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  1. So many people creating threads that they want to keep downstate when this poll clearly shows most do not! No downstate was OK for a couple of days because it was different, but after 4 days we were completely bored of it. It wasnt fun, fights didnt last that long at all!Some people I know stopped playing the game and only came back on on reset when this gimmick was removed.
  2. And what about all the finishers people paid for? Some with real money!No downed state = no stomping = no more finishers Again this was a silly gimmick run by anet to bring something "fresh" to the game for a short time. Luckily most people are saying No, so hopefully the devs wont make yet another silly mistake for this mode!
  3. btw the above is all true and is actually the SHORT version!
  4. 1) Soon™2) We'll have more news by Dec 31st.3) Takes 6 months to do anything for WvW4) When it's ready5) We cant talk about it6) We'll be holding CDIs to get player feedback, we listen to you!7) Soon™8) After we work on a foreign release of GW29) Soon™10) WvW will be our #1 priority after the expansion11) We've been working on WvW for over a year, it's gonna be a big overhaul!12) Soon™13) We cant talk about it14) New expansion guys! Choo Choo Everyone on the hype train! (btw that overhaul we were talking about, yeah not happening)15) WvW is now our priority!16) Soon™17) Hey guys, we back on th
  5. Yeah, also I would ask to have the food and stone icons always be on the left hand side of the list of buffs you have. I hate having to look through the icons to find to make sure both as still on.Having them locked on the left and any new buffs appear to the right of them would be one QoL update I would like!
  6. The rewards are so shit I dont even bother waiting for the participation to zero out. I just leave. But yes this is an issue with the reward track system.
  7. Reduce AC power! Even since the +80% buff you gave them, many servers went from fighting to building a dozen or more AC in a tower to protect it!There it no skill or fun in that, same issue with the condi cancer, you need to get rid of that as well asap! If not, then I would change the range of ACs, make them long range only say 1000-2000 range, this way they cannot hit anything from 0-1000 range; for that some other siege can be used. Canons and Oil need looking at, you couldnt use them for more than a single shot before, and now with the condi cancer you are lucky to get one shot off before
  8. This isn't true. Loot and WXP is also shared to people healing after a certain threshold amount of heals. So long as someone you heal gets a tag, you'll get the loot, too. In a number of cases, the healers I've played with have gotten the most loot because they get loot coming in from two different sides of a fight or from people they've healed who have moved away from them and gotten kills. After 4 years of playing a water support ele, I can tell you this is definitely NOT the case!
  9. There are several builds which can be used as healer builds. Problem is:1) Loot is based on damaging target above a certain amount in order for you to tag it for loot. Healer builds have very very low tag rate, hence very very low loot2) The condi cancer meta is literally cancer. You cannot heal and cleanse the condis at anywhere near close to the rate at which condis are applied. By the time you remove all condis you are full of consid again and your skills are on cooldown for 10 to 30 seconds, all the while more condis are added and refreshed. So in order to even just level it, you will prob
  10. 1) They will just buy another account2) They know how they detected the ban and so can now prevent it from being detected next time.3) Anet did this in the worse possible manner!4) Thanks to 1, 2 & 3 expect more hackers who will not be banned next time.
  11. Less reliable? Pretty sure it hasnt worked since launch...
  12. Remember the condi cancer before you left?Well like all cancers, it cos worse and worse.Zerg are all about the pirateshipping condi cancer now. Cant wait to try out Bless Online when it's out!
  13. MEGA SERVER! The one thing we were all dreading is finally coming to WvW!
  14. The problem again is that Anet cannot prove you were using those cheat programs for GW2, only that you had then running in the background. I used to play a lot of single player games with cheats, but never used cheats online.Anet cannot differentiate between this due to the shoddy and underhanded way they collected the data. Yes we need to get rid of cheaters, but the right way!But thanks to anet doing this in the most dumbest way one can do it, the hackers were laughing their heads off as they can easily prevent future bans if this is the best anet can do to ban hackers.
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