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  1. If its just a stat boost then its soulbeast with extra stats. The primal energy will need to change the pets skills for me to say its a good idea. If it changed weapon skills too then it would feel unique and interesting. I strongly advise we petition a name change though.
  2. Well, for weaver the dual skills are overtuned. They would need to remove damage from there and add damage back to all core weapons. Tempest could be tankier at the cost of healing allies by removing some aoe heals from weapons.
  3. Its mostly core ele that needs love. Weaver is fine and people these days just call ele a weaver like core never existed. They need updates to utilities, traits and number tweaks to make the investment of stats worth it. Right now if ele builds damage they dont have sustain and if they build sustain the dont have much damage.
  4. Except that the high end pve meta dictates the rest of the games balance. Number tweaks are fine in pvp and wvw but they can only change how traits and utilities work if its vetted by the design team. Benchmarks gate professions from getting any meaningful changes cuz anet is too scared to change it.
  5. Great inputs from everyone and I can see how the problem is not as simple as the boons being too valuable. I think that overall, boons as a dps increase may be too valuable. My overall premise for this post is how can we move away from being enslaved to benchmarks and boon checks. Maybe the solution really is to give it to especs.
  6. Yes many runes need to be updated. And rune of the engineer is for kits, conjures and banners.
  7. Yes I do. Rally will now res you 100% of the time. Fixed warrior. No thanks is neccessary
  8. Don't they have too much of an impact in pve? If the viability of a support is based on whether or not they provide these boons isn't the solution to nerf them instead of adding them to new specializations? Seems like it is doing the opposite of "play how you want".
  9. I disagree. A lot of its issues is a numbers problem in pvp specifically. Could utilities be improved? Sure and it would make them much more interesting to play. Also alacrity and quickness is too strong compared to other boons. If anything they need nerfs so they dont have such a significant impact on pve.
  10. Arent you tired of running shield and shake it off? Id rather they looked at other areas first. Stances for example. Or the lack of access to swiftness which hurts warriors ability to stick to targets.
  11. I dont care how ele performs in pve tbh. Not my thing. They could be improved in pvp quite easily with number tweaks. I am pretty jaded with how anet has responded to ele over the years and find it easier to move on to other professions.
  12. Cmc did not seem thrilled that hammer was the weapon. It plays like higher ups decided on hammer but cmc wanted a ranged weapon.
  13. They get glyphs. Same glyphs as druid but give barrier instead of heals.
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