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  1. Since the old-fashioned traditional gift for a 10th anniversary was something made of tin, I propose a Tin Hat like the Tin Man's in The Wizard of Oz. Or bring back the Celebration Hat!
  2. I'm all for more rush weeks that bring all players to or back to certain maps and events and bosses. Make it so!
  3. How dare a business act like a business, and operate to stay in business!! Shocked, I tell you. I'm shocked!
  4. I opened this thread expecting hair bows. Sorely disappointed.
  5. You can wait on LW episodes until they are free again. The other things, you think you deserve more than all the other players? Good luck with that. If you rage quit, I can haz yr stuff???
  6. Not related per se, but interesting to note -- of The Six, four are female and two are male. Was there ever a complaint before that it wasn't 50/50? Genuinely asking. I think this is a good discussion thread.
  7. So, sort of a reverse Bechdel Test? jk Having played games for literally DECADES where all the strong, intelligent characters were male and the women were decorative at best and exploited at worst, I welcome all the strong female characters in GW2. I don't think it's overbalanced, though; I think it's balanced, which I take is the OP's main talking point. There are both male and female characters that are strong and ones that aren't. Ditto for stupid, smart, whiny, brave, and all the other personal characteristics one could throw out there. And I do think this is a good topic of
  8. Skyscale is absolutely worth it; it's the mount I use almost to the exclusion of all others. As others said, do a little bit at a time and you'll get there. I used to feel the same way about crafting Legendaries (Too hard! Too long! Too expensive!), now they are my long-term goals and one of my favorite parts of the game.
  9. Haven't played EoD content in weeks, lost interest. The loot was absolute garbage; I've read it's improved but got so turned off from wasting time that I don't feel like checking now. The great: Music The bad: I hoped I'd find fishing fun, but it bores me, and since skiffs only seem to be useful in fishing, skiffs bore me too. The Jade Bot stuff aggravates my motion sickness so that's a no-go (that's a me problem and not a game problem). New Kaineng City looks and sounds empty -- if they can't add more NPCs and events they could at least add more big city ambient sounds. The Si
  10. This, a thousand times this. I can't get enough of the Ravensoul look. Also, we have bear, wolf, and raven armor and weapons, could we please get more of the other Norn spirit animal, the Snow Leopard? Thanks.
  11. An even easier fix, if you already have at least one active character and can play the game, is to use the Friends tool in-game. Type in the name you want and see if it's already taken. Then create your new character.
  12. Please let us dye the Mechanists' mechs. So sick of that slime green & gold. Everywhere. All the time.
  13. It can, but I agree that it's not usually a big deal. However, Wizards of the Coast found out on some MtG cards that the French pêcheurs (fishermen) has a totally different meaning than pécheurs (sinners). lol And my sassy Sylvari is Fronds Withbenefits.
  14. All my Asura insist on being called Savant ________ . Conceited little things, aren't they? They told me I was dumb and that when I die I'll leave a dumb corpse.
  15. GW2Efficiency can show you the current value of each item in your bank, but doesn't (AFAIK) show the change over time. Some things, like kale, went up drastically at first when EoD came out, because it's needed for the Siege Turtle, but have come back down.
  16. I was going to reply with something pithy (which is not a profane word) but then I realized it's a troll post. Hints: 1 - Claims to be a long-time player yet it's his/her first post. 2- Claims to be a long-time player yet apparently doesn't know the difference between Living World and an expansion pack. 3 - Most importantly: April Fool's!!!
  17. Can we pay with the brand new shiny ACoin™ ?? Probably good today only, April 1st. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/ACoin 😄
  18. I just wish more people would do the Lake Doric leather farm. I haven't found anyone doing it for ages. 😔
  19. Alas, you can only buy three bags with them. Tiniest sink ever. Sad face.
  20. What?!? An actual sink for Eyes of Kormir??? I'm in!
  21. Oh my, that "Je t'aime" song IS dreadful, lol. The UHEUF theme is considered Bossa Nova by some, but I know very little about music styles so will defer to others. I remember -- mon Dieu, am I showing my age! -- how incredibly popular that theme music was at the time. Everybody who owned a guitar thought they should perform it. In public. Badly. Back to topic -- I wonder if the dog treat you can buy from the vendor near the dogs is particularly special?
  22. You're very welcome. The theme music I mentioned last is kinda "elevator music" now but it was super-popular at the time. https://youtu.be/6E5mKpdLQlw A very interesting and lesser known (in the U.S., anyway) French film of the '60s is Cléo de 5 à 7 -- if you were a beautiful and very young woman awaiting the results of a biopsy (60 years ago, when it was basically a death sentence), how would you spend two hours on a summer's day? And to keep this on topic... dogs! Puppies! Dog treats! Thanks, ANet.
  23. So many good French movies of the '60s... the theme of Un Homme et Une Femme, perhaps?
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