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  1. So you guys ask for our ideas, then silence for over months? lol
  2. You're forgetting something here... Ascalon was charr territory before it was human. so charr just wanted to get their territory back at all cost. at the end of the day, Char is the only tyrian race. Asuras were from underground until the fire/lava/ocean dragon, Norn were from somewhere else form the north before jormag, humans where fom cantha and elona, silvary god knows... and charr form tyria.
  3. Yes, shame on you if you use a longbow on fractals, if you "like longbows", the only class that can use it is on Conditions Warrior's rotation. Even on Ranged, it's terribad on fractals.
  4. Diviner renegade uses 2 swords.. Look in snowcrows or gw2 metabattle
  5. You won't deal any Condy damage with double sword...
  6. Nonsense. You are comparing apples with oranges, not every Rev is Herald. And True force is a trait that no one will ever use any way si ve having +25 Energy is way better option anyway.
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