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  1. Other - Because it's subcsription-free and there's nothing better on the market at the moment.
  2. Do Palawadan once a day and buy trophy shipments. Other than that, do any high loot meta event (DS, Tarir, SW) and salvage the rares. In 3rd place is farming cursed shore for moldy bags. You can also check map bonuses and pact mapping materials. Do that every day for a month and then consume them on the right bonus map and you'll get 50+ t6 mats of your choice. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pact_Scout%27s_Mapping_Materials Honestly though, farming gold and buying them will probably be the fastest.
  3. Better idea, nerf all classes down to pre-HOT dps levels. Has the bonus effect of improving PVP modes by removing instagib.
  4. Power Reaper has a great gameplay sequence where you pressure the target then use Shroud to burst execute them at 50% health. That's not available while leveling though, so you may try a Corruption/Condi build. Basically you use Blood Is Power and Corrosive Cloud to build conditions on yourself, then use Dagger 4/Staff 4/Plague SIgnet/Shroud Traits to transfer them to your target. You can also feed your own sustain with Consume Conditions. It's not fast paced, but it's dynamic and requires really knowing your build and skill sequences.
  5. It's niche is (was) aegis/damage avoidance. Skill 3 blocks an attack against you OR allies, so you can use it to prevent damage to your group. It also hits like a truck if your timing is good enough to get it to trigger, so you're rewarded for using it right. You do(did) damage by covering your group and playing off your allies, isntead of the enemy. It also procs aegis and protection, so it combined really well with Mystic Rebuke before it was nerfed. It works(/ed) really well with shield or focus, which could put out a lot of blocks. The AA is weak, but the healing radius should be incr
  6. There isn't much guild content in the game since guild missions havn't been updated in years, so basically the only purpose they serve is as a social group and as a LFG pool for fractals/raids/pvp. Whether you are missing out or not depends on whether you want to do those things or not.
  7. I'm pretty sure it hits each target once per cooldown? So if you GS 1 which hits 3 targets, you'd get 3 procs. I admit I've never tested it.
  8. GW2 necro is not like other games necro. The minions are basically passive dots that occassionally die. Flesh golem is excellent, so is Shadow Fiend (for the life force gain on the active skill), but the rest are pretty meh. Minion master is an easy and fast leveling build though so feel free to use it if you like it. Your two biggest build choices are Power damage or Condition damage. If power, your main weapon will be Axe/Warhorn and your main trait line will be Spite. If condi, your main weapon will be Scepter/Dagger and your main trait line will be Curses. Which is better for leveling
  9. Vampiric Presence scales with power so it's not as bad as it look on the wiki. It does 150dmg per hit on my Reaper, and it hits multiple targets per tick, so it can add up when you are AOE'ing. Still, if you use a warhorn in your build, yes banshees is better. VP is more valuable if you don't use a horn though, like in a condi build.
  10. Mace is pretty good in a support spec. I just want Mystic Rebuke un-castrated so I can get my porcupine build back :(
  11. It'll be on sale when Anet whims it to be on sale. There is nothing else anyone can do.
  12. Woot. Time for another nostalgia binge.
  13. I'd say a Blood Well O Mancer (Scourge or Reaper) because nothing carries pugs like endless instant pickups from downed state, but Necros have a bad rap and you might get shade. Second choice would be a Quickbrand because permanent quickness makes everything easy.
  14. I want the old 10/10/10/10/30 Elementalist back. Being able to fight in all attunements equally was amazing, and it's been impossible for years.
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