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  1. But is it really tournament wins or is it tournament match wins? Winning 20 Tournaments would be much harder than "just" 20 matches in tournaments. Has someone already partipated in a tournament?
  2. If something gets nerfed because it overperforms/is overpowered, there's no need to compensate for these nerfs. If they would get compensated, the class or build will still overperform, just differently. E.g. if damage gets nerfed and you get a buff in survivability in return, you haven't really brought down that class/build. Especially when due to the buff in survivability, you can just replace a few defensive skills and traits with offensive ones and are back to square one. So if the devs would start compensating all the nerfs of the recent patch, it's purpose of bringing down the power leve
  3. And people were saying CC was going to be useless because it does 0.01. They were wrong. And this was the exact intend on reducing the damage on these CC skills. So like others have said, really great changes, with skill actually being back and all!
  4. Regarding Jormag's motives: I suspect that regardless if he/she needs us and/or Aurene to face a bigger threat or not, the ultimate goal is to get close enough to Aurene to kill her and absorb her powers. If there's indeed a bigger threat that requires an alliance with Jormag, Jormag will probably use it to try and gain our trust or at least get closer to Aurene and will make a move as soon as that threat has been dealt with. Jormag might not even wait until then and instead try to get Aurene's powers to face the threat alone while we're distracted with actually fighting it.
  5. Wow, amazing. We get 3s stab on dual skill. Tbh you couldnt make it more useless ANet. You know whats the point of short stability skills? You use them when enemy is about to CC so you face it, and instead of dodging you burst him. Now, to gain 3s stab you need to switch two elements and then theres cast time and obvious Lava Skin animation. Good job ANet, thats the Weaver we all wanted. The moment Weaver gets out of ToFs (which you also nerfed) warrior can stunlock till the end of the world, and you can just get off your chair, go and make coffee, come back and respawn. Im not even talking ab
  6. Fresh Air was never meant to be a damage boost that persists into other attunements for long or even into overloads. It would be to powerful if it did while also resetting the air attunement cooldown, which is usually a dps boost by itself since air is one of the two damage oriented attunements and you trigger electric discharge more frequently. If you want a long lasting damage boost, do what you already did and take Bolt to the Heart.
  7. I don't see a need for buffs for the other mounts. Each of them still has it's use. While the Springer can't get as high as the Skyscale, it goes up a lot faster and will evade attacks when doing so while the Skyscale is vulnerable. I haven't compared the horizontal speed of Skyscale and Raptor, but it feels more or less the same while I find Raptor less clunky to use when traveling. So I basically use Raptor for horizontal travel, Springer for vertical travel and Skyscale when a combintation is required and switching between Raptor/Springer is either not possible or I would need to switch so
  8. For me it either gets stuck on dyes or warderobe.
  9. I don't remember seeing them around the shrine, but you can find them at the entrance to raven sanctum, for example. On the left and right side of the rock fomrations with the raven icon. You can also fin them at the entrance to the cave with the strike mission entrance.
  10. It might just be a design re-use, since there are a few large "pillars" in the mountains on the west of the map that resemble exalted buildings found in the maguuma jungle.
  11. The problem was not having two Elder Dragons fight and kill each other, but that another Elder Dragons death would mean the (definitve) end of the world. So we would have the same problem when the Flame Legion fights Jormag. Luckily, we now know a safe way to kill dragons, so the Flame Legion fighting him shouldn't be a problem as long as we are able to go the safe route again. That also means that technically, having Primordus and Jormag fight would also be an option again. But since this has happened before, the Flame Legion is probably the more likely outcome storywise.
  12. The same can be said about other classes with a lot of blocks/evades/invulnerabilties and even CC, too. Like Mirage, Spellbreaker or Condi Daredevil, to name a few.
  13. Just creating a new character instead of getting additional templates is easier said than done. If you do that, you still need to unlock the elite specs and - depending on what you would like to do with the character - walk to specific locations first. If it's just fractals or raids, that's quiet easy, but if you also would like to do world bosses or meta events, for example, it takes more time. Unlocking elite specs and some waypoints might not take ages, but it still takes enough time to be worth mentioning here.
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