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  1. It's from before that time. Why do you feel the need to ask such an aggressive question when I just wanted to know things? Thanks!
  2. Thing is, I have 3x Legendary Armor sets (heavy, medium, light), precursors to armor sets and a lot of gifts. I'm especially curious about the gifts since I sank a lot of materials into them and can't use that.
  3. I have 3x Legendary Armor. Decided some time ago to make more. Put a lot of money and time into it. Have precursors + a lot of gifts that I sank a lot of gold and materials into, which will be pretty much useless. So. What will happen?
  4. Absolutely useless, because You limit it to 6 storage templates per character. Not enough.To max out 6 storage templates per class I'd have to spend (4x8+3)x500 = 17500 gems = 218,75 €.Look at this ridiculous number. LOOK AT IT. This still Does not include build templates.We'd be at around 400 €. I payed for this game and both expansions, guys. In addition to that It ruins the effort I have put into legendary armor and weapons. As demonstrated before, you do not get this abomination for the looks. Now you devalue its functionality, too. You make it incredibly clear in what direction you want
  5. Cool, but you should really be more specific with your examples, and not make them up to support your argument. It's been detailed enough now that people need builds and that they are different from each other. I'm pretty tired of this argument that you also kind of present here: "I don't need it, so nobody else does." Yeah no. Having templates for small changes not only adds more comfort, aka QoL, but also more security that you did not make any mistakes while choosing gear.
  6. Topics have been merged, now this thread is absolute chaos. Thanks mods, very cool!
  7. Another thing is: Why even have templates if getting another char slot is just the superior option? You get more bank space, 2 templates, a new blank slate, a new name, more fashion wars characters.
  8. Basically this. Bellevue where anet is you're looking at 100k for even lower level devs because of cost of living. They're actually not doing so hot judging by their quarterly income vs. The amount of staff they have. Also higher level devs hit between 130-150k in Bellevue. So yeah they're probably barely maintaining their business when you factor in senior and leadership positions. @Firebeard.1746 said: Basically this. Bellevue where anet is you're looking at 100k for even lower level devs because of cost of living. They're actually not doing so hot judging by their quarterly income vs. The
  9. Well then remove yourself from the discussion and don't impose your needs on others, please.
  10. The instance is not always an "instance" as in raid wings or fractals, but the character you play on. You want everything on one character, because you want to stay on that character for reasons (like having all bag slots unlocked, having a main etc; and not have alts of the same class). Role changes (support / power dps / condi dps / wvw build) mostly do not happen during a clear (except if you optimize squad composition and/or kill time and adjust it during a run, very complicated and only possible in guilds), but if you pug and want to stay on your character and change groups, they do. If
  11. You throw around a lot of percentages when conveying your own opinion. Try to understand others instead, maybe. Because all you're saying is "I don't need this, so you don't either." That's pretty egoistical, buddy.
  12. You don't need to be "on my side". This problem simply doesn't concern you, it's fine. Just go play somewhere else tbh. Why would I need to convince you, a random dude who comes in and just says "naahhh you don't need that"? I seriously don't get people like you. You can't be bothered to think for yourself or do the math from the starting post, and you dare to impose on people like me what we need or want from the game. Even if we directly and politely state what we need you are like "nahhh proof it to ME". Who do you think you are? All you're doing is splitting the playerbase. I have a simple
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