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  1. I love getting new legendaries! I hope for a shield skin that I'd really enjoy.
  2. Hello! I thought I could briefly introduce my tumblr blog here 🙂 I take charr-focused screenshots with my own reshade preset, as well as things like scenery and mount screenshots, screenshots of any obscure and interesting things I see, etc. I might also post occasionally something non-gw2 related, but that would 99% of the time be related to animals or dragons. https://ceriothemberheart.tumblr.com/ I welcome comments and reblogs, however I do not share my preset because I use so varied different set ups and shaders and ingame settings that I lack the energy to make a detailed guide or
  3. I wanted to bring up a topic - skill types! Skills in this game are split across different types, most notably in utility skills. Examples of these include shouts, traps, mantras, stances as well as class specific skill types such as kits (engineer) or commands (ranger). Which skill types, across the board, do you think are the best and most balanced? Which are your favourite flavor wise? Which do you like the least? Which tend to be most boring? Which are hardest to balance? Feel free to answer any thoughts on them that you have, and tell what kind of skill types you'd like to see used more i
  4. The title basically explains it! So, in original Guild Wars you have this prestige title called God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals which you can only acquire by completing loads of title tracks related to GW1. It's pretty much one of the biggest goals you can go for. GW2 has many titles, some harder to get than others, but nothing universal that ties all the aspects of the game together. GW2 title system also works rather differently from the GW1 one. What do you think a GW2 GWAMM would be called, and what would it require to get?
  5. Snowden Drifts is practically impossible right now to the point even Raid-geared teams are struggling. I did it with a minute spare time. I suggest not going for mindless raid dps rotations but actually thinking about your strategies a bit better.
  6. It's not the size, but how it looks. Usually any fiery/dragon related skins get my attention easily.
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