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  1. Considering there are ways to mute the sound. I would imagine - no. Unless they were trolling in missions etc etc
  2. They've had all this time to sort out a proper preview screen and the chances we get anything now.. is as likely as me getting a precursor as a drop from a rabbit
  3. Most of the things I got was fun. Animation of Tools, New looks, Mounts lol.Fun stuff was quite a generic term here xD
  4. Actually the way they market and sell the loot boxes are actually gambling. As they always say x items now in the box.. go get em if you're lucky.Just because you get something as a basic doesn't mean it's not gambling compared to how to market it
  5. LOL... They already cost a bucket to convert to old currencies which are is very much IN NEEDS for certain things.Even then.. you can use the old currencies for amulets etc If none of this excites you or are in need, convert to magic and/or stop farming the maps xD
  6. Next time please learn how to break up what you say so it's not an eye numbing wall of text. :) Just helps everyone else
  7. They need to program it so mails to guilds have a higher send limit (say 10 per minute) or even another/different system would be a guild wide option so everyone gets the same mail (Sent by permissions within ranks). This way mails to people outside guilds etc is limited to prevent spamming gold sellers etc. But guild leaders/officers are also then able to - actually do what they need to do without swearing at the PC because it won't let them do their job.
  8. I run it open world mostly because I don't have access to much LF generation vs how often Im jumping into it.Yes I can't run DP because of it. But I still have zero issues with cric, I just miss the 300 Ferocity. Which in open world.. doesn't actually make much difference.Now if I went in dungeons, strikes etc I would take DP over EL as I wouldn't have to worry about might/take spite.(And there's the kicker, Yes I don't run Spite, I've been trying out DM for a while for the 300 power which has been fun)
  9. Necro without a rework overall has always been either... TOO OP or TOO UNDERPOWERED.
  10. Better learn to PvP then. Why should others have to suffer because you refuse 2. 120 wins is gonna be a long road like that
  11. It would be nice to see checkpoints in the game so when we leave that level OR world we can go right back to where we was when we left /minus completed zones. Especially in Trib mode as they can take ages. Also.. baubles as a currency would be lovely.
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