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  1. Let's go party~ Oh oh oh yeah~ (I accept all forms of rotten produce for composting. :P) on topic: *ahem* Well, anyway, I definitely would not turn my nose up to swimsuits. I want my sexy guys and gals to show their stuff. Nothing over the top, might I mind you, just something comfortable. I at times live vivaciously through my characters. look i'm chunky, i need some form of sexiness. :_:
  2. Howdy and welcome! I'm glad to hear that you're having fun and making friends~! ❤️
  3. Oh gods, the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender was a complete and utter clusterflock. I hated that movie. I wanted to smack that dude with a soda bottle. On topic: I don't know, I kind of like the aerial kicks and moves... then again, I absolutely love fighting games and martial arts movies.
  4. *shakes excitedly*... *happy Guardian noises* Tsakhi.exe has stopped working and needs to close. *Windows shutdown sound* <- Maybe a bit more excited...maybe. xD
  5. 5 I don't do hype, hype leads to disappointment. I would be lying, though, if I said I wasn't the least bit excited. There are many things that can enrich the game, I just don't have enough information to make a sound judgement.
  6. I will hold my judgement and my money until I get more information. Also, I'm beginning to feel as though I need to take a break from the forum and Reddit because, truthfully, I'm getting sick and tired of everyone's whining. It's like, what do you want? No matter what they do, some of you will never be happy. So how can anyone win? People wonder "oh why do the devs never talk to us reeeee" also the same people: "you didn't tell me what i wanted to hear, didn't live up to my hype, failed everything i wanted reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" So, yeah. Okay. You all have fun with y
  7. No thank you, I don't need one of my favorite mmo's to become a mediocre, oversexualized, dumpster fire.
  8. Well, that escalated quickly. XD On topic: yeah, that kind of made me cringe a bit when I learned more about Tyria's lore. On my Norn, I was like: "Kryta's politics do not concern me. The only reason I'm going along with it is so that I can progress the plot. Hush hush and all of that sheep." Also, probably shouldn't be typing, right now. Fu fu fu.
  9. I voted Strawberries and Cream, because it's an ice-cream flavor and it's already starting to swelter here. 10 PM here and it just now hit 85F, lol. Also, I want a Strategy RPG inside my MMORPG! Fear the acronyms.
  10. Can't wait to welcome you back. Speaking strictly for myself, I understand the feeling of needing and wanting a sense of community. Hopefully the economy will get better and you'll be back in the game soon!
  11. Howdy! Snacks and drinks are on the table, help yourself.
  12. And I believe that people with kitten poor attitudes should be banned, too. But here we are. As for the actual argument: Beauty is a matter of taste, taste is subjective. You citing philosophy as an argument is such a weird hill to die on; philosophy, like beauty, is a matter of both outside stimuli and mores dictated throughout history. Saying that babies find "attractive" faces beautiful is kind of a weird argument as well, since these studies weren't done consistently enough to hold much merit. Also, the fact that you refuse to show your own fashion makes me question the validi
  13. I'm going to assume that this is embellishing and you didn't actually chase Valium down with whiskey. If it's not, well, speaking from experience, those two things dramatically reduce your reaction time. Just be careful.
  14. A-Net is not responsible for your lack of financial prowess. The post is full of hyperbole; you were not forced to buy anything, that is on you. You are not owed an apology. And, trust me, they are not going to lose sleep over the lack of your funding. Also, the whole "I rarely post" thing kind of cracked me up, since it says you joined the forum about a day or so ago.
  15. Going strictly by my definition of P2W, no. My paying for conveniences does not give me an edge over my fellow players. I am not stronger or better because I can teleport to my home instance. Should my friends or guildmates want to farm my instance, it is free for them to do so. Again, it is my definition, one's my mileage may vary.
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