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  1. We've seen Kralk as a storm in PoF so Primordus turning into magma wouldn't be that out of the ordinary
  2. I picked a norn guardian cuz I wanted to be like a giant tank that supports the other players, now years later, I'm a HB+QB so I can do that and more!. Plus, I love the knockback on the hammer. That's right! I'm a hammer guard and don't care what anyone thinks! His name is Sven Delacroix BTW https://imgur.com/0x2EftI https://imgur.com/so0yftr
  3. So, I can probably guess how ppl might feel about this, but I wanted to know how ppl feel about rping as the Commander from the living world story? I ask cuz I have a main that runs the story content but also has his own backstory that sorta ties him to my main from GW1
  4. Oh, I thought you meant the pfps. I see it now
  5. Do you have a link to this? I can't seem to find it
  6. If I could, I'd add an entirely new race of reptilian ppl. I don't have a name for them but they'd be an evolutionary offshoot of the Forgotten except they'd have 2 arms and 2 legs, stand upright, and almost as tall as the shortest norn. They'd also have tails but theirs would be half the length of the charr tails
  7. I feel it might be simpler to just add them in a patch. But I agree that all professions need elite skills for each type of utility skill they have
  8. I don't have much really. But I do have an idea (or the beginnings of one anyway) for one called a Seance, where they would have either a longbow or shortbow and their shroud skills would have access to distortion. Thematically, it's centered around communing with the dead and traversing the afterlife (which is what the distortion is used for)
  9. So with EoD on the way, What do you guys think we'll learn regarding fates of the Kurzicks and Luxons in Cantha? Do you guys think they're still around in one way or another? My own guess is that many were forcibly assimilated into Canthan culture while others were either killed or forced to flee either out to sea or go underground to escape persecution. And if either of those groups of people are in hiding, they might have put aside old grudges to form a resistance against the current regime and the Ministry of Purity
  10. I personally would rather have the e-specs light on lore if at all possible so it won't feel out of place when, for example, a norn firebrand is channeling power from Elonian history. I know it sounds ridiculous saying it out loud, but it just kinda bugs me a little. That said, I do have an idea for a hammer ranger e-spec whose lore is based around the Echovald Forests that could turn into tree monsters. I originally called them Wardens after the GW1 mobs of the same name (https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Warden), but now I'm thinking they should be called Juggernauts instead and have the lo
  11. The next e-spec should be Condi/dps. Here's hat I'm thinking; It's called an Apothecary. They gain either a mace, torch, or a staff (I think either one could work). Their utility skills are called "Chemicals" that add conditions and other effects to weapon skills, similar to the thief's venom skills
  12. Sounds okay in theory, but I fear the confusion thing might make some folks queasy
  13. Staff Warrior is fine, although I'd call it a Monk IMO. Other than that, here's what I'd go with; Guardian -> Avenger (OH sword. DPS melee. Virtues become furies, can only focus on one fury at a time but can release an aoe burst once charged up similar to Tempest. Rage utility skills speed up fury charge time) Revenant -> Savant (MH scepter. DPS/condi. Legendary Golemancer Stance channels both Oola and Zinn at the same time and summons classic golem to fight with you. Command utility skills gives you more control over golem than most A.I. summons) Rang
  14. This might be a long shot, but if any devs are seeing this, I wanted to ask what we can expect in next month's Dragon Bash. First off, not counting the boss in the arena match, will we see the absent holo-mordrem mobs this year or no? Speaking of holograms, will hologram versions of Jormag and Primordus be in the sky this year or will it be Kralk yet again? And lastly, and this one's a little off topic, but if there was any chance of the ceremonial wolf and snow leopard armor to be available, would we see them during the bash? I'd understand if you are not able to answer at this
  15. Here's what I'd like to see for e-spec weapons; Guardian: OH sword Warrior: Staff Revenant: Scepter Ranger: Hammer Thief: Mace Engineer: Staff/mace* Mesmer: Dual daggers Elementalist: Dual pistols Necromancer: Longbow/shortbow *I have two different e-spec ideas for engi
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