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  1. This was not on Colosseum and I didn't have the tether on me or high vuln. I may have been in berserk mode but I can't remember. death breakdown in this game sucks but it doesn't lie. 15,999dmg.
  2. Actually, the real issue is that shade skills don't have unique enough animations to be differentiated in a fight, especially a teamfight. I have heard from some people that certain games allow players the option to ban their choice of spec before the match. GW2 would benefit greatly from this since each class is soon to have 4 possible specializations to choose from letting players who only know one class still have plenty of options if their spec gets banned. I don't think we would need to even suggest this if anet didn't balance only for high-end tournament play.
  3. Warrior block is plenty short enough CD. It's ranger block that's the issue. Ranger should have like 1/2 the block duration and then the block can be CANCELED if the player decides to counterattack.
  4. How about we require condi builds to take the same amount of stats to be viable as power builds?
  5. If it's offensive please remove the evade and increase fire speed. If it's defensive for the LOVE OF GOD please make the evade trigger faster AND have the skill activate regardless of the character's target or orientation! The skill doesn't even have to hit the target, it just needs to be a reliable defensive tool!
  6. The key difference is that dodging and blocking like guard/war shield 5 requires the cessation of other actions (such as attacks) to defend. Barrier is skill stacking.
  7. This is what I was going to say. Switch all amulets with major Healing Power into major Benevolence. And maybe add a minor healing power as part of the amulet if need be.
  8. Consistency would go a long way toward easing player frustration. Ya can't take the most complicated to play elite specialization have inconsistent trait interactions.
  9. Oh also, why doesn't the Fresh Air buff refresh when double attuning into air? That really does seem like a bug since you get the fire aura when double fire attuning.
  10. Reminds me of the good-ol days when my team would start snowballing the other so hard that there was a 400 point gap. Then I would switch teams and snowball the team I was just on for the victory. That way I sorta got to play 2 games at once!
  11. Except that the things that will be buffed are things that aren't even part of meta builds anyway. . .
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when swapping into the same attunement, on-swap sigils do not trigger. Please fix this.Also, Elements of Rage should allow the ele double the stat benefits from Elemental Polyphony when attuned to the same element. Also Elements of rage is kinda weak in PvP. . .
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