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  1. I'm unimpressed by this specialization. While doesn't look as terrible as Willbender, Catalyst, Bladesworn or Vindicator, it doesn't look good either.
  2. Elementalist is Arenanet's second least favourite profession. Did you expect them to actually give it something its mains want? Catalyst really feels like Arenanet just wants Elementalist mains to move off it and main other professions.
  3. I'm glad that the Strike Mission still counts towards the 15 required for the meta-achievement. This has let me finish the meta achievement without bothering with the torch in the Jump Puzzle.
  4. I think it's hardly a handful of people being excited for Tengu. Just because something is rather vocal, doesn't mean many people actually care.
  5. The Branded specifically are Kralkatorrik's minions (and maybe Aurene's, but there is only Caithe for now), while minion is a general term for all the servants of Elder Dragons.
  6. Aurene could always "create" more sentient minions like Caithe (yes, she technically is a minion) or the Frost Legion and they all could use all Elder Dragons' magic. But the idea of wielding all Elder Dragon's magic (or small parts of each one's magic) might be better as a mastery track (if it became a thing at all), rather than a whole new profession.
  7. I hope that Shadow Shroud replaces Stealth. Also, Spectre is an anagram of Sceptre. Maybe this was on purpose.
  8. One lore explanation could be that the commanders gets the ability to channel the other Elder Dragon's Magic through the bond with Aurene, who will act as a conduit for all the magic in Tyria, after Selbbub dies. Do you mean the profession will be unlocked after beating the Icebrood Saga, which is Season 5? Or do you mean Season 6, which would be the one following EoD?
  9. Like I wrote, weapon swap sigil effects activating on swapping Legend doesn't seem like intended behaviour. Swapping legends is not supposed to count as swapping weapons, so the sigils should not activate from it.
  10. I think the worst offender of excessive dying is the fight against Balthazar on top of the Spire in Elon Riverlands. If Arenanet would not reset Mordremoth or the illusions before it and let people continue after wiping, I'd prefer the HoT ending to the PoF ending.
  11. There is nothing confusing in the tooltip. In regards to Quickness, only swapping weapons is mentioned in the description, so it should only proc when you swap weapons. There are multiple bugs associated with the legend swapping mechanic, so your sigil occurrences might be just bugs, too.
  12. I actually think it's pretty bad and annoying if I'm forced to play a job I didn't sign up for. For me, that's one of the lowest points in an otherwise mostly great game. If one has to role play, one ought to be able to switch between personal skills and character skills, like the Ryland instance. That way, both the people who like role play and those who hate it get to maximize their enjoyment.
  13. I don't think too many is necessarily good either, but having a surplus of merely 10% , as suggested in the first post, is too little. Imagine it was 95 mastery points needed. with a surplus of 10% we would end up with a total of 104 or 105 points. Arenanet could easily give two mastery points to each new Strike mission to incentivise grinding them (similar to how cold war had two). And then Arenanet can tie multiple points to Fishing. Additionally, Arenanet may add mastery points to expensive exotic crafting collections again, like in Season 5. And these are just thre
  14. It's to give people a choice on how they want to get the points. If Arenanet is too stingy with the points, some content will turn mandatory to complete in order to get points. For example, HoT had many points hidden behind Adventures and some behind raids, which didn't float with many people. Also, the mastery is over the abilities you get, not the content you play to get the points.
  15. Soulbeast start out with too many pet skills and that has been addressed. Soulbeast went from a surplus of pet skills to an equal amount of pet skills, thus ended up neutral compared to core.
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