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  1. Anyway there's still no viable reason that we don't have swimsuits in-game yet, and this weird idea that Anet staff team are these omni-potent beings and not just people is weird. Credit to them for what they do, and call them out when something is ridiculous. Like Icebrood Saga's ending and the lack of swimsuits. That's how you treat people you respect, you tell them when they can do better. Do better, Anet.
  2. There's no viable reason to not implement swimsuits. Anything related to 'their vision' is nebulous and disproven by the existence of swimsuits already. Which is a thing; they already exist. Anything related to 'skimpiness' is disproven by the female models of most light armors and outfits.
  3. This, though there is an odd-subset of like, I don't even think it's a Religious group, but Soccer Mom subset that seems to be at work. Does that apply here? Probably not. ArenaNet isn't perfect, but I def have to give them heck often because I love this company, but I feel like ANet hits every coffee table in the room. One thing they do right is inclusivity and supporting good causes like Pride/ExtraLife. To be on topic though, no, I think Anet doesn't have any moral quandaries with the concept of swimming attire. For multiple reasons. I don't -know- what the reason is, again. It'd make
  4. Love it. I've always said though, baseline for me though is Kasmeer's swimsuit for females, and Faren's for males. I want my boys speedo'd up and my girls bikini time.
  5. I tried. I really tried, but between getting hit once for 'thread bumping' (though I'm not sure how to make this a sustained petition), my RL and the constant downers, I just got tired of it too. It's a shame too, because this still is absolutely a thing Anet; Can do. Would benefit from doing.
  6. My Gunsworn Thoughts: 1: Give the pistol 5 ability some friggin range. It's a pistol, not a melee weapon, and the 4 ability has more range and it -is- melee. At least 900 like the gunsaber ability. 2. No reason that the Bladesworn should lose Weapon Swap. Its not something ever forced on Necromancers for their Shrouds which are arguably even more powerful. 3. Let us friggin sheathe the gunsaber when we have it equipped, just a small quality of life thing considering we actually get sword scabbards. 4. Long shot, but why are you skimping out on -all- the specs in terms of no d
  7. I actually don't see a big downside to this idea. Obviously let people play GW1 on the computer if they want to, but mobile would be a neat idea, and the only arguments I can (at least personally) see against it are just, people being weirdly stuck up about mobile gaming.
  8. I've yet to seeany outcry about seeing 50 people with fairy wings beating on the Shatterer. 😤That said, I mean, the hope never dies that we'll get something beach appropriate. You know at this point, I wouldn't even mind being told by a Dev that its not gonna happen, but I'd want to know -why-. And if their reasons are any of those already trotted out, it's ridiculous.
  9. This all sounds like a You problem, not a Me problem. This thread isn't about dueling or whatever the frick you're talking about. It's about Anet adding swimsuits. To a vendor, gemstore, it's not that complicated. My favorite part of this thread, beyond the lovely support for something that would be entirely nice to have, is the weirdos coming out of the woods to protest something so inconsequential to their game time. The only slightly valid reason is 'hey I'd prefer X to come out first'. That's totally understandable. Maybe a different sort of outfit is your taste, I hear you. The
  10. This sounds abut right. On top of that, clipping is like... It's just a part of outfits and equipment in this game, depending on the piece and your character's race. 'It clips' isn't a good reason to deny swimsuits. Also the fact is, after enjoying some Festival time, going to the 'change tent' and turning in to underwear - There's no way Anet is 'against swimsuits'. Should it just be a gemstore outfit? Yes. Make money, Anet.
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing. There's just so many adding factors to the fact that Swimsuits, and Anet not implementing them, is just more and more mind boggling and illogical.
  12. Again, this is a weird stipulation. Like Gibson said, this is not likely to ever happen to begin with. Some people may rock the outfit in world bosses, most won't, since they like their other outfits. Why does anything need to be done to prevent it - There's no way to prevent 50 people fighting the Shatterer in Magical girl dresses or some absolutely terrible transmute outfit with hideous colors,but that's not an issue apparently. Not even trying to be confrontational, I literally don't get why this divide exists.
  13. Default is the best kind of win. I think I'm a winner, my mom says I'm a winner, you said I'm a winner, so, winner is me. All I do is win. Except not, because the actual win would be Anet releasing the Swimsuit Outfit using the designs they've already made, with the assets they have, for the money they could make. Also what is everyone's deal with my poll. It's straight forward, and you have like 5 answers to pick from, it could not be more simple or allow for a wider range of Logical* views.
  14. Pretty much this. I've yet to see an argument against that's not some form of 'I'd just like people to be unhappy because I have social issues or issues I never thought to deal with'. Amount of time? Effort? not wanting the 'aesthetic', is all disproven with Anet's -recent- work, nevermind legacy. Yes, I want swimsuits, but my reasons are rooted in common sense and not spite or some weird idea that somehow introducing to players what is already in the game is coocoo crazy. Though the only thing Gibson got wrong is thus; I've won this thread, every time.
  15. You've said that to me before, and then come back with some odd request like 'show me your marketing data'. Like I just have that laying around - I made a poll, thats what I got, that and yes, common sense. They would sell well and if you could prove to me swimsuits, for the beach, on all character models, would not be worth the hours of work put in to the swimsuits already in game, on other models - Then I will jump off a bridge.
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