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  1. To me it feels more that Barrier would fit better in the Earth traitline than Weaver. Earth needs to be overhauled in its defensive capabilities anyway. Elemental Shielding, for example, could give Barrier instead of Protection. Stoneflesh could also give Barrier when struck, albeit with an iCD, instead of it's current effect. This would have the additional bonus of removing one of the unnecessary "while attuned to X" requirements.
  2. If PvP could potentially get any less fun than all these Scourge, Trapper Dragon Hunter, Stealth, CC and overtuned condition AoE spam, which defines the very essence of current GW2 PvP, I'd like to see that.
  3. That's not necessarily true. Arenanet could just give professions the third underwater weapon they are missing (or one of the two in case of Engineer and Elementalist).
  4. If Weaver truly was supposed the DPS/glass cannon elite specialization for Elementalists, it wouldn't need Barrier. So, there is where something could be cut in your train of thought. And core Elementalist objectively needs improvements. Removing some of the "while in X attunement" requirements would be a decent start. For example, Chronomancer's Time Marches On is permanently active and has an additional effect. There is absolutely no reason, other than developer bias against Elementalist, why Zephyr's Speed should be restricted to the Air Attunement. And
  5. It's not guaranteed, but adding the Silverwastes Jump Puzzle is a strong indicator that Arenanet might not be completely opposed add them (and the one in Siren's Landing, too, but that one is rather easy). I joined a nice Mesmer for Ember Bay's Jump Puzzle, too. I would definitely do it again.
  6. I'd like to see nerfs to Weaver and buffs to core Elementalist. But that'd be healthy for the game and thus won't happen.
  7. "Kintsugi is an art form from Japan in which broken pottery is repaired with a mixture of lacquer and gold, silver or platinum." So, if you imagine the sand to instead be tiny shards of broken pottery, it'd fit with the skin.
  8. The Jumping Puzzle with the nine flags in the Silverwastes is one of the achievements for the new Return to Living World part that released today. Based on that, it's likely that the Jumping Puzzles in Season 3 will be part of it as well.
  9. It might be a good thing. But that revamp may make underwater worse as well. But, even if it turned out better, the crowd that hates underwater content on the sole basis of it being combat on three axes will still hate it, no matter how good it may turn out. I think it'd be easier for Arenanet to drag the dragon out of the ocean. I'd love to see more underwater content, but it's just not realistic.
  10. For all we know, Arenanet might raise something from the sea again, just so we fight the dragon on "land" and to prevent too much underwater content.
  11. I'd rather see other weapons on their elite specializations. Warrior could get spears, or a melee staff. Guardian could get offhand word or mace, or a warhorn. Revenant could get a main hand axe, offhand mace or dual daggers.
  12. I'd rather have Arenanet give us a toggle that turns skills from ground target to enemy target/self target. That'd take away the freedom of placement, but make current ground-targetted skills significantly more viable for me. That snap to target function simply doesn't do it for me, since it still is targetting the ground.
  13. Since auto attacks are main hand skills in GW2, I doubt that it is possible on a technical level to incorporate the offhand, unless Arenanet introduces dual-wield skills for the #1 slot. But I can't see them doing that.
  14. But we don't know how much work it'd be to bring underwater weapons onto land. Arenanet might want to spend less effort on Warrior's next weapon, just like they always spend too little effort on Warrior.
  15. Just letting some classes rot (which is what they effectively are doing with Warrior) may result in less monetary investment in the game. However, it also results in losing players that feel insulted by Arenanet letting their favourites rot away.
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