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  1. Got it just now on coming back from a vet kill in WvW for dailies. Loaded back to Tyria timberline map on leaving Wvw with missing graphics and icons, and stuck half way into floor 🙂. Map black with only poi/wp/vista. Had to restart that account in gw2launcher. kept the other 2 accounts running fine.
  2. still not fixed Only involves the account with 71 characters, the one with 35 and 15 are not hit. deleting cache no permanent solution happens both in multibox and single account, while multiboxing the 2 other accounts are not hit, showing it must be in the temp files as other files are shared between them They probably know but won't fix until SaB runs out or SaB somehow is causing it Good thing I can alt tab to the small account and carry on mapping while the big account lies half dead 🙂
  3. That is of absolutely no importance. play for 10 years, switch a lot. Never an issue. Now it is. Swapping between alts is/was not limited to a number of times per hour. Fact : It is bugged now. And they look into it
  4. Now you say it. My main account: 71 has the bug, the alt accounts (35) and (15) less so or not Just now I swapped to an alt in draconis to go and map and guess what: long loading and when loaded a lot of stuff has not loaded: all inventory, many skills, bank. Icons in top left are grey and when opened only show outlines. I can use skills but the pics are not loaded.. etc So I swap to Assassins Creed for the evening. This is not working.
  5. so when you get it a temp fix is deleting the cache files in the temp folder in your user folders But it will return. Took me a dozen cache deletes to get my farmers from desert map rich ori back to brisban
  6. I use gw2launcher, never have had issues. But like people say a few days ago it started: When I load a toon in ANOTHER map. ( Say going from one in DR to one in Desert map, or Arborstone ) Loading takes forever, and often after loading my toon is not visible, and many skills are too. I can move a bit, but suddenly my location zaps around and I end up dead or downed ) When I remove cache files I can load it normally but it returns when I load another toon in another map. Happens in gw2launcher, but also in single load. Good to see its not my setup
  7. after doing story on one account, till arborstone on other 2 I got an egg in the meta by luck. Then I hit concrete with the strike mission on main account. After reading the total silence from the side of anet ( as usual ) I have put EoD in the freezer for now. Back to playing core game which I liked I planned to take a few things from the new DLC like bot-trinket and fishing ( rest are filler masteries ) But having 71+35+15 characters makes the bot uselessly impractiacal to equip ( you need a T6 bot on EVERY toon to use the 2 chip slots !!! )
  8. In that case turtle skins in gemstore won't have to 😉
  9. I finished story one one account, did 2 others to Arborstoe scroll. Got lucky and got the egg on main joining the DE meta while farming for 200 writs. Started to do the collection but then I saw the strike ( and the Jade maw drama ) I joined in 10 casuals who like me were forced into doing a strike mission. To some strike missions maybe "fun" and "challenging" To others seeing people forced to do them brings an immens feeling of pleasure and an opportunity to show how "gut" they are and a chance to tell "how the game should be played and how casual
  10. skip for now verdict: wait for a discount I got expansion on all 3 accounts as a way of supporting the game, I never buy gems and have almost 30k hours in game but: 1) Turtle - only useful if you play with a friend, its slow, ugly and you will use it less then Warclaw 2) Jade bot - like people say, a glorified trinket with a few skills lots, skills that are forgettable. trust me. 3) Arborstone. Artificial hub, already after a few days you saw people back in DR, there you can chat to new people, Arborstone is an AFK parking
  11. Good thing to read this. I bought pre on all my 3 accounts. And now I see I will not get turtle on them ( have griffin/skyscale on all 3 ) Not a big deal. Imagine 14 AFK turtles in DR bank area. And its multiplayer yet I have not grown an extra set of hands. ( I am one of those extremely rare solo players ) But in the end when I do the review of expansion: 1) No turtle 2) Jade bot only in rare instances, and on one character only ( I run 71+35+15 ) I know I can re-equip, but it feels like back to 2013 in QoL 3) the extra hub..
  12. I was wondering, yesterday I started casually to do story upon release. When in Seitung I went on to complete the map and do some scouting / story. After around 5-6 hours I finished map and had seen a handful of players yet nobody was really doing events. I wondered where they all are. As a solo mapper/leveller/altoholic I am used to play on deserted maps, but I have done PoF maps for completion with more activity. Then I moved on to Kaiteng map, the city and saw maybe 5-6 players
  13. OK my final post for now: Removed cache folders Log in in standalone client Go to a character I check dx11 Leave to desktop Try to log in Client crashes on PLAY after logging in, other accounts can log in and play fine however ! Remove local.dat ( use explorer and copy paste this in quick search: %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/ ) I can log in again, this time I leave DX11 unchecked and leave to desktop Can log in without crash .. and now i go kill stuff in a map 🙂
  14. hmm... after removing the gw2 cache folders I can only start the game in gw2launcher If I try it on normal launcher it craches when I start -play- Maybe it needs a rebuild
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