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  1. We have melee rifle attack though. Gotta subvert expectations. Now we need to replace a bow skill with some sort of melee attack where we swing the bow around and knock back enemies. I
  2. That’s the warrior I know and love! Throwing things to hit things that are far away is a hallmark of warrior; Greatsword? Throw it. Sword? Throw it. Axe? Throw it. Shield? We still are waiting on the Captain America spec.
  3. So how Will Bender “stances” work. Honestly I’d be okay with it if the stances were changed significantly. Let’s use an edited idea; stances have unlimited duration, and must be cancelled or swapped out of. In exchange, each stance has its strengths and draw backs. For example; Berserker Stance; Immune to non damaging conditions, but conditions applied to you have longer durations. Endure Pain: Gain barrier when striking a foe, but strike damage is reduced. Balanced Stance: Cannot be knocked down, launched, pulled, floated, sunk, taunted, or feared. Movement speed is reduc
  4. Oh god, now I need warrior pistol to function like a boomerang. Warrior no need fancy gadget, warrior throw hard.
  5. Spellbreaker’s actual healthy when is not very good anymore. As others have said, you live and die by how well you can dodge.
  6. I don’t really know what I would count as spam (and I wouldn’t count 1s every 10s as spam), but each class will have different opinions on what constitutes spam. For example, a smaller amount of blind output will be more poignantly felt by warriors given our dependence on single hit skills. So 1s every 10s almost matches the cool down of a skill like arcing slice, making it feel very oppressive if every time arcing is off CD, the player is blinded. Though I don’t think 1s every 10s is spam. In fact, I don’t have as much of a problem with blind spam as other people though.
  7. So…warrior is the most like a caster then, because it’s all long cast time, easily interrupts me attacks? Because most other classes have their DPS builds focused on low cast time high effect. This is why I don’t like these categories in this game, they don’t work imo. edit: and ele, but not scepter ele, but kinda scepter elenalso I guess? So basically warrior and ele.
  8. I just don’t think the “caster” and “anti caster” designation works great in this game, so using a thematic designation makes more sense for gw2, but to each their own 🙂
  9. So a class with lockdown is an anticaster? That seems like a weird qualification to me, but oh well. They definitely seem more like casters to me.
  10. Warrior is best because of this reasoning too: Drools at images of 20k full counters Drools at images of 10k break enchantment “It wasn’t OP, I swear!”
  11. I’m confused how Mesmer and Druid are anti-caster. They seem more like casters to me. Can someone explain?
  12. Real warriors run in slow motion and don’t look at explosions. Clearly a L2P issue.
  13. So what you are saying is Anet touches Necromancers in inappropriate ways? 😉
  14. Yes, you have the concept of the second idea correct. Given it’s only a 450 range, most targets would be struck a couple times, with targets at the end taking the bulk of the damage. One key difference: it’s targeted, not a line aoe. So if it covers no ground (used in melee range), all 10 strikes land. Sorry about the confusing misspellings, I’m on mobile, so the struggle is real.
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