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  1. Those grunts always remind me why I avoid Taco Bell.
  2. I did this a couple of times in WoW using the 2-seater rocket... took a fellow guildie over the Hoarde capitol city (we were Alliance) and dropped him off. He thought it was funny.
  3. For a short while, she was listed as a team member on Mike O'Brien's new project https://www.mana.works/About.html but she's no longer mentioned on the website that I see.
  4. Thanks... I like having all my shared slots at the very top, and keeping my bags separated. I think that's the default. :)
  5. gotta type something here.... What does the "embed shared bag" option do?
  6. That's how I did it a few years ago for a friend. Not sure if anything has changed since then, though.
  7. I think all the POF "bosses" have to be triggered by interacting with a bounty board.
  8. Anet has added options to his annoying things in the past, I don't understand why they won't do the same for this.
  9. For the most part, people that hated the HoT maps left the game forever, which is why we see such a bias in favor of HoT maps on the forums...
  10. Using Asmongold as a reference to back your arguments totally invalidates whatever point you were trying to make. That guy is an AH. Analytics are a valid measure of how many people are participating in the various content available.
  11. I have ~115 of the regular TTF in my inventory after five years in the game... I think in all that time i've used them probably less than 5 times.
  12. Bring new players? I doubt it... HoT killed off a significant portion of the original player-base, and PoF was an effort to retain what was left. Whatever this new XP is gonna be (and I honestly hope it's something great), it's going to be a challenge to recover from previous losses.
  13. That's not usually a problem... you could always just log-out to your character select screen.
  14. That was a bug that already got fixed. I was told to deactivate cooking, and learn it again, or learn cooking on any toon that doesn't have it yet.
  15. I have the same problem - everything else done except "Interest in Food"... submitted a ticket this morning.
  16. HoT was garbage that caused most of the people in my old guild (3 chapters, several hundred people) to quit the game altogether.
  17. Are we supposed to be able to type something into the empty dialog box on the shirt?
  18. It took my large group about 40 minutes to complete the event last night, it's not too easy... it's tedious.
  19. Drakkar - a 40 minute world boss fight? Really? It's not a raid boss, it's a world boss... they are usually meant to fit into the other world boss rotations - 10-15 minute fight on most of them.
  20. almost all of my mostly played toons are using skins acquired in game. Unlike WoW, which charges for each expansion AND a monthly sub fee, GW2 has no monthly sub fee. Anet needs a source of income to pay the bills, I'm fine with that.
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