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  1. ye in wvw, all chats are not working, no pips or timer not resetting
  2. So, completed the Annual achievement in like 20 minutes, hoping these gloves would have some flashy glow or something based off the icon. Yeah they're a bit lacklustre... I mean non existent, if there is meant to be any sort of glow/effect
  3. broken game is broken get to character select, but no further
  4. game client fully crashed now? got kicked from wvw and cant log in anymore
  5. Hello Anet, Just your bi monthly reminder to not ruin wvw even more than it already is. Oh and to not forget about signing off on the new relinks xoxo
  6. Hello anet, when can we get a patch where wvw doesnt constantly crash xo
  7. So reset happened and we (AG/RoS) cannot go into any map but os/eotm. everything is whitewe getting triple links or a whole server ban from wvw Edit: French servers cannot enter also
  8. this is some bs, did a lot of stuff over the weekend aand poof gone
  9. As the title says, none are able to enter the border for Red or Blue, however greens are able to and this is the result.https://imgur.com/zr0ltEF
  10. EU WvW guna be dead again with 5 tiers
  11. Did the meta as the patch hit, completed the event with it clearly showing i only got hit once. Re logged to see if that did anything, did nothing but remove the achievement. https://imgur.com/a/upUHpmi
  12. @Sovereign.1093 come EU and show you can walk the talk, seem kinda full of yourself and trying to prove something <3
  13. Fighting FSP and WSR groups in ebg and both us (Deso) and FSP crash, WSR do not crash, happened twice now.
  14. Just did the new strike mission, the boneskinner, nice change of ambience in the instance however the boss itself doesnt do anything except leap to an edge and back to the middle, then once completed it respawns while we loot chests.
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