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  1. The areas in this vary in our current map but Cantha is about the size of our current fully discovered map almost according to this. We only saw a portion of Cantha in gw1. But I have no doubt they'll have to shrink it down some. https://blog.thatshaman.com/2014/11/updated-high-resolution-map-of-planet.html Planets are spherical, and this would put the majority of Cantha in an arctic climate, similar to the "Icy Tundra" to the north. Notice the slivers of land at the bottom of the map, those are the top of the Tyrian continent, wrapping around.arctic climate if you assume that the axis of rot
  2. yeah I loved IMbagon especially that It can deal quite some dmg as well as buffing allies so it's amazing. Unfortunately the new elite gives a lot to the party but sacrifice all your dmg potential and requieres allies to stick to you. Yeah I still hope even tho I know we missed the occasion to get paragon in path of fire ... sadly. but As you said on can hope. it's true that guard and maybe warrior (spellbreaker) can have similarities . but in it base mechanics it's very different . It gives the same things but not the same way.ANd yeah ofc ... gw 1 and gw 2 are not the same game ... they jus
  3. Hey guys ! (and girls) I've been back to Guild wars 1 with the 15th birthday celebration. And I have to say it was (and still is) so great to play that game again and especially my paragon with the new elite skill and all these new weapons. I wanted to have a discussion about the viability of paragon in guild wars 2 as a stand alone class. I know some (a lot) of ppl would say that it should be better as an elite spec instead.The argue would be that even in GW1 , paragon was a bit limited as a self class and rely a lot on the secondary profession to be effective. Basically it was more a Paragon
  4. Once again ... a new package is being available as a purchase and not available for belgian players while there's no loot box in it . Once again people in charge of making these things live didn't check the content of that package and just disabled it for belgium while there was no reason too. : =)But I have faith . You have fixed that mistake the last time it occurs so I assume you will fix it this time again. Nice to ear from you ! =) Best regards
  5. People can't deny that the content we get now is less sizable than what it used to be. Now saying that they are the doing the bare minimum is a bit too much. They still invest a lot of time in the game but the release might pass onto players as "that's it?". While it wasn't really the case before since we got expansions. I play since launch (not quite as active as before I have to confess) and I can totally feel the lack of "hype" in GW2 these past months (on my side)I'm not interested to play anymore since the content they provide isn't really appealing. They probably need to release one new
  6. Stealth, Teleport, Blink never existed in origin Guild Wars. No wonder why, they are Toxic-broken and will always be Toxic because Toxic mechanic like them absolutely have no place in the world of Guild Wars Period!! (also Please! remove pulling mechanic because it is kitten child-play-being thrown around like a yow-yow is very immature gameplay design) Gw2 has a complete different combat system than gw1, if you are unable to use skills or to walk or to dodge you should stay with gw1Well and the only thing that GW1 hasn't go was stealth (i think) but assassin got sooooo many different ports (
  7. Isn't Core necro known now for good stalling and tanking while still being able to deal some Damage? or is that already been outdated?
  8. The thing is : That guy isn't working for Arenanet anymore and we don't really know what is the feel of anet internally about cantha so far. I remembered some dev posts (or interviews) saying they were'nt against adding cantha to the game ... it would just have to fit into the story and how the game evolves. Translation : Cantha could be possible but we will have to wait for a big turn into the story so it might take a while then.
  9. Well ... we could consider that the standard ascended armor skin IS the fractal armor tho. Since it was the first way to obtain it (beside crafting)
  10. We all know (well veteran players at least) that fractals are the "new" dungeons. BUT ! it doesn't provide the same type of content that dungeon did. armor legendary gift weaponsTonics (LUL)While strikes could be considered as a smoll dungeon too ... to me it doesn't provide the same things either. While exclusive skin as a reward is great tho. That's why I voted for a new dungeon :D
  11. I personnally Use this for all OW content and really ... Every content feels as easy as any other class now ! http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAw2lZwuYSsJmJOKXZvSA-zRRYoRD7N4yIwCo0EwhB-e Before that I was struggleling killing veteran mobs anywhere and that was painfull. I even forced myself to reroll for another class in OW because of how painfull it was. This build is really faceroll and the condi burst is insane when you combine primordial stance + glyph of elemental power. Using earth allows you to use your signet for the extra heal without loosing your passive healing. It's 10/10 for t
  12. I'm not playing for like 2 months in sPvp (cause game is boring without new specs or new builds) but ele had (and still has now) 2 options for weaver: 1) Going "bunker" menders (more of sustain but whatever) and deals wet noodle dmg. 2) Going Sage and gets crazy condi bursts if the opponent is not aware of primordial stance + glyph. But this one has way less sustain. (still has some tho but less) With build 2) I cannot imagine how I could be able to 1v3 and be able to cleave all 3. Unless the guy is godmode at kitting/chasing and the opponents are a bit terribad at it.But it's more a gameplay
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