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  1. Better questions is: Will game engine ever be ready to utilize my PC?
  2. 1 fractal cm boss a year is not enough for you? You toxic elitist!
  3. Yes, let's not mention that you need gift of maguuma / desert mastery to finish exordium and pretend to have good faith arguments 🙂
  4. Crafting Exordium takes more effort so yes. How many times do I have to repeat myself?
  5. Do you really claim that item A that can be bought straight off trading post has same prestige behind it as item B that cannot?
  6. The endgame in this game is fashion. The more prestigious rewards that are harder to obtain than simply swiping the credit card, the better. More tradable legendaries would devalue them even further. It's a different story with how pathetic the gen3 set looks...
  7. The strike cms that are tossed to the side without giving a date on when they're released like an unwanted toy? The different level of mobs which we already had for certain mobs in PoF maps? Or the destruction of speedrunning community with yesterday's patch? But hey, at least the skins in the gemstore are better looking than entire set of most prestigious items in the game earned through gameplay coming with EoD 😂
  8. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Forge_Conduit_(container) <--- very cool item https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Permanent_Bank_Access_Express <--- also a very cool item! Now you do not have to run to LA to change your stats! also https://killproof.me/proof/rdP9 ... curious...
  9. How many strike cms a year would justify enough engagement for veterans?
  10. We don't "need" it, but it could definitely be beneficial. Maybe something closer to 3 or 5 years of inactivity per character that causes you to forfeit the right to that name? Just my personal opinion, you do not deserve to call yourself an active player if you have not played for 5 years 🙂
  11. Funnily enough It's never going to happen. Before adding solo mode there have to be difficulty levels in place.
  12. I swear you're the last person to say how to correctly interpret data and draw conclusions. Majority of this MMO called Guild Wars 2 can be played alone. Story? Solo or 5man. Maps? Enemy and event scaling allows you to solo 95% of the content in the open world. Fractals? Besides CMs which are reserved for T4, can be soloed on T1. Dungeons? Believe it or not but there also is a story version. Even if you want every single detail from each path, with correct build and skill - can also be soloed. Raids? Most of the lore can be experienced without fighting the bosses. But OP doesn't have much
  13. Yes it's very social to ask the devs to spend time on making single player modes to everything in an MMO that's already so easy that if you're good enough you can already do it. While we are at it let's stop "pointing out the existence" of "O" for Online. Make GW2 offline experience with just online chat and add bots to the game, some people would never notice the difference.
  14. Did you mean the 2 years from last raid wing release or 1 fractal cm boss a year? What is there to do for 'difficult content'? That is why people call it casual MMO.
  15. I like having the Multiplayer aspect in my MMOs but that's just me.
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