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  1. I, too, had some issues with this implementation. New players won't know about achievements, how to use the watch list, what gear they need to pick from the enhanced armor, and how to do stat selection. I made a video that explains it in more detail for newer players... so, any of you new guys wondering what this thread is about... here you go!
  2. Hey guys, I've been making videos for new and casual players to understand the mechanics of the game. With the recent introduction of the New Player Tutorial Achievements and Enhanced Gear, while I like these additions as a veteran player, I don't think they've very new player friendly. I made a video that explains some about the achievement UI, the watch list, where to find tutorial achievements, the rewards, and how to use your enhanced armor items (picking the right item and stat selection). Do watch, subscribe on Youtube, and leave a comment if you have more questions about the system.
  3. Your points are completely valid and I agree -- I could've added them in here I just didn't think about it. Could you go add a comment to the video and I'll pin it? I always invite the community to leave their comments and thoughts so I could pin them for other viewers to read.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I've been slowly making a video series to educate some friends and family (who are ultra-casual) about the mechanics of the game. The latest video -- the third so far in the series -- is on Crowd Control, Defiance Bars and Stun Breaks. I go over... Crowd Control EffectsUses of Crowd Control (situations and some events)The Defiance Bar States of the Defiance Bar What happens with the Defiance Bar? Exceptions to going all-out with Crowd Controls... Understanding Defiance Bar Health/DamageCountering Crowd Control (Stun Breaks/Stability)Hope this video (and some of the other v
  5. Hey all, I recently started making some videos on Youtube about Guild Wars 2 and I thought I'd release one about Wintersday since... well, it's Wintersday. It covers the location of the festival, what activities exist during the festival, what events you can participate in, where to find the achievements, and what you get for rewards. It's more of an overview and not an achievement guide -- a starting point for the unfamiliar if you will. Hope some of you find it useful.https://youtube.com/watch?v=TDxKUtTVYsI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDxKUtTVYsI
  6. Hey everyone,Last month I started a YouTube channel and I've been creating some GW2 videos for it. I'm currently producing the second video in a series which is going to be explaining concepts, mechanics and systems in Guild Wars 2 to New and Casual players; an audience who probably wouldn't have thought about some of these systems. My goal of the series is to give players a large understanding of mechanics, introduce them to build theory crafting, and then show that the build and gear templates can be useful for casual play. The first video is about Attributes and Prefixes. Upcoming to
  7. And to the title -- yes. We have a tutorial for dodging in game so why not add something ... I think there should be an Asuran golemancer that teaches near all starting zones about breakbars. They should give the player an item that has some defiance-bar breaking skills, and let the player experiment with using the different skills to drop the bar. Maybe have 1 as Attack, and 2, 3, 4, and 5 as Stun, Daze, Knockdown and Knockback, respectively. Each of those skills would drop the breakbar, and the enemy should have a breakbar that requires at least three of the skills to be used. The dia
  8. All CC does not work equally. The CC bar is like an extra health bar and some skills will do different levels of damage against the bar. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_Bar#Skill_details
  9. Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. I purchased from the listing that sells the 2000 gems cards for $25. The item was sold by Amazon.com Services, Inc. No funny business here. The reason I purchased the cards through Amazon is that I had something else I wanted to order and figured I'd throw some money ArenaNet's way. Plus, I like getting packages in the mail. :) As some other posters suggested, I contacted ArenaNet to see if they can help. If not, I'll just hit Amazon up and see if they can refund or replace.
  10. Heads up - The gem cards that are being sent out from the Amazon store are defective as they're missing the redeemable code. Other people have been reporting this issue in reviews for the cards.
  11. Game is installed on an SSD. I have an i5-4690K, GTX670, 8GB of RAM and haven't had issues in the past. It seems Istan is just a pain point for my older PC. Hope I don't have to upgrade. I'm lazy about stuff like that.
  12. Medium works somewhat well, but I've noticed that large groups doing Pala or Akili suffer from a delayed loading of enemies. The enemies will appear on my screen with 1/3 health during Akili, and some don't appear at all. It really should cull people out before enemies.
  13. Literally unplayable. There, I said it! Last night I was doing an Istan farming run with a bunch people. I put the character model limit to lowest. I saw a bunch of players and all the enemies disappeared. Couldn't target anything and couldn't see anything, either. Can this be adjusted to cull down all the other players first, then enemies? I can play in large events without other people, but there's no point if all the enemies disappeared from the screen. So, how about we fix that?
  14. I didnt see anything messy about the design of the astralarium. The mount movement abilitues made it even easier to move around. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/18355/whats-the-deal-with-the-fugly-astralarium-stairs/p1 Images might be worth looking at.
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