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  1. Added color variations for Trophy Emoji (Bronze/Silver/Gold): https://imgur.com/a/AAObJwc
  2. Uhhh seems like image URL links feature got broken yesterday. Tried to update my image list in Community Creations topic, but after saving changes Imgur images turned just to URLs. Tried to workaround it and noticed: - Imgur, DeviantArt image links do not work anymore (probably tumblr too, but didn't checked) - Reddit post link block semi works (title is visible, but image preview is broken) - Twitter post link with image works correctly
  3. Hello, Some artworks and concept arts I was working on recently. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy! EDIT: Looks like image links are still broken, so posting Twitter links:
  4. Glad you like them, Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! Removed thumbs down since it was complained a lot by people. --- Somehow imgur links stopped working, so i pinned down reddit topic for previews.
  5. New Forum looks waaaay better and I think formatting and search options are hugely improved! I miss tho badges and signatures which evaporated. @Fire Attunement.9835 Does 'default' reaction to post icons will be replaced? Current ones doesn't fit GW2 art style, so I've created quickly replacements here in topic below if it would be helpful โคต๏ธ
  6. Hello, Not sure if actual reaction icons after forum migrations are temporary, but I've created a whole bunch of icons anyway. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€ Image .pngs here: https://imgur.com/a/aBFXh19 EDIT: Looks like image links cannot be displayed now (no idea why), so included Twitter post. Below is reddit topic link:
  7. If boosters would happen, then they shouldn't be expensive to buy. And each card should have let's say the same drop ratio. About rarity. I would try to balance cards to have one activated effect (eventually, OR selection between two). There still would be counter cards for played action response. Also I think deck would be 60 cards with 3 copies max of card (until card would have a keyword Unique - 1 copy in deck).I think better way would be to 'mill' extra copies at Mystic Forge to craft new booster (for example mill 4 cards to receive 2 new random ones). So once supply on market evaporate
  8. If boosters/decks would be in affordable prices - I am fine with it.
  9. Round is split to turns, so players play their moves alternately (depending who have more Noble Characters or... bought initiative with gold). On Round start you draw 4+ max 3 cards (if you used "Location" cards as hand expansion). Each Round new Event is revealed too (modifies gameplay, like you cannot do diplomacy this round or duel characters, or have to pay gold taxes :P ). Each Turn you can do one Action + as much as you want minor moves. Action is playing a Character from hand, Card play rule with Action icon, challenging a duel or doing diplomacy. Duel and Diplomacy gives you Victory Po
  10. About gameplay - yep, you can find physical card game mockup in link above. It's based on dead polish TCG game (since 6 years), but I reworked and changed like 50% of mechanics, so I'd say it's different game now. So far it should be playable on table. As digital game? Well, probably too! Since I managed to create scenes. :D
  11. Hello! I am a lucky tester of incoming GuildWars2: The Card Game! Currently it's in Closed Alpha, but it's so fun and promising project! I was allowed to post some screenshots from game. If you have questions - feel free to ask! I will try to answer them all as long as NDA is allowing me to answer them! Build: CA_2021_04_01_631 .I am giving away 5 codes for my followers on Twitter to Closed Alpha of Guild Wars 2: The Card Game, GOOD LUCK! If this post will get at least 100 likes, I will give away 2 more keys! -> Post 1If this post will get at least 100 likes, I will give away 2 mo
  12. I would bind them to Achievements - since they would be flexible for requirements creations. It may be like Steel's Warband steps, when you were unlocking Legion weapons. Or achievement can be a mini stories chain quest, require some map explorations - so many possibilities. Once you finish Achievement, it appears available in Merchant's inventory.
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