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  1. New refreshed racetrack tiles and checkpoints are cool (Though, they can be slightly updated with this idea i think? Racing Guilds would be in the heaven... 🙂 ), but I have slightly offtopic question:
  2. Four weeks later, still only 2 new decorations... 😕
  3. I've updated my Guild Hall topic with EoD stuff, including decorations ideas: Direct link to Trello Board with decoration suggestions here: https://trello.com/b/LLXfaWsp/guild-decorations-suggestions
  4. Hello, I am back with another update of ideas! This time mostly End of Dragons stuff. 🙂 GUILD HALL UPGRADES: MARKET: Bosses Contract: End of Dragons Strike Missions Bosses Contract: End of Dragons Meta Bosses Fishing Supply Vendor Fishmonger Merchant NOTARY: Advanced Guild Portal: Cantha PvE Missions (Skiffs) PvE Skiff Mission 1 PvE Skiff Mission 2 WORKSHOP: Local Weather Controlling Device NEW GUILD HALL: Charr Guild Hall NEW GUILD DECORATIONS: (Since we're lack of them in EoD :c ) Trees: Blossoming
  5. I hope they just forgot to add them. If not... well, this is a huge disappointment.
  6. Oh, that's interesting idea. I see a lot of potential for Roleplayers in it and people who want to do perfect screenshots. If you don't mind, I'll add it to Trello board and credit you for suggestion. 🙂 Assembly queue is nightmare sometimes. To Craft Golden King Toad deco from SAB you need to spend... 1,5h. They definitely should rework it or just remove queue for decorations. Already suggested it on Trello boards. Also allowing to upgrade lesser banners to Guild Heroes Banner would be cool. Technically it could be possible to make, but as you mentioned extra programmin
  7. Hello again! Since we're so close to release of End of Dragons, updated my trello boards with suggestions for Guild and Guild Hall ideas. Below listed new and changed stuff. Previous ideas about EoD upgrades you can find here few posts ealier. Links to Trello boards you can find on the end of this post. GUILD HALL UPGRADES: NOTARY: Rental Contract: Siege Turtles Rental Contract: Fishing WAR ROOM: Guild Hall Open Battleground: Battleground Decorations MISCS UPDATES: Market - Skritt Merchant [Junk Items] - reworked ideas of sold items by NPC GUILD HAL
  8. Hello, Decided to share two fanmade encounters I've designed (more below twitter post): Fractal: Unstable Rift We find Auris Weirdbringer having some trouble with mysterious Mist Strangers. Instanced Event: Rift Anomaly Follow up of Unstable Rift Fractal events. We find "someone" who is probably causing Unstable Rifts scattered around Tyria. If you want to dive into story or mechanics, feel free to check my google drive link here. :)
  9. I don't get it why they removed image linking (and more advanced features which were useful like text coloring, more formatting options...). I always wanted to ilustrate stuff for ideas/concepts, but making twitter post for it is... missing a point if I need to create 8 or even more images with schematics of UI etc. Also they should replace current emojis, to more fitting GW2 theme:
  10. Of course, I don't expect my ideas to be done in single release. Small chunks released over time would be perfectly fine. I think they realized it with latest Champions updates, but not sure how it would affect future releases. We all know devs were moved from IBS to End of Dragons, so surely it affected quality of content. If it would affect future releases too, I prefer to wait 3-4 months for more bundled content with quality. Like above, tho SAB could be easily sliced to zone production since World 2 ones are loosely connected. But hey, it's guild topic.😉
  11. Still trying to show to devs, Guilds actually could profit game experience better: Players can make custom fanmade stuff in Guild Hall - endless replayability which can keep them occupied between Season Episodes / Expansions: Racing Tracks - for gliders or mounts - Rental NPCs can show free account players how cool they are fully upgraded, so they may consider buying expansions to have access to them everywhere. Custom WvW-like mode so WvW maps would be more used for their original purpose (dueling pits on map still could be accessible and playable! it would just give
  12. Hello, New stuff on Trello boards arrived! TAVERN UPGRADES: Slight rework of Guild Enhancement Boons from Tavern Bartender NPC New Guild Hall Music: M.O.X. Classic Playlist Updated Guild Hall Music and Anthems upgrade cards with links and samples to listen (Spotify/Soundcloud/Youtube) NOTARY UPGRADES: New Guild World Event Boost New Rental Contract: Skiffs (EoD Feature) New Rental Contract: Siege Turtles (EoD Feature) ARENA UPGRADES: New Brawling Interactable: Boon Hologram Spawner for Arena DECORATION SUGGESTIONS (check Guild De
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