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  1. i whoud say something,but this forum doesnt support free speech and extremly agresive toward opinions. bb
  2. well,you have 2 useless elite specs,so theres that.
  3. i endured nerfing berserker to the ground,i endured 50% nerf to EP,BERS STANCE,BALANCE STANCE,MMR,FC,BREAK ENCHANTMENTS.after all these nerfs,warrior was still so op,that it requires more nerfs? sorry, i cant endure anymore,warrior was 6/10 in pvp until patch,now its 4/10.bb war in pvp and gl to anybody who still belive,that this was last warrior nerf.i hope you gona endure.
  4. nooo,you have 2 daggers,with amazing utility,2 random utility like agro on 35 sec cd and ability to DEstealth invis ppl! both skills are on other classes with 1/4 cd without taking any utility slot,but ...... ye.
  5. hi,is there any way to report moderator or downvote his work?
  6. so you are happy,that after 6 years and 2 new elite specs,you can play CORE warrior,which you was able to play whole time. ok
  7. it means that it was 75% in pvp and now its 25%,pve is 100%easier whoud be to say,we made you pvp spec warriors,sadly it was good,so we nerfed it by 50% have fun.
  8. well,war have another 50% nerf and 3 utility skills,holo have 9 utility skills,until these numbers will match,holo gona be broken. common,how can you holo players be so blind? you go invu,block,90% dmg resist,dodge,dodge,invis,leap,rampage on 50 sec cd....... insane.put some random burst from forge into that and you have perma uptime on def skills.
  9. reaper have still perma quickness in shroud? k bb.
  10. warrior ofc,make PVP only spec and NERF it to the ground.
  11. any competent holo,sb,mirage,weaver,thief gona wipe floor with warrior any day and still warrior getting nerfed in every patch in last 3 years. when weaver can eat your every burst skill and smile at you with full hp,you know that war needed nerf.
  12. at this point,remove damage,remove daze,make it 5 sec cd. you again destroyed warrior anet,it was garbage 1v1 for half year,i guess some necro standing on point spaming random skills is still owned by skill with 1 sec casting time and 180 range = better nerf that bad boy and remove shield 5,war op. pls nerf.
  13. ye i see mirages WALKING whole game :DDDgeez if they had elite aka blink + blink + staff blink + jaunt or something. poor mesmers :/
  14. they are not free,why whoud you thanking for something you buying? isnt that just their job,to make products which ppl gona like?you thanking them by buying item,dunno why so many sunny ppl,making 100000 threads like this.
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