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  1. Do you realize that you only need to log in once 1 awhile to get free living world episode when its released? And you have at least 7 days to do the gw2 log in, take you like 1 minute to do so! And I completely agree with you when coming to new comers. At least the episodes should be released to claim free occasionally. But for Vet and current gw2 players, we all have at least 1 min free from busy to log in gw2 to claim.
  2. Anet should change the name “Fractal” to “Dungeons”. The agony required is kind of the mechanics for the new dungeons. Done
  3. And why would you want to guild claim a camp with your personal guild in the 1st place??? Why is it so important??? Cause you want to solo anyway, there is no point to make people know about your own guild, i dont think you want to invite people to your guild! Also that high achievement point or not does not matter at all and it comes down to personal objective. Some want to be ap hunter, some go for fashion war, some want to kill millions opponents in spvp. For me, i dont care about achievement point.
  4. I believe it is called 1st look. Its not an official trailer. So i sill raise my hope with the real one, plus more information to the new expansion. Lets wait
  5. Fashion is subjective and it does nothing helpful or convenience to players. Players want to look cool in their opinion, they must grind or pay for it. The legendary armour already cut the grinding process so “greedy” is the right term for this thread.
  6. This is personal subjective. I have a completely different opinion. So if you like this story, you can play it over and over again. I do not. You can keep that enjoyment to yourself. Thank you
  7. 500 jade shard? I am sorry but i dont know what is the reward of 500 jade shard?
  8. You don’t know how the skirmish reward!!! WvW players must contribute to the participation to get pip reward. Corner runners will only get electricity bill reward
  9. Have you considered my suggestion? Changing the name “Fractal” to “Dungeon”.
  10. Then my suggestion changing the name “Fractal” to “Dungeon” will not do any good. People will complain about “Dungeon” itself. LOL
  11. What are the differences between Dungeons and Fractals??? They are both instance content. Agony resistant??? Beside, fractals reward more gold. Please enlighten me what are the differences. I find many dungeons are really long and tedious I suggest change the name “Fractal” to “Dungeon” and everyone is happy
  12. Yes, I am going after WvW legendary Armor for my guard. And with my casual playing style, I can only get the Silver chests. It gonna take a really long time with the weekly reset. Why can the Skirmish Reward track be the same as the WvW normal reward track, reset once completed and people can carry on where they left?
  13. I am sorry if this topic has been discussed before. For me, I think the Skirmish Reward Track resets weekly is putting a lot of pressure on casual players as me. I have never able to get pass the Silver chest and the weekly reset occurs. I suggest that the commitment for WvW, Pips required is remained but the Skirmish Reward track only reset once reached the last tier. That would help casual gamer like me can at least get the Diamond chest. It will take me long time to reach that chest but at least I will get it eventually. And the suggestion does not harm the reward system.
  14. I understand your point. WvW players do not want to do PvW stuffs and vice versa. As I am a PvE player, skirmish tickets from WvW is the worst of the worst, long and tedious grind. But I have to cope with that. If Anet intended to change the system, it would had been implied years ago.
  15. They just collections which are completely useless for me so I have never bothered to give a glance. Skip them
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