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  1. I avoid any fear ring I see because I can never tell if it's friendly or not.
  2. Yeah that's better. I did think about the Unyielding dragon trait. . .
  3. Cleansing Ire: Gain Adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition for every bar of adrenaline spent when using a bust skill. Bust skills ignore Blindness. If ppl think that's too strong, I think it would be perfectly fine to move the "Gain Adrenaline when hit" portion to a master slot. I'd be happy to see that replace any of the current master tier traits on the Defense line.
  4. I played a match as ele and was reminded why I don't play ele in miniseason. I like to use combo fields since that's what's fun about ele and I have not found a way to begin a round on my desired attunement.
  5. We must not be playing the same game. I'm playing guild wars 2.
  6. There's not much to say. You can pretty much pick any holo, scrapper or maybe even core build out of a hat right now and it will crush basically every other build. Most of the issues lie in core engi: The daze/blind explosives trait, the free stomp/revive while invuln, the stealth, the obnoxious grenade tactic of turning around mid throw (thanks vallun), the mortar and nade kit hitting through the terrain to cheese damage, the excessive amount of CC on an offhand weapon (much of which requires no target or skill to land, inc instant cast), the fact that you can win a match with auto-attack on
  7. Instant revive skills need to be gone. There is nothing more infuriating in the game
  8. You have to wait until both you and your ally are dead to change your build. It's dumb I know. . .
  9. I think my biggest issue with the Catalyst is it's crazy focus on auras. My issue isn't even that Tempest is already based around auras, but instead that Auras are really bad for visual noise. This is even worse for competitive modes where split-second decisions have to be made on whether or not to attack. The auras are visually so similar to one-another that players need to look at the status bar of the enemy to see which one is being used; and in the case of the catalyst, it's likely that MULTIPLE are going on at once. While I love the combo playstyle, I think the best solution is to have on
  10. Yes because Druid needs more condi cleanse, stealth, blind, and 1200 range nearly instant knockback.
  11. Bleeding out really is kitten and antithetical to a fun game experience. I have suggested reasonable fixes in the past such as the ability to crawl while downed and/or to have bandage become stronger and recharge faster each time it is interrupted.
  12. So, can anet NOT just look a the statistics? Like how many players at what rank are taking X trait or X utility skill etc.
  13. There was a time briefly around HoT where anet actually pushed sPvP in a big way. Also anet never has said what they think of as the "primary" game mode (unless I missed it). Though, if you're talking about player numbers then yes you are correct.
  14. Philosophically I agree with you, but in practice, the only skills that need to cancel finishing are those like Mist form and Elixir S; Skills that are basically not counterplayable (short of a couple very niche workarounds).
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