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  1. Boon spam is fair because anyone can do it. That you choose not to says more about you than it does about the game. I mean as people have said here it's so easy it's hard NOT to do it so what are you complaining about, load up on that quickness might and fury and get to killing people. If they won't sit still and die then I'd have to guess that they might actually know how to press the dodge key, or the issue is actually with heal spam and not boons.
  2. How much damage do you need to kill a booned up player?
  3. Is analyzing a fight and appropriately supporting allies not skillful? I am not skilled if I predict an enemies dodge and my ally's follow up and give him an extra 12 might and fury to slap the enemy harder with? Am I not skillful if I see my enemy trying to CC lock my ally so I stun-break them and give them stab so they can dodge away? No? It's only skillful if big numbers appear on screen? Got it. And just because I'm sure it'll come up as a counter, I and most group players I talk to dislike pure passivity from boons IE things like facets. That doesn't make boon sharing innately passi
  4. I mean, you answered your own question in the original post. People play for rewards, the easiest rewards are going for the lowest hanging fruit, there's no incentive to win so ganging up on the leader is pointless. What I don't understand is why all of peoples solutions to this involve things like 'Nuke players cooperating with each other out of existence by completely deleting boons so no one ever leaves spawn ever again (You don't make topics about not understanding why that is so...)' when you said the exact problem yourself: winning doesn't matter. So you do understand. You j
  5. Topic creator makes post about why two large groups won't engage each other. Topic creator gets an accurate and meaningful response summed as: "Large forces have no incentive to engage each other except in certain circumstances" Topic creator rants about boonballs and ignores people. Frankly this just seems like trolling.
  6. Yes. That is the crux of my post. Winning small VS big is inherently bad for the design of the mode. The mode should either encourage big to break into smaller parts, or/and encourage more people onto the side with small. The other crux was that damage is still plenty high and time to kill is rather short.
  7. Did... You not read the entire thing you quoted? 'with the help of pug clouds' Fights frequently go in the form of my little group hits, generates 5-6 downs because that's how we build. We cleave them out/knock them around to stop rez skills, then get out of dodge while our pugs stop rezzes and we can reset to do it again. 2-3x and the group wipes. Really competent groups can minimize our impact, but no one in here is whining about super skilled groups (or so they say) they just want to be able to kill 'skillless blobs'
  8. The 50 man group spreads out and has 50x the chances of hitting the 1 person. The one person misses because the 1 in 50 they aimed at dodged. None of your analogies are actually thought out you're stuck in an incomplete logic loop to prove your own bias.
  9. Small groups can fight against big groups. I run a 5 man that specifically builds to break 20-25 man groups with the help of pug clouds. With 10 people we could break 35ish to maybe 40. (assuming similar numbers are around, organization optional). It is a different playstyle. I've found a lot of different ways to make it work. It does require teamwork, there's no getting away from that. It does require different tactics and use of game mechanics. That's a good thing. It is almost totally independent of skill balance because there is no way to make skill balance(read: power modifiers and o
  10. Numbers are always the main factor in determining the outcome of a fight. I want to emphasize my last point though because you glossed over it. Seeking to make smaller group play stronger/more effective is good, but it should be done through mechanical or mode goal changes. Doing it through skill balance is fruitless.
  11. The flaw here is, why are you using the same builds and same approach to a group that has more people than you. In most instances of competition that'd be called idiocy. The other flaw is you've left out the other use case. What happens if both groups are the same size. With less damage the bomb leaves a group a chance to recover, and the fight continues on. With more damage one group just dies and had to run back from spawn and instead of interesting tactical fights the mode devolves into 'who can hit first' and that is what anet is trying to steer away from. You can't
  12. I think my favorite part of the term boonball is that the 'balling' has almost nothing to do with boons. What do you call a holosmith running around with a bar maxed out on boons? A boonsolo? There isn't anyone in the game who wants to see MORE boon spam. But this patch had nothing to do with that, and these changes did nothing to make boon balls 'stronger'. If anything they made them weaker because now a single rev in them can't one shot you when you're trying to cloud them, they actually have to coordinate their damage to kill randoms. And coordinating damage is hard, it's why you're comp
  13. Why 5 or 10? Why not 7.5 targets? Or 13 targets? What if we introduced a new stat that increased the number of targets you could hit?
  14. This is not True. WvW has always been friendly to large blobs that bothered to know how to play. I don't know why you think you can gather 20 skilled players but not 50 skilled players, beyond scheduling conflicts.
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