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  1. If you have not, I'll let it spill that it's hidden somewhere in the Grove 👀
  2. Sorry, seems to be on my side. the RSS doesn't seem to be working together with my Dark Reader plugin 😕
  3. Hey all, On the previous forums you could get the RSS feed of the forum by putting /feed.rss behind your subforum. However the new forum doesn't have this option, they have a "RSS" option that's just the HTML of the page. Anyone figured out how to get a structured RSS feed again from the new forum? Example: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/feed/ Grtz Holy
  4. A moment of silent please, for all those deleted posts that went before us <3
  5. We're a guild for everyone, not just for those who bought the expansion! <3We'll never discriminate between members, especially not based on wether they spend money on expansions or not :)
  6. We're quite a handfull, and no idea about age but everyone is welcoming and friendly <3
  7. Hey there, I'll look into what's going wrong with registering! Don't worry though, we'll try to find you in-game asap and have a talk with you about joining <3
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