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  1. Guardians could get an ability that let's them hit themselves. This ability might be easier to add than to adjust the particle effect. But don't forget that they really don't want to let us hide the particle effects we do not want to see.
  2. Polearms can be put together with land spears. Both WoW and FF14 (Lancer/Dragoon weapons) have these as the same weapon categories, too. And even if you consider it gimmicky, there's already precedence for most cases. There are spear and polearm skins among the staves. Greataxe skins already exist for hammers. Whips are focus skins. GW1 has caesti as skins (or at least caestus-named skins) for caster off hands. Although this may differ between the languages, as I played GW1 in German. As already mentioned, sceptres are wands in this game. If someone wants Harry Potter-sized wands, there are sceptre skins for that. The crossbow skin we have is a pistol though, which is the only one differing from my list. And since rifles and pistols are both firearms, it'd not be far off to put crossbow skins on rifle as well. I agree with the sling shot being a joke weapon though. After all, it is part of the Wintersday Toy Weapon collection. Despite that, it still serves as precedent for slingshots being shortbows. And I think we are more likely to see skins of existing weapon categories, than getting new categories.
  3. The change would cause the counter attack to not be automatically and immediately, which means it could be used a bit later in a fight.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they finally try to address one of our many issues, even if I don't like directional abilities or ground targets. I just think that it'd have been the most logical step to use Phantom Onslaught's code to fix Rush, after they made fun of it during Phantom Onslaught's reveal. And even if that means giving Warrior a small teleport, it's not an issue when Thieves can teleport all over the place.
  5. They could have replaced the bugged version of Rush with a new version of Rush using Phantom Onslaught as its basis years ago. From what I remember, Phantom Onslaught is far more reliable. In my opinion, that should have been the thing to do after making fun of Rush during that livestream.
  6. These issues could be easily circumvented by giving players an option to disable other players' particle dyes. After all, the point of dying the effects would be to see it for yourself, not to smear it into the faces of other players.
  7. We kind of can already have all these option with the weapons currently available in the game: Land Spear could have been done via Staves. But since Arenanet has been so fixated on making Thief, Revenant and Warrior use them as elongated clubs, this is the weapon It'd like to see implemented the most. Greataxes can be Hammer skins. Whips and gauntlets can work as Focus skins for profession that don't have Focus yet (Warrior, Revenant, Thief, Ranger). Wands already are in the game and are called Sceptres. Crossbows would work as Rifle skins. There already is a slingshot in the game and it's a Shortbow skin. More slingshot should be that as well.
  8. There are different bugs that people have claimed to experience. One of them is that all 15 icicles allegedly can hit the same target, despite being intended to hit up to five different targets. Another issue, which this thread like is about, is that the relic allegedly uses PvE scaling in WvW, causing it to deal too much damage. People running low CD elite abilities just to trigger this wouldn't surprise me.
  9. But does it really count as a strong point, when we have too much of it? After all, too much of something can end up as a detriment. The "quoted part" in the tread title is basically that, just paraphrased.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised, if they actually know what they want for Warrior very well. It might simply be that what they want is fundamentally different from the things that Warrior mains want.
  11. Aside from maybe fixing a portion of Rush's issues, nothing of importance has been addressed.
  12. No Spellbreaker changes means no changes for me. As long as Hundred Whiffs is rooted, I won't use it and I doubt they will fix all issues with Rush.
  13. I generally agree with the changes. But I don't care for Banners, as long as they need to be planted into the ground. They should just be mounted on the Warrior's back, even if it means limiting them to one (like Blademasters in Warcraft 3) or two (Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms) at a time. I'd like Shield Stance to get a flip-over ability that deals damage. Similarly, I'd like for Counterblow to be split in two, so that the primary ability is a continuous block, while Counterblow itself is a manual flip-over ability dealing the damage. That way, Mace/Shield could offer a more variable gameplay with Damage and Defence.
  14. I doubt they'll announce anything of importance that's going to address any of the issues Warrior has had for over 10 years now.
  15. Did you remember to get the Point of Interest in the Chantry of Secrets?
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