wine, meaning it tries to open a browser made for windows, running under wine. Chances are you don't have a browser installed within your wine install. Can't gems be bought directly from ANet's website? That way you can avoid having to install a browser in wine. It's what I think is happening.
  2. +1 honestly, changing my permanent set every time I relog is so annoying I'd rather undergo the legendary grind route to get rid of it once and for all. Though, I'd totally prefer them available as account slots for 1k gems each.
  3. I totally expected this thread to state the opposite: level scaling is a joke because 80/fully decked characters just faceroll through lower level content. Dungeons, when it's daily time (only time I do them, with a "all welcome" lfg post), are awfully easy, when they used to pose a challenge. At lower level maps, stuff dies so fast that it's really apparent the scaling down is not aggressive enough. I am somewhat relieved to hear there's at least one experience out there where a lower level character doesn't feel that outclassed by the level 80 party. If you want the other side of the coin
  4. If this trait would trigger with any incoming heals while in shroud, then I'd consider it fine. It would make thematic sense as it's a trait for wasted heals (out of shroud at 100% life, or while in shroud, both share the property that any healing is wasted).
  5. I'll miss the old trait, that lava font was such a life saver, and the fury on blast was the main fury source on my build. Now I have no fury... or have to probably change around my build a lot to get it back. :(
  6. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bloodstone_BrickAccording to the wiki it should be automatic. However, a bit of a side question... do you have a use for these bricks? Because for the majority of the player base, bloodstone dust, empyreal fragments and dragonite ore are pretty much junk material, and they are mostly just tossed away. Do you have a use for them?
  7. Building without cleanses isn't that different than going full glass without defenses. I like that there's a tradeoff, and I like more that in later content condition cleansing is more useful. Enemies (specially bosses) could use some more boon generation to make boon removal more desirable as well (though I'd leave that for group events as the majority of classes don't have ready access to boon removal unless you are a spellbreaker or a necromancer).
  8. What I do is sell on TP a stack of whatever material hits the limit. Even if you do craft, buying back from the TP is usually better than dealing with the hassle of extra materials. Though I have increased my storage capacity so that even if I sell a stack, I still have another one in reserve if needed. Items that cannot the sold... well, if they are mostly junk you don't need, then blast them away. Increasing your storage capacity is somewhat worthwhile even if you don't need the materials, if for the only reason that they allow you to play for longer periods of time before they fill up and
  9. Discovery recipes are per character, as these are a huge source of craft levelling experience. recipes learned from scrolls/items/achievements are unlocked accountwide.
  10. Go to hylek grounds WP in verdant brink and dive off into the flax farm below while in a griffon. Hold the dive button (not the dismount skill). While holding this button, when the stamina bar is full press the jump button (space bar). That's your super dive. There aren't many places you can use it, but when you can you'll be traversing really fast the map. The two places where I use the dive every day is the previously mentioned flax farm and the one in draconic Mons. In general you don't need to use the super dive to travel fast. If there isn't enough of a cliff, just dive what you can and
  11. Hmm. Loading characters shouldn't be an issue as that happens in the background. If the low fps goes away after a while within a battle, it's possible your graphics driver is still compiling the shaders of other players, once those are cached the next time it goes much faster. Granted, if you keep bumping into tons of new particle-infested characters (that is, pretty much any open world large event), then this will keep happening. My best guess to attempt and get high resolution textures for other characters working is to reduce the number of other players visible to the minimum (you don't r
  12. I don't think there's a correct solution if we account for sour/toxic people that want to ruin the enjoyment of others. What you suggest works FOR YOU because you aren't that kind of person. In the end, it seems ANet chose the least problematic of approaches: the democratic one. This already happens in (non open) squads, so for that type of content it's already covered. ANet hasn't given this much more attention to party making. Perhaps they just hope people read the lfg requirements and respect them? This has worked for me so far. I don't think anyone will disagree here. I suspect it's a lim
  13. Skyscale is really a sort of "all terrain" mount. It's surprisingly useful for a lot of situations with complex terrain. However, I don't think it's my most used mount. If I try to get to a far place, I pretty much always start with the beetle and try to get there with the initial burst (as well as the stamina charge skill). If I have a cliff in front of me, and I know my destination is likely below my starting point, I'll hop on the griffon and soar the skies to my goal. If I need to cover a small distance quickly, I hop in raptor and triple dash (it's what can be done before fully running
  14. I have nine characters, each with two crafts at max level, so I can, with certainty, tell you that discoveries are supposed to be per character, as that's the main way to level crafting until way past level 400. Only recipes unlocked via a item get accountwide unlocks. Can you be sure that your alt character which is just levelling up already has every recipe from higher level than they can craft (if what you stated is true, then at lower levels you should be able to see all recipes, even those for which you don't have enough level to craft)? Normally only those acquired from items would show
  15. Considering that the market is changing and that now pretty much every mmo is for mobile platforms, it's pretty likely GW2 will be the last mmo I stay around to play. I've tried many others mmos in the past, but none had the qualities that I really enjoy from GW2. It's design choices such as level scaling (which gives a high degree of freedom for levelling, unlike most other games which fix a growth path for you), or open world adhoc collaboration events (which is a refreshing change from just queuing dungeons over and over, which used to be the default in many others) are pretty difficult to
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