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  1. Adding the ability to consume all with a warning message would solve both problems and reduce the amount of needless clicking, saving time and allowing for players to do more enjoyable activities then clicking in their inventory. It would also prevent carpel tunnel.
  2. You aren't fooling anyone if you think a character in soldier gear would be able to kill any competent duelist.
  3. This feedback is specifically for WvW. I have 1000s of hours in WvW, command daily and play every class, and often main necro. Harbinger provides no unique niche in this content. It is a subpar duelist, fairs poorly when roaming with equally limited mobility tools to other forms of Necro on long cooldown, has severely limited range, all with significantly reduced survivability. There is no synergy with the new lifepool reduction mechanic, and the subpar damage boost granted does not justify being one shot to downstate. When playing with a zerg and supports you cannot m
  4. I am not excited about this new specialization. As many have previously noted, you do not get enough for all that you sacrifice, it has anti-synergy for both previous fear applications in competitive modes (torment is antisynergistic with fear), it has no boon corrupt besides what is available from other weapons/traits, it has a 900 range easily kited limit, it uses destroyable/reflectable projectiles, all with a lifepool far reduced to its other competition. Anet really needs to improve this. It's not good.
  5. Thank you very much @Josh Davis.7865 for these preview balance patch update notes. I hope your team continues to monitor the WvW meta as we move into the expansion beta test and focus balance there as well.
  6. Dear Anet, When Right-Clicking a character in WvW, there is a Blank Spot below where you would find Whisper/Send Mail/Block etc. Clicking on this shows an advertisement for EoD and takes you to the pre-order page. Is this intentional? Is there supposed to be a graphic here instead? It seems like a bug.
  7. Increasing the AoE Target cap for support skills is a terrible idea. Promoting more stacking gameplay would drive less diversity, as @Chaba.5410 stated. Instead, Anet should vastly increase potential variety in WvW Combat. This could be done through specific targeted improvements to the game mode: Rebalancing all unused weapons/traits/sigils/runes/stats so that all classes and specializations provide UNIQUE and useful benefits to allies. DISincentivize mindless "stacking" zerg gameplay. To do this, Increase AoE DPS caps by 2x. Stacking is not remote
  8. Yes, exactly. That is why I quoted you to start. The old method required significant skill and coordination to the point that effort was required and the optimal result rarely seen. Now that it has been changed to passively stack without effort, superspeed will become as commonplace and routine as purity of purpose/antitoxin plating, providing yet another additional benefit to meta comp squads and another set of mechanics - movement speed tactics - they can mindlessly and safely ignore, adding to the current list of comp immunities (conditions, projectiles, burst not high enough to
  9. The issue here is simple. Comp squads will use stacking 10sec superspeed as the solution to every problem since the complexity to do so/sacrifice required is almost nonexistant. Retreating/Pushing/stealth bombs/avoiding burst/chasing roamers. It's not a good thing to stack so many strategies in one unremovable buff - especially for those who prefer complexity in this gamemode.
  10. Much faster. All large battles keep players in combat. This change will have massive implications to comp squad vs unorganized fighting and is yet another nail in the coffin/hurdle to winning for clouding pugs not in discord.
  11. It does now. ", and allowing multiple applications of superspeed to stack duration."
  12. The swiftness change was good and so was the 2sec icd. Hopefully Anet adjusts Superspeed at 10sec stacking. That will absolutely dominate in WvW.
  13. I expect this will now be meta for comp squad pushes and retreats, making scrapper and its new trait even more of a required class. I believe it will cause even more ignoring of mechanics such as slow cripple and chill by comp squads as they move around the battlefield. One solution for all problems just encourages less complex strategy in this gamemode as comp groups stack 10sec of uncorruptable unremovable superspeed at all times. The old limit was better and kept it from dominating combat. Perhaps if they limited scrapper sources to the scrapper only like a self buff
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