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  1. Shouldn't we , put Instanced Content as Outdoor and use the Auto-Megaserver instead ? So we wont need the Old LFG or group finder and as far as guild's organization goes , we can use a guild portal leading to that ?
  2. Who told you that they might not put Cannon on Skiff ? And create a pirate ship//turtle with an airship on the back (thundersub) that that we must neutralize it' shields//hunk of metal+avoid aoes(and water-mines) and occasionally submerge + goes invisible to restore HP , where we must spread out and snuff him out with Depth charges ? And in the end board and kill the boss , or if the ship it's organic//creature , kill it's heart ? And sometimes, we are the ones defending on top of the turtle , or its PvE overworld vs PvE overworld where the defenders the must last as lon
  3. Yeah , there might not be some people that have unlocked the Waystation to get the cc spell and contribute to the destruction of the Breakbar. Either a smaller version can be equipped if you don't have the mastery , or a small buff to cc spells , where accounts don't have played Raids , or the entrapment people emit an INVISIBLE damage buff to the rest of the group . So the "survivors" can play the game , like the 2-5man split "instanced" fight in Marionette , or a WWE "tag system" to switch places , if you get a dangerous debuff that's gonna kill you in 20 sec (BURST F
  4. Can you imagine if they released 2 Raids only , forcing you to waste 20 weeks for the set ? There will be more sources , but most likely locked behind huge EoD Meta I wouldn't mind in HoT Dragon Stand and random in Tianir^-^
  5. There could be a Skirt "Godly Thief " that when the majority of the people vote on , it steals 1min from the timer for increased reward/damage boost , but have a slightly chance to "accidentally" steal 10-20sec occasionally (cough* Maths) . Commanders vote count as 20 extra people . Or randomly these "godly thieves" steal time regardless if you want to (some tiny skirts willl start "digging" around the UI timer) , and can be used as currency when you find the Skirt Vendor and threaten their face , asking for repercussions
  6. If we cannot escape it, then then we can split it. (we can offer a hard mode (like public) 1 hour after the Public starts. So the LFG posts don't collide)
  7. Yeah, they should put the acquisition option in normal Strikes too, and open world, but in slower pace (8 months and that number is reduced if you play more). Even if the company create mechanics, to teach the majority to do more damage, it will simply "not be enough" with each passing year, and more exclusivity whines will pop up every time. The general idea is that the more damage you do == less damage you take + less time spent on the instance + you carry your "weight" . But if will be an " nuclear arm race" and we don't know if people will like that increased requirements,
  8. How about instead of the Turtle they, put the Ascended skins (pre-Legendary skins) of WvW+PvP+Raid gear, to retain map population? So I won't have to go in that boring snoozfest of WvW?
  9. Yeah they should not nerf it, and if people can't do, then they can pay up some gold to buy runs from expirianced players, like Raids
  10. Any chance when a person is waiting for the meta events (or dungeons) an extra star shaped icon-(way point) will be shown in the world map? Rather than checking the mess that is the LFG? Or an option where you can enable/disable an extra icon next to the Gem Store icon. Where you can choose to have notifications about meta events (or dungeons), just like the Event notification devices? And a chance for a EoD currency if you rdy check - sound the Gondor Horn to rally the troops and reduce the waiting time by 10 min, Or start a casual event by summoning a
  11. Maybe it's time, Turrets and Pets , when they kill something they emit an invisible buff to other Turets/Pets, and when 100 npcs have being killed they spawn a Ghost 15yard away. Ghosts cannot be killed, but each step they do reduces its HP by 10%. So by the time they come near your character they will have 20%, and a normal non afk-person can kite him for 6 yards and watch him die or you might not seen him, while you normally move forward to the next objective?
  12. Hopefully we will see some buffs in core specs, like : Perma Sigin of Intelligence (100 stacks that renew every 5 sec) for 100% crit if they have Assasin or Berseker amulet, And Burn stacks, based on their Amulet they have chosen Edit: or 6th character slot with random expansion slot for core
  13. If you are going to lvlup by doing the open world, you will burned once more. It's better to play open world for 35 min, doings "hearts" and unlocking every icon on each map for 100% completion (if you push "M" ingame on the left side you will see some icons you can unlock for an extra 1lvl bunus ) and and then go in the: Gw2craft. Net and and check " FAST GUIDES> COOKING> NO HEARTS" and lvlup your cooking skill by 50 points. Rinse and repeat. Till you unlock the Story every 10 lvl. When cooking is maxxed out, move to new crafting profession .
  14. Create a new Strike/Raid set. There will be a scalped down version and super cool looking high elite one. Some pieces (chest-leg) on the scaled down version will be more attractive by having less ornaments or ribbon with "Miss Oclahoma" on it. People will need 3 months to farm to scaled down version (4x green gems-resources per run ), while CM will award x4 red gem for the CM Strike set (it will take 1,5 months) +1x green per run. (they will need to do the scaled down version extra daily for extra green gems or continue to play the CM for a total of 3 months )
  15. This ! Also 1x Toughness gloabally is reduced every 3 sec , or seocndary ombjectives removes a portion (also to your team8s) and instead transform into another secondary stat edit: Or the existance of a single Core spec (whit a grandmaster trait?) that will particiapate in 5 kills , activate the decay effect but not to him edit2: The 1st grandmaster tratis will trasnform Toughness>Conditon , whilw the 2nd>Healing Power Other Mobas games , have the lving up expiriance to reduce the 1hitKO
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