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  1. For me, both the bank tab expansion and the storage expander are very useful and I gradually added both over time till I maxed them out. The most convenient items for me though are definitely the copper and silver fed salvage-o-matics along with infinite gathering tools. While I have both the World Boss and the Maguuma Pact portal devices, the only time I use the World Boss one is when we have a world boss event going on. I almost never use the Maguuma one as I don't like the HoT maps. @Danikat.8537is right that the Event timer wiki page makes it easy to get along without the World Boss device
  2. I'm also getting caught in an infinite loop when trying to buy gems through paypal. I keep getting sent to the anent site over and over again to "save" my info. And I've been using paypal to buy gems since I first started playing GW2 almost four years ago. EDIT: Ah, I closed the gem store screen and then went back to it. This time my saved info was there and I was able to make a normal purchase.
  3. rofl - What, are we having a public muscle flexing contest? If so, I've got 18,158 Testimonies of Heroics, which can buy 18,158 hero points for any alt who needs them. In addition, I've got 1,302 Tomes of Experience which will level up 16 new alts, more than enough to try out all the new specializations. Oh, and I should add in the 629 WvW reward track potions I have stocked up, which will immediately unlock 7 reward tracks should EoD have that many. Having said all that, let me hasten to add that I'm sure there are plenty of players who's numbers would make mine look positively puny. Sar
  4. Personally, I don't mind spoilers myself. Heck, I wish someone had told me how GoT was going to end so I could have skipped that last miserable excuse of a season. Some folks feel very differently though and go out of their way to avoid spoilers. I respect that and didn't mind that the Anet talking heads were working so hard to avoid spoilers in this latest livestream. As for what have they shown, what can we see, in my opinion, we've seen a LOT already. That's what the profession betas were about. That's what the siege turtle video and the siege turtle article in PC Gamer were about. During t
  5. In looking at the GW1 and GW2 videos the OP linked, the GW1 scenes seemed drab and dreary to me. The GW2 scenes looked much more vibrant and lively. Having said that, I also have to say that I realize my opinion is very much a minority one. A LOT of players seem really upset about the new color scheme. This might have something to do with how different people perceive the same colors in different ways. I don't know. Whatever the cause though, I hope Anet does something to ease the oversaturated green. Why upset so many players over something like that?
  6. Thank you for posting this. Some of my guildies and I were oohing and aahing over the trailer. The comment about raising it from a hatchling though was giving us horrific flashbacks to getting the skyscale. So the quote you added here let us continue our Oh Wow! moment without skyscale level fears. 😅
  7. This. I don't pay a lot of attention to other players' titles, fashions, shinies, or whatver. Nor do I use titles, fashion, shinies or anything else to impress other players or demonstrate my own "prestige". So I really don't even understand the OP's question, let alone that kind of attitude toward the game. I get my leggy armor from WvW, a game mode I enjoy playing, and I get leggy weapons by saving up gold earned doing ingame stuff I enjoy. Heck, I spent time today just mat gathering while listening to an audiobook because I find that relaxing. All this is not to say that my attitude is righ
  8. Best response yet. Good on you and I hope the pizza is good. 😅
  9. Again, you seem to be missing the point. You are the one who wanted to "correlate people's age to complaints about taking 'forever' for a 5 minute DL?" I pointed out in return that it was not a five minute download for everyone. That was the original point of this exchange, not who's fault it was.
  10. You seem to be missing the point. It may have been a few minutes for you but it was NOT a few minutes for everyone. You are the one talking about five minutes, or a few minutes, or a split second download. I'm talking about almost an hour and a half download. Other large updates have downloaded much faster than that for me and everything else on my end is working fine at normal speed. So I suspect something was happening on Anet's end. Given their recent hardware problem, that is a reasonable thought.
  11. Actually no as this was not a 5 minute download for me. If it was for you, good for you but it was not that way for everyone.
  12. And almost an hour and a half later I can finally get back ingame. Whew!
  13. An hour into the download and 10,000+ files still to go. 😞
  14. I suspect a bug within a bug myself.The download has been going on for almost 45 minutes now and there are still 21,000+ files to go. The download is stopping/starting and when it is running it is at super slow speeds. My internet connection is fine and everything else is working normally. Only the game download is crawling so slowly. They had to hold off on this update because of hardware problems. It seems the problems may not have been fully fixed. 😞
  15. The latest update, posted about an hour before this post goes up, looked like a few small fixes. However, the game is downloading 37,000+ files onto my machine. Is that happening with everyone or did something go weird and bizarre with my update? EDIT: And those tens of thousands of files are downloading at speeds hitting as low as 1 KB/sec. Sigh, this may take a while.
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