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  1. Those grunts always remind me why I avoid Taco Bell.
  2. I did this a couple of times in WoW using the 2-seater rocket... took a fellow guildie over the Hoarde capitol city (we were Alliance) and dropped him off. He thought it was funny.
  3. For a short while, she was listed as a team member on Mike O'Brien's new project https://www.mana.works/About.html but she's no longer mentioned on the website that I see.
  4. Thanks... I like having all my shared slots at the very top, and keeping my bags separated. I think that's the default. :)
  5. gotta type something here.... What does the "embed shared bag" option do?
  6. That's how I did it a few years ago for a friend. Not sure if anything has changed since then, though.
  7. I think all the POF "bosses" have to be triggered by interacting with a bounty board.
  8. Anet has added options to his annoying things in the past, I don't understand why they won't do the same for this.
  9. For the most part, people that hated the HoT maps left the game forever, which is why we see such a bias in favor of HoT maps on the forums...
  10. Using Asmongold as a reference to back your arguments totally invalidates whatever point you were trying to make. That guy is an AH. Analytics are a valid measure of how many people are participating in the various content available.
  11. I have ~115 of the regular TTF in my inventory after five years in the game... I think in all that time i've used them probably less than 5 times.
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