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  1. I also remember the mention of grubs but I haven't been able to locate the interview mentioning that specific food yet. I did, however, find these answers from old Jeff Grubb interviews which mention wild game and fungi as part of the original asuran diet:
  2. The Void has existed before Soo-Won became Mother to regulate it and before the creation of most life on Tyria as Soo-Won herself explains, and Kuunavang elaborates on it in Arborstone. It's just that Soo-Won and her five scions kept it in relative check (it was still affecting them "under the hood" but very subtly because all six Elder Dragons, even Soo-Won, lacked the unique nature that Aurene has regarding proper filtering of the magic and the bond with mortals to lessen the burden) until Zhaitan fell. Then things escalated from there as each dragon was slain over the course of the decade,
  3. I like the PoF character selection theme. I admit I was initially confused when I first listened to it as I was expecting something bombastic like the core and HoT themes considering that Elona was descending into a four-way war between Commander's Pact, Balthazar's Forged, Joko's Awakened, and Kralkatorrik's Branded, and instead we got a rather serene theme instead. However, upon reflecting on it more, I'm starting to see what might've motivated Maclaine to write it the way he did beyond the obvious Lawrence of Arabia influences. While it's more calm than the other main themes, it does k
  4. Yeah, I'd like novels to explore backstories of some key or side characters and expand the world of Tyria. The three current novels helped flesh out so much, so it's a shame we haven't seen any since. Sadly I doubt ANet will invest in new novels as those would require significant research on the world and building extensive lore while making sure the events wouldn't contradict with what's already established in game. Some of my picks for future topics with proposed titles: 1) Prince of Winter This book would detail the final tumultous days of Dwayna and an Orrian sculptor
  5. While he's not a genius on par with Taimi, Spearmarshal Zaeim is still a capable, charismatic, wise and strategic man whom Tahlkora chose as her successor. Not flawless, of course, but he learns from his mistakes and grows stronger because of it. While the Commander is the Hero of Tyria, Zaeim is known as the Hero of Istan and arguably became the Hero of Elona in the process of Season 4. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we get to adventure with him again in and perhaps even outside Elona if Sianna's Seitung statement of Elonian politics finally stabilizing into a republic holds any weight. At
  6. Yeah, and there's even lore suggesting that the proto-druids may have appeared in Kryta and Maguuma and were eventually driven to the jungle by proto-Krytans (coming from Orr etc.) in the Prophecies manual if I recall. Whether the Aztec-y ruins that the asura found on the Tarnished Coast are remnants of druid civilization or even preceding the druids' arrival is unknown, but it could make sense if those ruins that the asura repurposed for their own use could've actually been been built by first settlers from Sunrise Crest before they vanished for whatever reason if the devs wanted to tie the M
  7. While Kralkatorrik genuinely loved his family and was saddened that Torment forced him to attack and kill some of them, Tom Abernathy did confirm in guild chat that Kralkatorrik was always evil even before Torment accelerated his madness, and that his love for his family was his good trait. Even Glint's speech in Season 4 Episode 5 suggests this as she could initially argue against Kralkatorrik's order to end the mortals and how Kralk didn't desire peace between dragons and mortals. That kind of free will argument couldn't have taken place once Glint was Branded (we know she wasn't always so b
  8. If you're curious and don't mind some map "spoilers", the full version of EoD's extended map (uploaded to the "Tyria (world)" page in GW2wiki) is even bigger than the bits of map currently shown in game, expanding farther north and west with some really curious map art. The same happened back when PoF and Season 4 extended the map and the datamined map back then contained a lot more areas to the east that we couldn't see then but can see now in the in-game EoD map. I don't know why the devs can't just reveal the whole map in game and instead choose to hide parts of it since it's not like we ex
  9. Well, based on "The Mostly Harmless Quaggan" blog post from before GW2 launch, southern quaggans would've only migrated to Central Tyrian waters 50 years before the beginning of the game (1325 AE), so circa 1275 AE. Meanwhile, Zhaitan's canonical awakening is depicted in the Sea of Sorrows novel and took place in 1219 AE. However, Bobby Stein and Angel McCoy did state back in the Season 1/2 lore discrepancy discussions on forums that lore is malleable and that what's written in the game is more relevant than what was said in "out of game" sources like blog posts, interviews, forum/reddit/twitt
  10. The latest information on Zojja on written form came from a German interview during "All or Nothing" release which suggests Zojja is very much alive but still recovering from severe brain trauma: Tom Abernathy did mention in the 3-hour deeg chat that they haven't forgotten about Zojja but simply haven't found the right moment to bring her back. He also mentioned in a forum post that Felicia Day's schedule would force the team to write and record Zojja's line circa 6 or so months in advance, which means they can't change the lines in case an episode goes through story rewrites as was th
  11. I've been around since late November of 2012, so I've almost managed to experience the hyped up launch of GW2. It's a bit unfortunate that I didn't get to experience the first Halloween and that one-time Lost Shores event, but I've had a fun time since. As for the narrative, it's had its ups and downs, the rushed Champions and HoT especially being notable in that regard. I do think a lot more could've been done with all of the dragons and their champions, even Zhaitan despite him receiving the most time in the story via buildup thanks to the lengthy personal story. Same applies to most vi
  12. While Braham's survival was curious, former narrative director Tom Abernathy did state in deeg's 3-hour chat (available on YouTube; it's well worth a watch) that the reason Braham survived was to 1) subvert expectations as players and characters in-game didn't expect him to survive after his heroic sacrifice, and 2) to explore a hero's story after he's fulfilled two prophecies and what he'll do now that he's finished his mom's work and has "clear skies ahead of him." I kinda agree with Tom's reasoning as Braham's survival allows us to explore further norn stories such as power struggles b
  13. Indeed, but that doesn't mean ANet can't adapt a similar approach in the far future; they've shown during the Icebrood Saga that they can get stuff done even with a smaller dev crew as they gradually siphoned people to work on EoD while still managing to deliver maps with new enemies like Bjora Marches, Drizzlewood Coast, Forging Steel, Darkrime Delves, and Dragonstorm. Given the typical GW2 expansion development of 2-3 or so years and how each expansion has had at least four zones (packed with events, collections, minidungeons etc. as well as some major features like a new class, elite specs,
  14. As long as the company earns enough revenue and the powers that be decide to keep developing the game (even if/when other projects emerge from the studio), we should keep getting expansions. If older games such as EverQuest 2 and even the original EverQuest still get expansions, I don't see why ANet can't deliver such even if some far future expansions might end up being smaller in scope due to resource allocation reasons. Cutting up and sacrificing the sadly rushed Icebrood Saga in favor of End of Dragons is enough proof that the suits who gifted the devs the opportunity to work on an ex
  15. It'll be interesting to learn more about the lore of Cantha's rapid development considering what we know of IRL technological development (often caused by financial competition between nations or warfare use such as how ARPANET that would become Internet's foundation was developed for the US Department of Defence) and Tyrian history. There are quite a few reasons for Central Tyria's rapid development compared to Elona (even if Elona had never fallen to Joko): 1) Tyria had the benefit of forcing multiple intelligent races to mingle and share knowledge, having sensible enough leaders o
  16. Well, the last time old Kaineng City was seen was during Cobiah Marriner's last visit to Cantha on the eve of Zhaitan's awakening and the Rising of Orr that created the Great Tsunami as depicted in the Sea of Sorrows novel. Given how that tsunami killed a lot of the Olmakhan and forced them to rebuild Atholma all the way southeast at Dajkah which had been transformed into an archipelago as a result (as revealed in the Atholma lore books), and how the tsunami flooded old Lion's Arch and much of Krytan land even more north of it (leading to Krytans abandoning their old capital Lion's Arch, fleei
  17. The change of DR watchknights would've been received better if the return of the Twisted Marionette had retained the original model instead of using Mists shenanigans to retroactively change its look. Not only was the marionette Scarlet's experiment, she was also unhinged and liked outrageous designs for many of her inventions (even when adapting others' work such as the Krytans'), so the sexualized look works there due to being linked to a villain. Especially since it's the memory of the marionette manifesting on Tyria, so retaining the original look works for the historical narrative angle t
  18. Perhaps Jalis is gone. But we've also seen the Destroyer of Hope fail to slay Aurene or the Destroyer of Life fail to destroy Rata Sum despite similar prophetic names. The survival of these champions, or having the Destroyer of the Last King just chilling out near Primordus while the Destroyer of the Ironhammer Line attacked Metrica Province rather than stayed in the depths to eradicate the remaining stone dwarves, would thus not necessarily mean that Jalis and his family are gone and that these champions' priorities might've changed when Primordus needed a full-scale destroyer invasion of the
  19. While the change is jarring, we've had similar changes to other notable character voices such Glint's warm and motherly voice from PoF changing into Jocelyn Blue's more sharp voice in Season 4, or Almorra's voice changing from Jeyne Taini's gruff and elderly voice from personal story and Season 3 into Courtenay Taylor's younger and less deep voice in Season 4 and the Icebrood Saga. At least with Canach the vocal change can be explained in-universe. Now that he's won his major bet and become very rich while traveling the world with Sayida to collect all that money, he can afford to stop actin
  20. I wish we had had Jory, Kas, Rox and Frostbite fighting alongside us in the "Dragonstorm" instance and appearing for those final chats in "Champion's End" to give us that proper Dragon's Watch reunion; we haven't seen them all together in one instance for quite some time now. I found it weird that Rox in particular wasn't around for that final battle given her strong bond with Braham and when she'd already been acting as the Olmakhan ambassador to the High Legions. I would've loved a scene in the aftermath of Ryland's death where Rox would comment on Rytlock's family (perhaps even readd t
  21. I do recall some old theories about that throne potentially being the fifth bloodstone, also known as the keystone, that has the power to unite the other four bloodstones into one whole Bloodstone. While the throne doesn't look at all like bloodstones that we've seen so far, perhaps the keystone could be different in looks due to magic hijinks (even though such seems unlikely as all the five stones come from the original stone and should share its looks). The somewhat unreliable narrative of Thadeus Lamont's History of Tyria book does claim that the gods charged Doric's bloodline t
  22. There's never been any "good" alliance (that we know of at least) with any atoning krait. The oratuss priest caste (would be fun if they were led by a high priestess, but so far the highest-ranking krait we've seen have been oratuss) keeps a tight leash on the krait population, indoctrinating them to believe they're the superior race who will inherit Tyria and wash away the lesser, unworthy races once the abyssal prophets return and flood the world. Scarlet was able to lure some krait to her side and work alongside a Nightmare Court splinter faction in the Toxic Alliance by dangling obelisk sh
  23. I hope we get some updates on the dwarves eventually beyond that brief dialogue tease we got in Hoelbrak during Dragon Bash. While the above dialogue suggests that most dwarves have died out during their battles against destroyers, we've yet to learn if heroic figures like King Jalis Ironhammer or High Priest Alkar still exist down in the Depths of Tyria. As seen with the failure of the Destroyer of Hope to slay Aurene in Season 3, the existence of champions like Destroyer of the Last King or Destroyer of the Ironhammer Line does not necessarily mean that these destroyers
  24. Speaking of norn and spirituality, I wonder if something Warming Hearth and I discussed in wiki some time ago could also be brought to the editors' attention. Could it be possible to rename Raven, Wolf, Bear, and Snow Leopard NPCs in Braham's "Wildfire" instance to Raven Spirit, Wolf Spirit etc. for consistency's sake? For example, in previous story instances of the Icebrood Saga such as the "Still Waters Speaking" (and in earlier personal story instances such as "Romke's Final Voyage") story step, Wolf was named Wolf Spirit as an NPC. We also had the spirit monicker being used for several oth
  25. While the Sons seem to be done for, I would like the idea that some of them reconsidered their views about women's flaws and came to believe that Aurene, despite being a "girly" dragon, was the greatest predator on Tyria and thus the true Dragon worth revering since Aurene's actions had led to the downfall of three Elder Dragons, a lich king, and a Spirit of Action called Balthazar. Imagine if the Sons remained misguided and violent but now they'd actually congregate to Aurene and shout "Praise Dragon!" while killing people in her name. It could lead to interesting story possibilities as we no
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