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  1. Super cool to see you guys talk so detailed about those problems. Fascinating stuff.
  2. i'm just gonna throw 100 bucks at the gemstore because of this change. thank you ❤️
  3. Illusion of life nerf is unnescesary in pvp. please stop taking away interresting things from mesmer. I get that mirage is still op but you keep taking away things that makes mesmer unique. Same goes for recent chrono changes.
  4. 2v2 mini seasons would be GREAT. Maybe mini seasons with different rulesets would be very cool as well (only core-specs allowed or something like codex arena from gw1 where random skills would not be equipable) What PvP really needs however is more guild focus. Why can't a guild have a PvP-Arena thats integrated to the guild hall system? Why are tournaments not about guilds? Why is there no tournament-guild-leaderboard? Why are guild emblems not displayed on the little flags in the maps? Why can't we get cool Guild decorations from playing with our guild? Guilds do not matter in PvP whatsoever
  5. High end raiding guilds tank with minimal toughness. But feel free to take as much toughness as you want and try to get 80-100% boon duration if you are new to the spec.
  6. To make the human female meta even more dull and boring by giving bikinis to every character? Thanks but no thanks.
  7. Can confirm that the matchup is bugged. Will we see a fix for this?
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