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  1. I really dig this. Actually, throughout IBS as the RP community was hoting RP-events based on like, the metas and whatnot - What I loved seeing was PvErs who, while they didn't type or /e post or anything, they went along with us, /cheered & /saluted and then said 'Had fun, see ya!'. It was really great to see. So stuff like this, I very much approve.
  2. 1. They already have swimsuits in the world, on NPCs. 2. It's an outfit option that can earn them revenue for very little work. 3. Can I imagine walking through a city map and seeing half naked characters? Yes, because it literally happens all the time. There's already options to do that in the game. So you might say, well, isn't that good enough? Nah.
  3. The Spider God Arachnia. Technically just data-mined lore, but she does have places in the Realm of Torment named after Her. Do it Anet.
  4. This, basically. Though there is no denying that RPers are a smaller population, and most would basically mold in to one of the larger 'bases'. I do stand by the idea that RPers also aren't as minimal as often said though. Smaller, sure, but still quite noticeable group.
  5. I can't say I pine for the old trait/skill system, though I do miss having to train up weapons since I felt like it added a bit more experience to leveling! That said, the reason I dislike the NPE is because of the changes it effected in the world. Small/minor changes, yes, that likely most people don't care about, but I did. 1. No golem chess in the First Metrica Heart. Absolutely miniscule, but I just want to know why - Why take something out that could have just been left in. 2. Sylvari no longer start naked and get gear talking to Warden Arondele. Again, yes, its not something t
  6. I disagree in regards to the vitriol, somewhat. What I do think is absolutely valid is the idea that it does need a better definition. I guess it would be less what -we- define it as, and what ArenaNet does. I still think we're a worthy part of the community. Even if we don't fit the criteria of however ArenaNet defines 'cornerstone'. As has also been pointed out, the fact of the matter is, most role-players are also <insert PvX>. I know only -few- players who play only because of role-play itself. One "M'lady" away from a real Fedodo of a post there.
  7. There's one important thing to say right off the bat; no 'part' of GW2's community is more important than the other. Whether you are a PvEr, Raider, PvPer, WvWer, Crafter, Role-player, etc. Everyone has an important role, and is a part of this community who support ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2. I want to make that very clear, despite the fact that I'm going to be discussing Role-players specifically. As someone who loves WvW, believe me, I know we (Role-players) are not the only ones with questions/concerns for ArenaNet. With that out of the way, my main question for ArenaNet is based on the
  8. The Warrior doesn't get fancy gimmicks. Shrouds and portals, and stealth, and pets, or a multitude of kits, or tomes, or domes. (Barring Certain Elite Spec Abilities.) That's fine. The one thing Warrior was supposed to have though was the Weapons. We could wield more than any other class, in different ways, and use them all effectively. Our utilities are shouts and banners and Will Smith Attacks (Physical) so our weapons and the variety did the heavy lifting. Nevermind that not all of the weapons are even that effective when they should be, Hi Rifle & Longbow. No, the Warrior should
  9. I wanna speak directly to the matter of new players (those coming from a Steam Release especially) and why GW2 lured me in so well at the beginning, personally. The starting foundation is this; I hate how hand-holdy the 'New Player Experience' from 2014 is. It was such a weird update. Especially the little things. No more golem chess at the first Asura Heart in Metrica. Why? Just, why? Humans not starting in that little house with the other wounded Seraph from the Earth Elemental - Could the new players not figure out their way out the door? What the new player experience did was take a
  10. This -was- a big disappointment about EoD. Bounties were a flawed, but promising option for PvE. I def agree that rewards, even offering a bounty hunters currency or gold rewards like an actual bounty would help the playability and engagement, but all in all, bounties were a great idea that Anet should have kept in EoD and worked on.
  11. So much edge I could fall off of it. Cut me like a knife. For your information I'm not a furry sex roleplayer, I'm a sex roleplayer who may or may not dabble in the furry arts, and I'd like a swimsuit, and some serious replies on this topic. Swimsuit first. Actually, if we get a swimsuit, I'll promise never to come back to the forums again. Eh? Now you're with me, ain't you.
  12. What are you talking about. Skiffs are fun, so is fishing, and capes are great. All they need to add is a swimsuit and we're golden. GW2 could be a role-player's paradise. There's absolutely no sarcasm either, I'm an avid RPer. Swimsuits, player-apartments (End of Dragons, you showed us an apartment complex, come on.) Would be amazing features alongside WvW improvements/features and bug fixes.
  13. The story team worked immensely hard on End of Dragons. So, easy solution, paid vacation. Get 'em out of the office, get them to the beach in Rio, and plug away at the game's technical side.
  14. This kind of falls in to the part where I say that ArenaNet aren't some mystically wise group of sages as some people on the forums seem to think. They can have good intentions, and still make mistakes. Doing what you described is a mistake, as you also pointed out.
  15. Not really skipping. Just, push it back. Make story the lesser priority.
  16. They were writing cheques through Champions at the end of Icebrood Saga. That's McDonalds still being able to pay their employees with burgers made of goat fur. Anet can do it.
  17. End of Dragons represents, in the story of Guild Wars, the end of the Dragon Cycle which dominated the world from 1325 AE to 1335 AE. At the end, without spoiler, it's clear that Tyria is now looking ahead to a new future. Who knows where that could go? That's not what this thread is about though. No, it's about Anet, not Dragon's Watch. End of Dragons release is a great time for Anet to let the world's story settle. Yeah, I'm advocating for Anet to -not- get to work on Season 6. Not yet. This is an opportunity for Anet, without the demand of knowing where a story must end, at least
  18. Oh boy. End of Dragons. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. No Swimsuits in an expansion focused on water oft times. But I actually am far more impressed with a lot of it than I expected it to be, though it definitely has flaws that should be addressed. I just want to address the specific point about 'Agendas' and 'Woke' in the story. There actually some parts I do agree seem a bit odd. Specifically the use of the term 'Fascist'. The reason I single out this term is because, it's especially jarring to hear it from either a Human character or a Charr character. It's weird to hear i
  19. Tail popped with a minute left to go, and we may have had it too. Come on, Anet. I think having a drop rate, even if its like 10 percent of the turtle egg regardless of success/fail is a fair compromise, with a success being guaranteed. A Void infusion/Void Weapons for successful clears is also something I think no one would mind. It's just been said before, a key selling point was stuffed behind a meta. I'm not asking for an easy go of it, but why -not- a harder Strike/Raid form of Soo-Won with those rewards, and more rewards, so the open world meta can be for people to grab their turtle
  20. I'll come back to this and be amazed at the ideas you guys come up with, big love to you guys. One day our swimsuits will come, and we will be in the promised land.
  21. The more we approach EoD and those skiffs, the more necessary swimsuits become, and they were already entirely necessary. I'm still sticking with the claim that this is the longest running swimsuit thread and I'm here for it. It'd be entirely uncool to lock it, considering more and more people continue to show support. 207 so far!
  22. The votes keep going up, I don't know what to tell you. In fact I think you're driving more yes votes. Also don't kinkshame me in my own thread. In all honesty, I have no idea what you're talking about. This is a thread, for swimsuits in a game. A game that already has them, and won't release them because <insert nonsensical idea here.> It's not about charr physiology, or other outfits, or starting outfits, or anything like that. It's swimsuits, I don't know what to tell you, go to a beach, you'll see 'em. As for why it's hard to find the 'no' option to the poll, I consider it akin
  23. Yes and no. There are swimsuit models available for every race, and Anet did apparently plan to release them. Though thats fair for Kasmeer and Faren specifically. The idea that it adds nothing to the game is ridiculous (Not saying that against you, mind, saying it to anet if that is actually there thinking.) Half of the outfits that are absolutely ridiculous didn't add anything either. You raise good points, but they tend to be disproved by Anet's actions alone. Will we get swimsuits? We'll see. I like the fact this thread has been going strong for so long, and I believe is the longest run
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