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  1. Pistol skill 3 is a free stun every 10 seconds in PvP/WvW is very powerful. Elixirs skill portraits will need better icons to make it impactful and differential. Power creep but that's expected.
  2. Hoping for Conjured Starlight Hat Skin (Conjured Starlight Hat Skin - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)) Only once during its released on 24/11/2020 & Shifting Sand Mining Pick (Shifting Sands Mining Pick - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)) Last seen 11/10/2019.
  3. @Rainbird.9458 Condi SB builds are mostly cookie cutter of one another (Skirmishing, Wilderness Survival and SB), but here's a Poison & Stances build that I'm still using ever since, build taken from a PVP player. ( Condition Soulbeast PvP Build Guide : Guildwars2 (reddit.com) ) Still works great for me, with minor alteration (personal preference) : Sigil of Venom > Sigil of Doom for more condi burst damage upon weapon swap. Huge condi burst after swapping into D/D skill #5 + #4 with Sigil. (Key dmg) Vulture Stance > Griffon Stance for more survivability.
  4. Shifting Sands Mining Pick. Last was October 2019 and never had it on sales discount so far. Shifting Sands Mining Pick - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  5. i.m.o “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”Try to imagine whereby a Junior is having difficulties with a subject in studies. Imo removing the subject from the exams is not the appropriate approach since they will lose the chance to gain knowledge. By removing it; Yes, will make it easier but it will also removed a learning experience to players. Experienced players might find it unnecessary since they've already perfected/memorized it but new players will not and might find difficulties later on when situation occurs.Instead of removing, maybe suggest to make the t
  6. Could this be the reason why there aren't any players afk/parking their characters in expansion maps to "farm"(?).
  7. Best skin imo, kudos :+1: .Colours, brightness & light particles with trails (stars). That's quality weapon. Just missing the underwater skins.
  8. It's fine to me as well, but could be settings as said by others.Like the encounter tbh, its like the first fractal using different colours (outside of reds) for warning indicators.
  9. They're ok to ordinary, each with their own preference I guess. But rumours saying there will be underwater content for the upcoming expansion, none of the latest or any previous BL skins offers any underwater skins :frown: .
  10. RNG at play here. Never been lucky or as lucky as some players/friends/guildmates. Had a friend that can draw mounts and such with 1 key 3x in a row, while it took me 28-36+ keys for one. Eg 39 keys for Humming Bird Skimmer. Unless there's an algorithm that effects the drop rate eg. AP, Magic Find etc.
  11. Second Zaxares.5419 as well. Haven't encounter any bugs in CM, so far. Aside from the need to adjust the minimap for marking(personal waypoint) at start before starting the final boss occasionally, but the minimap will auto re-adjust when the encounter starts. Had some bug with Sunqua normal or T3 recs yesterday, couldn't remember which. Had some aoe effects persisting after everyone /gg. Got it fixed by having everyone /gg again and make sure the skills ended and boss reseted before everyone resurrects.
  12. The minimap for the final boss area isn't synchronized correctly as well. Its fine until around the part where players go pass the floating rocks/pass the portal Rp for the convo to end, nearby the graves. Edge of the map(?).
  13. Negative Burst now floats the target for 1 second.Overwhelming Sorrow now dazes for 1 second. It also now deals increased damage.The damage inflicted by Crushing Guilt has been increased. The damage is now tracked in the combat log.Focused Wrath can no longer be avoided by jumping.Empathic Manipulation's pulsing damage has been increased.Part of 29th Sept 2020's patch note for Sunqua. Need help identifying what are those abilities written in bold (can't find any info using wiki).
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