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  1. I simply didn't relate the "pulling" kitty with the "behind the door" kitty. I thought they were two different examples of kitty doing stuff. I supose the preview video is not really clear or well made...
  2. Thhere was no "Exploration" option. I chose the closest one. Still could have picked "other".
  3. Purpose: To make Engie hilariously useless.Purity of Purpose: Accomplished.
  4. If GW3 makes possible to change weapon colors and to make more armor in less time... is going to be well received.
  5. Took me 3 days just do hearts on alts Yeah. You clearly have the strong skin needed for grinding. 3 days doing the same thing. On many characters you already did the same things many times. We just live on very different paradigms. :)
  6. SCRUM model, IMO.More but smaller updates, big updates once they are really done, everything they create in the meanwhile becomes some sort of new tiny gimmick that is not very meaningful but still fun and fully playable.
  7. The dialogs are quite short and simple, the interactions even give a little valuable lore, and the traveling to the Armormith isn't slow or convoluted. Sure, it could be better, but frankly, is not bad at all.On the other hand... I'm not sure if I will ever end the Requiem collections because of the incredibly long Mistonium grinding. THAT is super boring and freedom crushing. Agh, the horror.
  8. Always support the needs from people outside the favored centers. They (we) love the game too.
  9. Asuran tech and furniture as decorations for the Guild Hall. Just let me make my laboratory already!
  10. Anet has already explained why they can't do a global sweepstakes, blame your countries giveaway laws, not Anet. I'll believe it when I see proof. I've reviewed dozens of laws covering contests, internet regulation, international money exchange and all sorts of chance games (even casinos), and haven't been able to find anything implying chilean people can't participate on an international contest.I know I'm the only source on this side of the problem, and I'm clearly not the best legal researcher in the world... but still, would be nice to see where and why the selection left my country out.
  11. Thanks god, it would've been awful not being able to dye it any other color. I don't like golden stuff.
  12. I would really love to know what laws on my country keep leaving us out of GW2 activities, yet doesn't seem to affect other international contests at all.
  13. I applause your dedication, although none of them looks particularly interesting to me (I supose the human girl is just boring for my taste).
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