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  1. Super interesting article. I appreciate your hard work but now i know who to moan at because BLTC is running like crap. 🤣 And it does run like crap... It freezes up every 5-10 seconds and it times out/loses connection to the server CONSTANTLY. Its total crap. But on a more positive side, Its a hell of a lot better than it was a year ago - Literal night and day difference compared to back then but its not quite as smooth as when the game first launched.
  2. Switching didnt work for me. I did this multiple times and even let my personal TP rep time out before summoning another one and repeating this a few times and it was still all greyed out. I could still buy and sell things on the TP though. Just not access anything in the gemstore. It gets stuck occasionally and it comes and goes but in this particular 'session' (shall we say) i waited and waited and waited and i still couldnt click on anything. I mean its not like EA where the game could be absolutely broken but somehow the ingame shop works absolutely fine..... I just left it and logged ou
  3. Gem store doesnt work. I cant click on anything, everything is sorta 'greyed out' I waited 5mins and its still stuck. At least if anything at all, the game is consistent. The massive latency spikes doesnt just affect the TP but also the gems store side of things so you cant blame Anet/NcSoft for prioritising the functionality of the gem store over everything else thats not working or breaks constantly. I think this is the second or third time ive encountered this. clicking on items or tabs in gem store does absolutely nothing.
  4. Happens all the time when trading on BLTC. I blame the migration over to Amazon servers that the tech support team have never been ironed out. It started off with the big rune update some 4 years ago and has gotten worse every year. There are a lot of unanswered threads about how laggy the game is dating back to even before Gaile Grey was laid off. I can start doing my trading on BLTC and a lot of trades will have this momentary 'freeze' ranging from a few seconds to a complete time out. When you see that error you posted Its when it means whatever you were interacting with timed out. It cou
  5. Yeah. you Devs done goofed. Text looks very fuzzy
  6. Is all kinds of messed up. I mean its been all kinds of messed up since the big rune update 3-4years ago but now its especially worse. I go through moments where i cant buy, I cant sell. sometimes BLTC wont even load, it just errors out Many moons ago Gaile said she was looking into it with the team but nothing ever came of it. No update, no follow up. no nothing.
  7. I can confirm. I wasnt banned but i was issued 'warnings' Thanks for the heads up, I was not aware of that type of stance, I really would not like to risk my thousands of hours of playtime.just so frustrating that there is no acknowledgement, I hope Anet take that into consideration if it goes that way. Some people here really like to exaggerate. You will not be banned (or warned) for asking a polite question. Your post was nicer and more useful than a lot of the other posts in the previous hours. Not really. Customer support has been known to be useless on many occasions and that gets play
  8. I can confirm. I wasnt banned but i was issued 'warnings' Thanks for the heads up, I was not aware of that type of stance, I really would not like to risk my thousands of hours of playtime.just so frustrating that there is no acknowledgement, I hope Anet take that into consideration if it goes that way.Oh - no they wont ban you from the game. Only forums lol. you can still play the game but you wont be able to criticise them about stuff on the forum. They cant take the game away from you unless you really break ToS or they are mindless enough to bring back the system that flagged half the act
  9. Lower what settings?? graphical? I dont think it is a graphical issue. Even if it was i would expect a 1080Ti to run the game more than competently and already know its not an issue on my end because other games run perfectly.
  10. Not sure where to post this so i hope this is the correct part of the forum but this game has been extremely laggy for me for an entire month after the previous update. Ive ran all sorts of connection tests, ive restarted routers and access points and the little net performance indicator on the bottom right hand side of the screen (where i place mine) that tells me if my connection is good or bad is always green. I play other games like Warframe and Battlefield 3 & 4 without any sort of issues but with GW1 my characters and other characters be it real players or hench/heroes are just const
  11. Black lion salvage kits should be stackable. I have a storage panels full of the stuff. the lag on BLTC should also be considered a QoL fix at this stage too... Its been around 8 months and the issue still persists.
  12. Bump - Problem still exists - though im starting to believe that this has become a 'standing feature' of the BLTC that wont get fixed. There has never really been an official response apart from gaile or someone saying they were having one of their teams look into it.
  13. My old machine: Asus X79 ProIntel 3930k@4.6Ghz32GB DDR3 2400MhzGTX 970 SLiRegular Sata SSDs Crucial/Samsung etc etc --- I had a decent enough experience. though maxing out all the settings would just make my FPS TANKI later sold off my 970s for a 1070 and got the exact same kind of performance. New machine: Asus ROG Strixx Z370-FIntel 8600k@4.8Ghz16GB DDR4 3200MhzVarious WD, Samsung NvMe SSDs which my games are loaded on.1080Ti --- Game still tanks when everything is turned up. I just think the game is badly optimised and newer expansions being added to the game just made it even more of a mes
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