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  1. For me, it doesn't work, even by staying on the map ;(
  2. Charr ! (no i'm not biaised πŸ˜‹ ) After it really depends on your taste ^^ I advise you to look at https://gw2style.com/search.php (with medium armor...) ans see if you find something cool for you πŸ™‚ For example : Iron Legion Scrapper (by Flinteheart) : https://i.imgur.com/EN4Nq8S.png
  3. Well, that's the whole point of Elite specializations, to change the ways of playing. And, if you want the "1 class = 1 role", you're not in the good MMO.
  4. @Dravvi.3146 If you don't want to see the sellers, why do you not hide them? Just type "-sel" in LFG search tab, and done ! Sellers don't exist anymore πŸ˜›
  5. At the moment, if you take a cheesy comp with 3 condi scourge + 1 alac mirage (ren works too) + 1 HFb, the CMs +t4 run is ez pz (and require less skill than before). We tested it with guildies the other day and now with the changes on torment and condi exposed, it is chocking how easy it becames (kinda sad imo). The cm100 boss just melt, cc the sorrows? no need, just epi on the boss + (bonus) ton of barrier for ppl (idem on Ark, just epi, no need to go on anomaly)
  6. Nah, i see some of them. The last post of @Zok.4956 is from it for example. But it was a new thread, so i don't think there are a lot of posts.
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