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  1. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAgilZw4YesO2JOeTVLNA-zxIY1oh/MyUB0rEQyzSVmRA-e Traits and rune can be adjusted to preference. Cele is good on core right now as long as you can maintain might. The only thing that kills me solo roaming is a condi bomb with immobalize, so keep condi removal as high as you need it.
  2. Ele is in an ok spot. The 25% damage nerf hit them hard in terms of consistent damage output. Weaver is played more because it has more damage without sacrificing defense. Ele is no longer unique in terms of using healing and protection to survive. Nerfing its ability to support nerfed its ability to be played as dps. Its got high numbers in pve though so anet will never touch it. It does have good flexibility in conquest though. It has tools to survive any situation as long as you still have them up
  3. Slapping heals on random traits isnt a solution. If anything ele needs more consistant damage.
  4. Celestial could be tone done by like 100 stat points in each category with full cele gear
  5. 25 might is better than full zerk. If you could build a weaver with 100% might uptime you would be good. Maybe put them with some hammer revs. Staff dps would be solid pick if pirate ship was good, but superspeed go brrrrr.
  6. Anet does what anet wants. Offering suggestions make no one happy. Enjoy the game for what it is, or dont.
  7. Immob is only an issue if it roots you. Burn is fine the way it is now.
  8. Ran core cele ele last night. Pretty great damage, but i def feel anti toxin runes are the way to go. Every time i died was because I got caught up in condis. I was specced for more power damage with strength runes and power overwhelming and the damage was there, just getting caught up in out numbered fights I found myself struggling to balance playing offensive vs defensive. May try out earth shield with core as well.
  9. I think its fine if the condi removal and barrier uptime is there. It could be even better with 25 might. Not a fan of pyro puissance but using conjures in fire helps offset the down time of might.
  10. You could use it as a support tempest to counter immob beast in wvw. Cant think of any other reason to run it other than playing a condi. If it reduced allies duration in 600 radius it would be good
  11. You missed the part where focus was meta. Pretty much prefered for weaver and tempest in pvp. As for the nerfs, it was anet short site decisions causing core ele to be the worst its ever been. The nerfs to protection duration and the CD on utilities is because of support tempest. The changes to arcane is because of weaver. Fire and air have good changes. Water has questionable changes. Earth hasnt been touched. Weapons are overall worse. If you dont play an elite spec you are screwed because all balancing decisions are focused on them. TL&dr If you dont like tempest or weaver mo
  12. Yeah cele ele was op and while I enjoyed that meta others didnt. The meta right before cele ele was the most fun for me. I think it was grenade engi and spirit ranger meta.
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