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  1. Or it will correct itself by having those players avoid the game entirely. :T
  2. As someone who prefers a more low-key look for my characters (with maybe a slight sprinkle of sparkles as a sometimes-treat), I would REALLY appreciate it if anet could root all their sparkle cosmetics into the game's lore so I could at least go "well ok that's where THAT came from" at least. Just give me a big ol' city, that's like the fantasy version of las vegas or shinjuku, or any of those really flashy cities. Have it be where a person's social standing is entirely described by how many lumens they give off, where the upperclass/aristocrats live in this gilded and glowing metropolis, an
  3. I'm sorry but this is nonsense and "to an extent" is doing an INSANE amount of work in that sentence then. Can you do an all ranged dps raid party? Sure. Is it optimal? HELL no. (go to fflogs. look at the speed clears. all of the top ones take 2 melee, 1 phys ranged, and 1 caster. There are a few 3/1 ranged/melee dps comps but they are not the norm, and I'm sure it's due to specific friend-group preferences than actual optimization) Samurai and Summoner don't compete for the same slot so you would not take one over the other (my static has both!), as the game balance stands right now th
  4. This is definitely on my wishlist for something I'd really like to see changed with Anet's next look at combat tuning. Tweak the mechanics of boon application and healing (in pve) to make it not so mandatory to stand on each other and fight as one eldritch blob of flailing limbs and weapons, exploding with particle effects. It would REALLY help with fight visual clarity, and should help with player fantasy so you can actually see your own character fighting instead of this horrible flashy/fleshy mess. Standing in THE GROUP SPOT with the rest of the team isn't fun or challenging. It does
  5. I'm all for changing the ranged weapons to be more engaging alongside upping their potency to be on-par with the melee options! I vote for that!
  6. This is my absolute least favorite part of the game. Like it's the part that stops me from recommending the game to some people, because it's just a bad game design philosophy for an rpg. I love being ranged, minding my positioning and not being in a giant clusterstack on the boss with 4-9 other people and all of their particle effects. But apparently for gw2, melee players just have to be the only optimal way to go, and if you're ranged you're just getting carried by the ubermensch melee (except for some niche cases). Would much rather see BOTH ranged options be equally potent and engag
  7. I was thinking more like, with a shortbow, you could base the utilities and class mechanic changes off of music and different instruments. So all the music would be done with your weapon put away while the music magic is being casted, and then you could use the shortbow as just a magical shortbow that could combo off of the effects you put out with your hammerspace instruments/singing/whatever. If we got just a warhorn, it would be a kind of chekov's gun problem where,. when we see there's an instrument right there, it HAS to be the source of most music magic.
  8. I'm fine with warhorn if they do something interesting with it, but i'd prefer shortbow so we're not tied to the idea that the only instrument we use is a warhorn. ('cause honestly, warhorns aren't really that musical. Only so much you can do with a handful of toots) That and I just don't want another offhand
  9. More pants for female characters (specifically light) More skimpy armor for dudes.
  10. honestly i dont expect those voice lines to go away, as they don't seem to care if a voice line fits an action or not anyway. Source: "that had to hurt!" after getting hit by something.
  11. Do a collection like the chairs. I want to pet every dog. INCLUDING some very special story dogs that we may or may not have to fight. gimme gimme gimme *grabby hands*
  12. This person literally said that coming into a thread on a subject that you don't care about and arguing that it shouldn't happen because you don't care about it is trolling. What else is the takeaway there? It's impossible to have a good faith discussion with someone who argues on the basis that something someone cares about isn't worthwhile because they don't care about the same thing. There's no way to have a respectful discussion when your entire stance is based on the dismissal of how others experience value. So yeah, the "housing isn't meaningful because you just
  13. So we're in agreement that you're trolling this thread with your "It's bad cause I don't want it" posts? K. Every feature in an mmo is a niche. That's how they work. Raids, PvP, collections, crafting, legendaries, achievements, casual content, all slots to be filled so the game can satisfy an audience with diverse tastes in one game. Its why MMOs are different from lobby shooters, or fighting games. You don't get to say housing "brings little to the game" when you do not fit in that niche. I've known plenty of people for whom player expression IS their entire game, yet never onc
  14. I always keep something I can deposit or consume in my bags just in case this happens. Would love to not have to do that :x
  15. Ah yes, excuse me while I enter raid/high-tier fractals/pvp tournament threads and say "no thanks" to features or updates because each singular game mode doesn't appeal to >51% of the mmo populace despite taking up a lot of dev power. Try reading my post a little harder? Or maybe give some examples of how GW2 repurposing already existing assets and mechanics to apply to personal instances would "bleed" resources from whatever precious content you're supposedly defending from this insignificant few? Come on now, housing is a relatively cheap (development-wise) niche that
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