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  1. SPOILERS Indeed, until Path of Fire showed sylvari ghost NPCs (you can chat with one of them in the cave) in the Domain of the Lost (not to mention the sylvari player), we didn't really know if sylvari, who are essentially plant elementals given their origin, even had souls per se. I understand they had to go with this reveal because otherwise the sylvari experience of "The Departing" would've needed another reason to follow the other four playable races' experiences in the Domain of the Lost and afterlife shenanigans in general. However, it does raise the intriguing lo
  2. We've had some conflicting answers from the Narrative Team regarding religion over time. Here are a few replies I could find on short notice from a time before PoF: As for the hierarchy of the clergy, we did get some clues during Season 3's Episode 6 One Path Ends where Taimi mentions that the highest ranked priests (high priests) are found at the DR Royal Palace's Shrine of the Six. Sadly we don't know the high priests' names, but their genders might be known to us assuming that the six priests/priestesses (who give us speed boons) found at the Shrine of the Si
  3. I don't really mind Aurene resurrecting as they happened to have a good enough reason for it; however, the execution of it wasn't to my liking as we really needed an episode in between 5 and 6 where the Commander could've been made aware of the lich powers and that we needed to enact a specific ritual to help her with her first resurrection, so the Commander would've played a more active role via a journey to the Mists/Domain of the Lost/dragon afterlife to find Aurene's soul or some relevant information and lead it back to her body. Having an episode to mull over Aurene's demise would've also
  4. If we're going to see Primordus again, it'll likely be in a flashback/vision of the past etc. with his more sane self (hopefully along with the other Elder Dragons so we finally hear both Primordus and Zhaitan speak, assuming that we don't get to speak with Zhaitan's ghost in the present if its ghost exists and hasn't merged into the ley lines by now) to explore Jormag's cryptic statement from Episode 2 on how the dragonrise cycle may not have always been so "broken" eons ago: The Whisper of Jormag: I understand why you want to silence me, but you must listen. For Tyria's sake.
  5. To be fair, despite what Taimi claims in Season 4, dragon minions could always be crosscorrupted by other dragons as seen with the existence of Subjects Alpha and Beta, Kudu's Monster, and arguably Kudu himself; we just didn't see this in the wild for unknown reasons. All the Inquest did in Crucible of Eternity was to shoot pure dragon energy at test subjects without any modifications, so this power was inherent in all Elder Dragons all along. Devs have stated that the reason why sylvari were immune to dragon corruption before bonded champions became a thing has been their connection to the Dr
  6. There is a plausible way to see the full models for these Elder Dragons, even if reduced in size somewhat, in the future if the writers decide to incorporate them into the story and the team gets enough resources to finish modeling the full bodies. Two of my proposals: 1) An extended vision of the past We delve deeper into the origins of Elder Dragons and the dragonrise cycle via Jormag's cryptic line from "A Voice in the Deep" when it tried to persuade the Commander: The Whisper of Jormag: I understand why you want to silence me, but you must listen. For Tyria's
  7. I imagine that Magdaer may return alongside King Adelbern's crown and the Krytan royal locket once/if we continue the idea of ending the Foefire curse with Rytlock's Sohothin, Magdaer (preferably wielded by Logan as he's long overdue the sword), and the Heir of Ascalon wearing the crown. Time will tell whether the Heir ends up being someone from Krytan royalty such as Jennah as Logan speculated in "Return to Camp Resolve" or even from King Jadon's lost legitimate family (as devs stated that the fate of Jadon and his family, apart from his daughter born out of wedlock Salma who fou
  8. Yes, going back to old locations is fun. But what lore and character development in the name of the Five? :o We must have played different content. ;) Quite a few, actually. Let's go in chronological order. :) SPOILERS Metrica Province DRM: The destroyer champion shows more intelligence than previously assumed with the way it relocates to certain areas against expectations even though Taimi tries to shrug the evidence off by relying on old asuran theses. Taimi has sided with Jormag, an action unthinkable in previous seasons, although she still shows herself to be sensible enough to understand
  9. Wolf doesn't quote the entire prophecy word for word, but he does use specific wording which is interesting: The verb 'fall' can have multiple meanings in this context, but Braham chooses to interpret it as dying to Jormag, which may not necessarily be the case. After all, Jormag chose to spare Braham despite being aware of his role in the prophecy (sadly we've yet to learn what the source of this prophecy is and how both the Spirits and Jormag became aware of it and why that prophecy's power is so great that it even compels corrupted Spirits like Eagle to give Braham an audience). I imagine
  10. SPOILERS I enjoy the DRMs for what they are: bite-sized chunks with some lore and character development set in older regions of the world. This is something many people had been asking for back in the day, and in that regard ArenaNet delivered. In fact, these would be great content for side stories between episodes as a kind of grand continuation of the well-received Knight of the Thorn side story although I can see the ambition of the devs as the four chapters are released and we get all these DRMs, the Braham vision and other surprises (based on what they may have in store for Chapter 4: Jud
  11. My problem with Braham's Season 3 arc does not come from his canonical age and the attitudes that come with it but from him making a near 180 in personality from the HoT epilogue dialogue at the Heart of Thorns tree (Mordremoth's base of operations). In that HoT dialogue Braham had come to terms with Eir's fate and was thankful that he had contributed to Mordremoth's demise and thus avenged his mom. He thanked the Commander for being a good friend and leading a good guild. While he was willing to take the fight to Jormag, he wasn't being antsy about it and was willing to let the party rest be
  12. Regarding Jormag and lies, interestingly narrative director Tom Abernathy tweeted this a few months ago: So if Jormag has not lied, or at least perceives its persuasive words as not lying, it makes Jormag's past interactions with mortals most interesting as we have to look at its words and actions from a new point of view. Then again, this revelation has not yet appeared in game where several characters still believe Jormag to be a liar, so it remains to be seen when and how it gets addressed. :)
  13. At least we have a general idea of what these two Firstborn looked like and what their professions may have been. While battling the vision of the Blighted Pale Tree in "Hearts and Minds", we see her summoning Firstborn to her side. There are 12 Firstborn with nine of them resembling the Firstborn we know. The unknown ones are a female archer, a scholarly male, and an armored male. Given that the present day Malomedies does not appear among these 12 Firstborn during the battle, I'd say that the scholarly male would be what Malomedies looked like before he was tortured by the asura; we know tha
  14. The latest update about centaurs comes from Champions Chapter 1: Truce. After completing the "Primordus Rising" story step, various NPCs phase into Eye of the North, and the new NPCs located near the asura gate actually have cycling ambient dialogue which we've been recording on this page in the wiki. The relevant conversation about centaurs goes as follows: Given the current destroyer problem that the centaurs face after having already been driven into a corner due to suffering lots of losses both in Ulgoth's war as well as in the failed Siege of Divinity's Reach, this might be a great momen
  15. Interestingly if we select Crecia once she appears as an NPC around the EotN war table after "Primordus Rising" story step, she has the title Acting Blood Legion Imperator. I could've sworn she was just called Blood Imperator when "Champions" first released and the title was subtly changed since, but I didn't have any screenshots of her title from that time. What I've seen is that her title's been changing between Blood Legion Imperator, Imperator of Blood Legion, and Acting Blood Legion Imperator. I hope the devs have chosen a title that sticks for now rather than moving between these variant
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