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  1. I shouldnt be frustrated by a game I'm playing to have fun, right? I shouldn't have to wait for the weekend either.
  2. Do you think I have unlimited time? Don't you think I'd just play something else instead, is this what you and anet want? It's peak peak hours here, by the way.
  3. The maps are all full. There are no new instances currently. No map is on south. You can join no maps that are in the lfg, they are all full. The problem is unsolvable, I am stuck on maps that don't have a commander and are stuck on north meta. No matter how many times I relog. This has nothing to do with willingness. I am simply not able to join a map currently. Even if I tagged up and completed a north map I would be thrown into not a fresh new map but one that is stuck on north again. This can not be. I should not have to search for a map for hours in this game. Tha
  4. Does arenanet care? Sure doesn't seem that way since we've had these problems forever. I can't play the game because the LFG does not work. And please don't come with fixes like map ip or just click harder - the UI is a problem, the LFG is a problem, the whole system is a mess.
  5. Title. Game just straight up deletes my build and swaps where my utility skills are when I switch my build or relog. Fix it, it's been years. Look at all the threads. Does anet even care?
  6. I don't have much to say. Playing Mesmer, especially Chrono with its boon generation, just feels bad and sad now. That's it. Was the most fun class to play, now it's just dead weight. Absolutely useless. Terrible to play since nothing lines up. Wells are bad compared to other boon generation. Everything feels clunky. Boons don't last long enough to be worth the effort. The damage feels weird on Mirage (random ports yay, confusion yay...) and Chrono. There is no more skill involved. Distortion isn't really a thing anymore at all. It's just bad. Completely butchered the c
  7. Are the Elementalist patchnotes a joke? If so, not funny at all, anet. Not funny at all. First you trash the class, then you ridicule the players.
  8. I need infos. How it works should be clear 2 weeks from release, no? Why don't you tell us, anet?
  9. "It works for me" and bad workarounds. Thanks guys, didn't know you were mods and devs. Tbh, Aviator boxes just have to be removed from the game.
  10. I think it's requested by people who don't play Mesmer on a high level, or do not solo content and want just another support class to blast boons up their nose. People who "like the idea", but don't play the class. Mesmer doesn't need another support class. It needs to be better at the existing options, that fb and renegade do better with the push of a single button both in WvW and PvE. Mesmer needs a complete overhaul when it comes to its gameplay, how fluent and fun it is. Mesmer needs a complete overhaul to its identity after it lost all of its uniqueness (portals, ala
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