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  1. I have a few actually, like a golemancer rev that channels both Oola and Zinn, but I'll share one I worked on the most. Condi engi, the Apothecary. Armor piece: chest They wield a torch and gain access to chemical skills which are similar to thief's venom skills but adds boons as well as conditions to your weapon skills, plus their weapon 3 skill is now a combo skill similar to the thief. Torch skills: Noxious fumes: add a lethal chemical to your flames to release a cone of poisonous smoke. Damage 160(x3), causes poison, confusion, blindness Boomstick: Ign
  2. I recently tried booting up the game, but the screen is completely dark. There's music playing and the cursor is still visible and working but none of the graphics have loaded. I thought it was an issue with the vpn so I disabled that, but still nothing. I don't know what is suddenly causing this. I just submitted a ticket and hoping they can find out the cause of this. Has this happened to anyone else? EDIT: I'm not sure what happened but it's suddenly up and running again
  3. As I understand it, they're the Aurene weapons that have been filtered through the other dragon magic types, which is why they look like they do. Personally I would've liked for them to be more closely resemble Zhaitan himself, like say modeled after his smaller heads, but this is fine too.
  4. I've been kicking around a similar idea for a while now, but this is way better. The ammo system you made is much better than what I came up with and the weapon kit idea could work too if done right. One question, have you thought about what utility skills they'd get? If not, might I suggest either tricks or traps.
  5. We all miss Zojja, but if anything there's a chance she'll be who leads us into the 4th xpac not cause it
  6. I'd like to see Tengu, Largos, and a reptilian race that's either an evolutionary offshoot of the Forgotten or created by Aurene herself (similar to how The Pale Tree made the Sylvari).
  7. I'm sorry you feel that way, I merely meant that if there was anyone who has a personal stake in helping Kralkatorrik kick the bucket, it would have been her. But I suppose that's not a good enough reason for her to have been there, as you claim.
  8. I think I speak for everyone when I say Zojja should've definitely appeared in Dragonfall when it came time to kill Kralk. That said, I have a theory on what may have happened to her. I think while we were off dealing with Balthazar and the dragon, she had a vision while she was in a coma, a vision of something much bigger than Kralk or the other elder dragons. When she awoke, she immediately left Rata Sum to parts unknown to understand the meaning of her vision which would lead directly into the 4th xpac
  9. That's unfortunate, I was hoping I'd be able to fight the ancient karka, since I didn't start playing until a year after the core game launched
  10. Has anyone been able to get their hands on this hammer? I've checked the wiki but there's still no update on how to get one. Any info you have will be greatly appreciated
  11. Name: Savant Weapon: Scepter or rifle Profession mechanic: Legendary Golemancer Stance (Oola + Zinn), classic golem pet* Utility skills: Commands (used to control said golem) *Unlike the mechanist's jade mech, the savant's golem is water proof
  12. I've thought about it, and I think shield could work for the ranger (as long as you don't have to throw them that is. It's a minor thing, I know, but otherwise, it would limit what shield they'd use, aesthetically, to perfectly rounded shields) One question, what are swarm pets and how would they work?
  13. The armor runes based on the elite specializations introduced in End of Dragons
  14. So it's been roughly 2 months now since EoD launched but, afiak, there's still no sign of them adding the runes for the latest e-specs. Has Anet ever given an official statement on why that is or have they at least hinted at them being added to the game? Any info you have will be greatly appreciated
  15. Hi, I've been kicking around an idea for a condi e-spec for the engi called the Apothecary. So far, I've decided it will wield a torch and gain access to what are called "Chemical" utility skills, which mechanically function similar to thief's venom skills in that they temporarily add boons/condis to yours and your allies weapon skills. Although I'm having trouble figuring out what their big profession mechanic will be that would really sell it as well as what some of the traits might look like, best I can come up is to maybe bring back an old trait like Acidic Coating. If anyone has any sugg
  16. I'd love a dual pistol ele also, and it's certainly an interesting idea you have for it. One thought, would you consider calling it a Spellslinger instead?
  17. Some of these aren't bad, but I do have some notes. I like that the warrior has a staff, but I feel that a spiritual monk might be a more appropriate theme for them instead. Something like this; (Warrior/Monk: Support spec, gains melee staff and Mantra utility skills. Adrenaline bar replaced with Serenity bar that, when full, will spread different boons to allies depending on the weapon used. "A true monk remains centered and calm, even in the midst of battle. When they're not using their staff to keep enemies at arm's length, they're chanting mantras to support
  18. I don't have any ideas for Guardian, Ranger, or Mesmer at the moment, but here's what I have for the rest that I didn't get this time (Keep in mind, some are still a work in progress); Warrior/Monk: Support spec, gains melee staff and Mantra utility skills. Adrenaline bar replaced with Serenity bar that, when full, will spread different boons to allies depending on the weapon used. "A true monk remains centered and calm, even in the midst of battle. When they're not using their staff to keep enemies at arm's length, they're chanting mantras to support their allies. Throug
  19. While testing out the Bladesworn, I found myself using the gunsaber more then the other weapons. Specifically, the GS in the 2nd weapon slot. Now I can understand how it could be beneficial to have the gunsaber/flow mechanics replace the adrenaline/burst mechanics in exchange for 2 additional sets of weapon skills, although I can't help but wonder if it would be better if the Gunsaber itself was instead permanently placed in either the 1st or 2nd weapon slot as a Bladesworn. While we would only be able to switch core weapons ooc, we would regain the weapon bursts plus the dragon stance and fl
  20. The game freezes frequently while DX11 is enabled on my laptop
  21. Someday, I'll get my golemancer rev. Until then I'll make do with this. That said, the vindicator does look pretty cool, and it has double legends. Do you guys think they'll do that again next xpac?
  22. I had to log out during Be My Guest earlier, but when I tried to pick up where I left off in that instance I end up being sent right to the beginning instead. There is no option when I approach the story icon that allows me to continue from a checkpoint I just submitted a ticket and hoping for a fix
  23. It's a very unusual weapon to say the least (Someday staff warrior... someday)
  24. I just ran into this problem today and reported it. I don't think I've ever seen this happen before. EDIT: I just remembered that this happened with War Eternal and was only fixed months after it launched
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