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  1. I wouldn't mind if Death Match would be permanently available as unranked, but not as ranked. Removing monetary rewards from PvP would remove more actual players than bots. Do not forget that the number of bots in reality is much smaller than many people claim. I've seen too often that someone claims someone else is a bot, when it simply isn't true. Having people actually working on maintaining PvP would be great. having 10 - 20 people instead of the half a dev PvP might have now would be a decent start. Down state is core to the battle system
  2. A Pugilist specialization might get dual Foci that work as fist weapons though.
  3. The old versions definitely were better. Conditions already were over-performing and the change to Resistance only them worse. And Retaliation was a good way to make incentivize people to actually watch their opponents properly. But now they are gone and it'll likely take years for Arenanet to revert this mistake (if they'll ever do that).
  4. I enjoy Conquests significantly more than Death Match. If Anything, I'd like them to demote Death Match to a secondary unranked mode and keep Conquest permanently in ranked. Given that Conquest seasons still last for significantly longer, we can assume that Arenanet's data shows far more engagement in Conquest.
  5. Remove the monetary rewards and you remove more actual players than you remove bots. The bots, despite popular claims, aren't as many as people believe. 90% of the alleged bots in my matches are players that simply don't bother taking PvP serious (mostly due to obvious broken reasons that already are complained about in other threads). This would objectively be an detriment for PvP. Most of the hackers, match manipulators and alleged bots are using elite specializations, which means they aren't using f2p accounts. Therefore, blocking access to ranked for f2p players
  6. Ranger's Longbow should be 1200 range, like every other Longbow. I don't about Pandas, that might be the upcoming legendary Longbow though. But I know that Longbow Rangers in PvP effectively are Anor Londo Silver Knight Archers shooting (almost literal) beach umbrellas.
  7. Just take Alacrity out of Mirage and give it back to Chronomancer. Chronomancer was supposed to be the boon support Mesmer, not Mirage.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing bi-weekly reveals starting Octobre, after Arenanet announced a delay into March or April of 2022 to give the expansion the necessary polish.
  9. If they make such an effect a toy, I'd rather that be a tonic instead of an interactable on the maps. I absolutely loathe it in the Fractals hub. I can't even count how often I failed the Jump Puzzle there because people randomly turn that gravity annoyance on and ruining my jumps. They never even ask if everyone is fine with it. Also, it should only be usable without mounts. If such an effect was usable on mounts, even more people would break maps, causing Arenanet to plaster even more invisible walls all around the world. Noone wants even more of those walls
  10. I assume he's referring to how people supposedly can use the armoury choose the sleeping (or whatever it's called) version of the legendaries, which don't have visual effects (as far as I know). If I remember correctly, that was mentioned in one of the older Arenanet posts regarding the armoury.
  11. The conjured Frost Bow's range is 900 on all five skills. That's why it's a Shortbow.
  12. The big stretch is not on the technical side. Arenanet's general willingness to improve QoL is the biggest problem here. And the fact that Arenanet didn't put backpacks and infusions into the standard model option in the first place speaks volumes for itself. And merely dulling the particle effects is simply not enough. There needs to be an option that completely stops the client from loading the backpacks and infusions.
  13. There is no balance in Fractals per any other part of the game. Arenanet just makes sure that the specializations they want players use stay at top and nerfs what they don't want players to use.
  14. I certainly hope it will not have any kind visual effect. There already is too much particle spam in the game.
  15. And I can't take anyone serious who thinks the current CC spam stunlocking has a place in PvP. PvP stands for player versus player, not player versus rag doll. And META builds don't mean anything if the problem for the majority of players lies elsewhere. META isn't what a game ought to be designed around. The average experience, which is massively hurt by the current condition spamming, is far more important, as that's what affects the vast majority.
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