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  1. More "orthodox" (no flashing lights and garish colors) but interesting weapon sets. Examples: Plasma, Improvised, Aetherized The plain old Krytan set is one of my favorites - just clean and classic styling.
  2. I am sure this has been brought up before, but can we condense all our portal tomes into one big tome?
  3. The best way I can think of is having it be a large public instance akin to Dragonstorm or Marionette currently.
  4. Is there a way for my Mechanist bot to stay put away rather than coming out every time I change maps? I want him to come out when I say so and otherwise stay away.
  5. Could you not just put three "releasing soon!" spaces in the story journal?
  6. Forget the commando outfit, give every 10 year vet a KT29-Moahawk. This would be a great mount. 🤣
  7. HoT, for all the hate it gets, was amazing on release. There were no mounts, just pocket raptors. No wiki guides, just pure chaos and confusion. And we were all in it together. It really captured the feeling the expansion was going for. Nowadays you can just hope on your mount and fly over the whole map which doesn't really give the same effect. Even the land mounts give you immunity from the CC effects and let you run past mobs.
  8. Deep Wound is basically the anti-barrier. It's a wonder they haven't already implemented it.
  9. So glad they didn't just remove them from the game. This will change the whole meta.
  10. If she was telling the truth anyway. She may have just been playfully flirting after all.
  11. I am still guessing the releases will be like this in some manner that they choose to condense it: 3. Jubilee/Clockwork 4. Nightmares 5. Escape/Battle for LA From the Tower of Nightmares? When I was reading the recent blog post about Kasmeer and Marjory, one of the writers was talking about the scene where they are flirting in EoD and how they didn't want their relationships being "stripped of any sensuality". I was like "they were being pretty kitten suggestive with their flirting even before they were an official item, ten years ago!" Marjory basically does th
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