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  1. It was a big gamble to introduce these eldritch beings from the dawn of time into the setting as the major threats and imo it didn't really pay off. Even holding over from GW1 alone there are so many interesting unresolved storylines that got sidelined by the Elder Dragons. The Elder Dragons caused big changes in the world but as characters themselves they aren't interesting, which is why they got given personalities (in Zhaitan's case, retroactively)—but that made them less mysterious and threatening as well. Jormag is probably the one that came close to doing both pretty well. Then agai
  2. Honestly, the whole thing is a confusing mess and I'm not sure the devs have a clear idea. This wouldn't be a problem, but the understanding of lots of story points (like what is this Void which is the final boss of the entire Elder Dragons storyline) rely on this being clear and it's not.
  3. One of the things I only noticed about the Factions manual relatively recently was that it describes the Kurzicks and the Luxons as "the two most populous and diverse vassal cultures in the Empire", implying the existence of other, more obscure human cultures in Cantha.
  4. My speculation for Living World Season 5: Storylines: finding a new power source for Cantha, dealing with the Purists Maps: Western Shing Jea, Old Kaineng/Raisu Palace, the Battle Isles, Dominion of Winds My speculation for next xpac: Storylines: the human gods returning to Tyria now that the threat of the Elder Dragons are dealt with Locations: Xotecha, or Sunrise Crest
  5. These areas were labelled in New Krytan on a texture pulled from the game files some time ago. Here's a high res version of the fan translation linked in the OP (I think Gwen Yeh and Kim Dahye are/were ANet staffers): https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Tyria_world_fan_map.jpg I don't think we know anything more about them, however the map we see in-game is slightly cropped. The data-mined map shows more: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Tyria_map_(unexplored).jpg One think I think we can be reasonably confident about is that these areas aren't Xotecha; since that is an island
  6. To be fair, back in winds of Change we had no evidence, only rumors that the Jade Sea and forest were "reverting". We've never had real proof of it. Hell, the manual lines don't strongly suggest that either are reverting. It explicitly states the waves under the surface of the Jade Sea are purely unsubstantiated rumors. The Forest always had life growing out among the stone trees. We have jade carvings from Cantha among the Zephyrites at the cliffs. I'm doubtful that the Jade mined from the sea wouldn't also revert if the overall sea was returning to water. I don't know, I think that the manua
  7. A couple more details I've noticed: from this post, although the character might be new to us, it seems that they are ancient (or at least as ancient as Kuunavang). Also contrary to what I speculated in my earlier post it looks like this does not mean the end of GW2.
  8. The gw1 map no, that's all empire now.. however the Gw1 map only showed a portion of the continent.There is a great deal of land south of what we played in Gw1 that was never explored nor did we know anything about it.These are areas I am personally looking forward to seeing in Gw2 as well as the old locations from Gw1, I'd love to know what's down there.Might even be a whole region of non human races down there united against the Empire or something.I'd also point out, the Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts describe the Kurzicks and the Luxons as "the two most populous and diverse vassal culture
  9. Now that I'm done hyperventilating, some observations: The voice in the trailer (who is addressing Kuunavang), who we know to be a mysterious new characterA potential hint to how the Elder Dragons relate to the history of the Empire of the Dragon: "They built new lives upon the very thing that sought to end theirs"Just after that hint, we head to the sewers and there's what looks like the section of a giant dragon spanning the gap – can't remember if anything like that was in GW1 but if so it was definitely made out to be man-made rather than part of any dragon's body. If everyone knew the cit
  10. Hey, if we're speculating (in a weirdly heated way) about how the story might lead into a Cantha/Bubbles xpac, a lot of my rambling story hook from last year still holds up...
  11. As someone on reddit has pointed out, Bangar keeps a corrupted (by Jormag) norn artefact in his office. Now where have we seen this before?
  12. I don’t think he’s acting rationally - Elder Dragons can’t be tamed or controlled. Don’t you think it’s funny that his objective (to be in a position where he has enough power to rival the Pact and/or Aurene) dovetails nicely with Jormag’s presumed priorities - namely to put the brakes on the dragon-killers that Aurene and the Pact represent? Given that Jormag is the most subtle Elder Dragon, I doubt that that’s a coincidence.
  13. He's back. From his new dialogue, it's clear that the player's encounters with him are happening in non-chronological order. When he meets the player in Grothmar Valley is the first time (from his point of view) that he meets the player, and it's where the player gets the nickname "cub". It's also the player that sends him down a rabbit hole with "ninety-seven". Do these new developments shed any light on this mystery? The last time we had an NPC this enigmatic was Bahltek, who it now seems was intended to set up foreshadowing for Guild Wars Utopia, which is why all his hints never paid off. B
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