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  1. There's just no replacing the fact that Scrapper does it all except STAB. Tempest CAN NOT replace Scrapper as it currently is because Scrappers bring... Heals, cleanses, stealth, boons (POP), superspeed Let's hold there. Let's talk about superspeed. Superspeed provides out of combat Swiftness speed while in combat. This is one of thee most powerful skills in the game. The ability to keep superspeed up CLOSE to 100% is so broken it's disgusting. People wonder why W key fights happen? Unmitigated Perma superspeed. Not to mention Quickne
  2. Tempest has no role in organized zerg fights currently. Run scrapper and save your Tempest for pvp, clouding blobs in wvw, and roaming in wvw. If you are going to sit here and argue that Tempest gets a spot over a Scrapper, come log in and let my blob guild run you over with 1 scrapper per party and you run 1 tempest per party. I think 1 Tempest in 35+ just for the memes if you are imob build, but anet shouldn't be coddled into a sense of "GEE WIZ GUYS, PLAYERS LOVE WHERE TEMPEST IS". It's not meta, and has not been for 4 years. You should be requesting additions to bring it closer to
  3. Coming from several thousand hours on tempest its obvious that I have a serious bias. However I feel it plays clunky, like the above user said. These spheres are NEVER going to pass in wvw as useful. I move around, along with many others in wvw so fast, that there's a reason that the Ventari tablet is useless along with the legendary renegades. I get the energy thing as well, but again, starting at zero is like criminal. At least start at 50%. It's such a slow build, I assume this is going to be heck to deal with in pve, for what feels like less payoff. It's going to be hard to tell f
  4. Yikes. I main dagger warhorn tempest.. then I was pigeoned to Scrapper support. I know everyone here will be angry but this is EXACTLY the marriage I was looking for. I do love my melee on a mage class. More so I love the attunements and I really hated the weaver. Nice job anet you nailed my expectations. I assume I am in the VAST minoritybut hey everyone loved weaver and core ele. My only respite has been a dead class (tempest) and being mocked for several years. So I guess I may get to upgrade finally. Whew.
  5. Anet is insane. Scrappers were already OP with POP, 10-15 seconds of perma superspeed for Wkey pushes, MDF to heal almost passively without doing anything, and sneaking your entire group... Now they added near perma GROUP quickness. Are you mad? Are you just trying to meme on us? No offense but I have to put this out there. Your gamemode is broken. If you want to meme on us, make the new META group for blobs (DOUBLE thief, ele, ranger, and yolosmith. At least it would be INTERESTING then. You could claim you shake things up once in awhile and try new things. With this meta you just dr
  6. All I can add is my real world situation. Tempest has now been removed from any comp in any wvw guild I see. People can "say" it's viable, but I guess everything is viable if you enjoy being run over in wvw and wondering "what did we do wrong there?" just saying.
  7. I have been playing tempest for quite some time now. The Tempestuous Aria changes in WVW was a welcomed sight. I am requesting Anet revert the changes made today to remove 10 target shouts in WVW. I am sorry to say, but there is still no competing with Scrapper or Firebrand for support. Tempest was the ONLY class close to these two for support options. Purity of Purpose is indeed BROKEN in WVW for scrapper and the fact you are removing "increased shout targets" as the ONLY gimmick for tempest to compete is sad to see. I am abusing this ability to it's fullest extent and I request you explain t
  8. I have a few issues with what ANET is doing with SUPPORT classes for wvw.First, I like the idea of bringing back REVEAL and replacing Chemical field. If you do nothing else, PLEASE DO THIS.Second, please do not break Purge Gyro... It is fine just how it is.Next, I am not happy about nerfing sneak gyro but I will accept it. It sounds fair. The stealth meta is a little meh.Lastly, my real issue is that we are stuck with Firebrand/Scrapper as your main support classes. Despite your attempts to make Tempest meta again, you have failed because PURITY OF PURPOSE exists. As long as POP exists, no cle
  9. I cant wait to shred t3 kittens in 10 seconds and all the pvrees coming running so i can pound them without them dumping 30 acs and make me run out of said t3 objective. Something can stay t3 if there are active defenders on the map and they pound me in a fight. Not with siege. Its cancer. You may disagree but even if t3s flip and only 5 show up. At least you can ktrain again. ALSO. Raise the bonus for defending t1 t2 and t3 objectives.
  10. Yes, it would be about time. Truth hurts, most people want to bog down games and play for free. I cant wait for CU and its sub based approach. Skin in the game. Id even pay for a wvw sub to get queue priority or rando skins. The world doesnt run on free. Id suggest heavier monetization than skins. Wvw bonfires that give karma or reward track boosts. Id buy a pack of 100 if all profits went to wvw. This isnt hard. But i aint buying anything if they dont see the money go to a wvw team.
  11. Ah so the assertion here is WvW does generate money? So then ANET is either negligent or incompetent. That right? ANET will do as little as it has to do to make sure WvW moves forward. You all posting how you spend money and only play WvW in a WvW forum where only 5 of you post is not reassuring. You may be right, that NEW people are still playing WvW. But I assure you that the DECAY rate is HIGHER than the new player rate. I would indeed place money on that bet. I believe there were calls for 3 Tiers not 4? We are sure we can't move back to 5 yet with all these new players? hmm
  12. FB/Chrono got the burning it deserved. I am noticing a 5-10% loss in effectiveness for Scrapper which is insignificant. Thus Scrapper wins the day once again for patches. This is like 3-4 balance patches running Scrapper wins. The fact that the community doesnt see this is quite interesting. But it's clear that more FB/chrono burning will take place in the future because ANET will believe that the community believes FB/Chrono are still the most important or double FB is essential. Which I indeed look forward to. until the community can see that the game demands diversity... next balance patch
  13. WvW makes no money, therefore it deserves no content from a business perspective. It generates zero revenue, zero interest, and the community burns them at every turn. The community doesn't believe in ANET and ANET doesn't believe in the community. With all due respect, the fact that WvW rank after 1000 made zero difference in the game mode up till legendary armor (oh boi 2000) means they are totally disconnected from the entire theme of WvW or even Realm vs Realm combat at its core. The disconnect is just finally becoming visible because nothing significant has changed in years. Anet isn't to
  14. It's not ded. take a camp, take a tower, take a keep. Content. There will always be defenders.... Guards.
  15. Wait, bag denying till they run proper numbers isnt meta? Nah, nothing much to do, git gud or wait for the next mmo. It was bad like that too in warhammer, youd get matched up in a scenario with pugs and the guild would show up. welp, nothing to do but leave scenario. To be fair, you can fight once or twice to be nice, give it your best, but after fighting guilds where theres a clear discrepancy in skill. I would rather go play something else. I kinda wished the maps could hold 150-200 one of server. Call me a moron, but i enjoyed DAOC's massive zerg fights and the little elite guilds picking
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