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  1. Another hard disagree. This sounds like a clunky and irritating inconvenience. No thank you.
  2. There I was, on my way to the Claw of Jormag boss fight yesterday, wishing I had my siege turtle already and had a guildie riding into battle with me! Can't wait. 🙂
  3. I already have access to all three guild halls through three different guilds. Firedragon may well be right that the guild system is intentionally designed that way.
  4. Hey, that Behemoth was my very first WB in Tyria and it sure traumatized me! When its head came screaming down into my face, I knew I loved this game. 🙂
  5. Personally, I enjoyed the livestream and had a good time on Discord with some of my guildies as we jumped up and down with excitement at some of the stuff announced. "Turtles! We get turtles!! Multiplayer mounts!!!" and that sort of thing. So I was saddened when I came to this forum and saw the barrage of negativity here. I had a similar thought like @Tsakhi.8124's about why would the developers ever want to talk to such a nay-saying crowd who seemingly are never pleased. Yes, I liked the look of EoD as well as some of the things that will be coming with it. (I liked the set of legendary we
  6. I've heard that the WvW betas will start in August, that their starting date will be announced in August, or that the Alliance system will be implemented with the release of EoD. So I'm just wondering if we've had any official word yet?
  7. Twice in the last few days I've come across folks in WvW who hadn't gotten their warclaw yet. Both times I told them to run next to my warclaw so they'd get the speed boost enabling them to keep up. Just yesterday, I started a new alt. After finishing the beginner instance in Queensdale, I was standing there skinning and dying the mounts for that alt, then trying them out to see how they looked. A brand new player who had gone through the beginner instance with me was oohing and aahing over the mounts. In all three cases it would have been really sweet to have had a siege turtle so I could off
  8. Fishing is not a big thing for me personally. The skiffs intrigue me for some reason though and one of the first things I thought of was boat vs boat combat, with multiple players in each boat. Now that would be fun to see in both WvW and PvP. It would also be cool if boats could be used in open world events in some way too. Don't think I've bought any of the pirate wardrobe stuff yet but I might have to once we are all floating around on boats. Yarr!
  9. roflmao - I sure hope your comment was directed at me and if so, I thank you. This September I'll be turning 72 and am an old, slow player who dies dramatically more than he kills others in WvW. So I don't think I've ever been called an elitist before and I like it. 🙂 Actually, I would usually agree with you about elitists and the git gud crowd. In this case though, I think it's reasonable to ask someone to know what they are doing before they try to lead. Don't know about your experiences @XenesisII.1540 but in game or in real life, following a leader who doesn't know what they are doing
  10. This. Very much this. When I jump into WvW, I will solo roam, run with a pug, or follow a big zerg, depending on what's happening on a map when I get to it. I don't need a commander to direct me but I will follow a good one because a good commander can make for some very rewarding runs. In the last couple of weeks I've come across three tags who were obviously fairly new, with a WvW rank around 40 or 50. Each time I was the only one who joined their tag. Two of them clearly had no idea what they were doing and I had no idea why they thought they were qualified to put up a tag. So I dropped bot
  11. The Armory is working nicely for me. At the moment I have a full set of heavy leggy armor and 1 piece of light leggy armor as well as 3 leggy weapons. 9 of my 26 alts are heavy armor users so I've been spending the day regearing them. That process seems pretty straight forward. The only issue for me has been the time it takes to redo everything but I expected that so it's not a big deal. Armor, weapons, sigils, runes, and infusions all went where I wanted them to go without any problems. It's nice that I can use different skins and dyes on the leggys. Generally I don't swap weapons out of my i
  12. Thank you. I found someone on LFG who was portaling people through this jp. Ugh, it was an ugly place and it took the mesmer almost half an hour to get some thirty people through all the checkpoints. I never would have made it through there on my own.
  13. Well, I'm really excited about the Legendary Armory and have been since it was first announced. And I have to admit that I don't have any legendary trinkets. What I do have is one full set of heavy leggy armor, one piece of light leggy armor (I'll get my second piece next week), a leggy hammer and two leggy swords. The armor comes from WvW and the weapons from the TP. Once I get a full leggy set in each weight class and all the weapons I use the most, then I'll focus on trinkets and a backpack, with sigils/runes being the last items on the list. Does all that make me a "hardcore elite" player
  14. This. I'm not sure why we are discussing a four year old post but since we are, this. When people talk about QoL changes in the game, this is one of the first ones that always comes to my mind. It's sad to see that people have been wanting this for at least four years now with Anet not bothering to deal with it.
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