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  1. This is something James (aka Canis) set up before he passed away.https://socialfundraising.apps.upenn.edu/socialFundraising/jsp/fast.do?fastStart=customTemplate&id=118014129&fbclid=IwAR1A5abTy7NokKHH6ejQeicF2aKYQ_2Y_01lD_wR_L7KVy3p07iBMrBe7RI
  2. I wanted to share this with everyone, one of our Guildies past away a few weeks ago to cancer, his name was Canis Lupis, he was the co guild leader of [Hate] and second wvw driver. He meant a lot to us and has been a huge impact to the Guild. He was a great friend and was always so positive in life. Anet blessed us with a shrine in his remembrance. It's located North camp. If you see the shrine, plz know he is watching..... TY ANET, he loved this game mode since launch. And played it up to the coming months till he couldn't physically play anymore before his passing.His presence will never be
  3. Here is the first Video of the New Year for our Guild
  4. Lol! Who keeps moving my wvw vids here? Its belong in the wvw community not here, wtf....
  5. Another few weeks of wvw, Hate will return after Christmas, Enjoy!!
  6. Recap of the past 3 weeks. Hate will return after Christmas, Enjoy!!
  7. I post my WvW videos in the WvW channel and now its in this channel? Why and can it be moved back plz. Its the 15 yrs of Hate Wvw vids plz,ty!
  8. Here is the latest WVW compilation from the last 3 weeks, ENJOY!
  9. Recap of T2 fights! has been extremely exciting to have so many good fights! Enjoy the vid!!
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