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  1. I am just going to respond to the first part because this is sticking out like a sore thumb. Yes you are obligated to use F2 as a herald and yes you are obligated to use F skills as a renegade. If you are not using them constantly then you are playing it badly. I feel like the issue here is that we have a complete disconnect on how the game is played. You have to understand you might as well asked me if you are obligated to use mouth to eat food. Well friend yes, yes you do. So you have to understand why is feels sometimes exhausting to reply, because I can't fathom how do I talk about things when what I feel is basic gameplay is treated as some alien concept. At least I didn't get mugged tonight. But yeah I feel this discussion is kind of over at this point now that you posted this. I don't know how to continue unless you want to turn into a pure spitting contest. But hey at least I don't drag this on like Obtena eh? Good show friends. Let's kitten about anet on the next balance patch which I guess is next year when new weapons are introduced for real, that definitely is gonna be a doozy.
  2. Can we agree on this Yasai? If there is ONE skill in the entire class toolkit that should be forced to use everywhere, it should be the profession skill. This is the universal constant no matter what as long as you are a vindicator. So no, in this very specific case this sort of pigeon hole is needed. Imagine spellbreakers complain that they are forced to use counterattack, I'd laugh. Also again, is not a bad skill. Did you just not see the log? Is literally 5-10% of your damage, you can't just keep saying that is bad and useless when I have logs right here. Repeating something over and over again doesn't make it true man. Also please, you have been on this forum probably for a couple years now. Let's face it, every single class forum here is a gigantic echo chamber, no exception. People will dislike literally every change no matter what. You are more likely to get people here agree to add 3 dodges to Vindicator than people agree on liking a side way change. Honestly now I typed it out I wonder why I am here, I guess is super cold outside today so I didn't feel like leaving the house? I guess I go for a walk now before it gets too dark and I get mugged.
  3. Is every 10 seconds and my question really is what is so annoying about pressing it? The cast time is on par with most skills you press, it makes your dodge hit like a truck, it doesn't have forced movement, is not a channel, is a bog standard buff skill. I mean we can complain about how it feels weak because the animation is bad, for sure I agree with that, their animation budget has been awful. But I really think is just a matter of a knee jerk reaction than anything else because you can't just tell me it feels bad because is an extra button, especially due to how energy works you can only fit so many skills before you have to invoke anyway. The daredevil unironically IS clunky because the main damage skill staff 2 has a long animation lock. If you go in thief forum and say the daredevil gameplay is fluid in PvE, watch people laugh at you. If you are talking about condi dd, well the main damage death blossom is a force movement skill with a relatively long cast. I wouldn't put that on the pedestal. So really no, you are just not used to it. The mobility hasn't changed because as I mentioned, you are typically overcapped on endurance because OW Vindi need to spam scavenger burst which gives 20 endurance on hit. If you are not doing that in open world then you are playing it wrong. If you are playing it right then you wouldn't run into this issue at all unless you just need to chain spam dodges for whatever reason. For WvW and PvP...I mean that's fine. Balance in game modes are separate.
  4. 1. Why? Is not even an extra button because energy cost is a thing. Is actually a different button. Where is the extra button coming from? You actually replace a button in your rotation because you don't have enough energy to do the same rotation plus one more button. You only realistically hit an extra one when you used the replaced button to gap close and if the entire issue is that if pressing an extra button means is now terrible on a basic as hell rotation like vindi? Then kitten man I don't want to discuss anything because is obvious we don't see eye to eye. 2. Where is it bad? Keep in mind I am still only talking about PvE because is where I tried it. There is no this clunky or run out of endurance issue. 3. Yes is needed, we may have disagreements on exactly how energy meld should be changed. But we both know there has been threads about how energy meld can be changed. This is personally something I like, because I was originally a fan of the 1 dodge mechanic and this is basically a compromise. I like the idea of having the profession skill buff the profession flavor skill. You can disagree on exactly how is it implemented, but to say is never needed is just wrong. So no, is not intrusive at all and has value. People are just obstinate as hell towards any sort of change and post based on feelings alone such as the guy claiming the damage is nerfed, or cd in pve need to be reduced...when is already reduced. Also that master major is anywhere around 5-10% of your total damage on the logs. So no people are not playing at full capacity if they ignore the trait man, if that's what people are saying then they are bad. Or are you saying doing 5-10% damage is ok for it to count as full capacity? I mean this is the sort of thing I am talking about. You can't call it useless and is now suddenly useless. You have to back it up with something. Standard Kitty Golem (dps.report) Here is a dps log, non grinded based on chat. See how much damage dodge did? Remember how much of a damage buff is the master trait? Do you really call that useless?
  5. It was basically literally never used in PvE. That is the problem, this is the profession button. It would be like spellbreakers never press their counter in PvE. Does song absolutely need to be replaced? I actually don't think is absolutely required. But we were all talking about clunky controls or how vindi rotation is bad or damage went down or how is less mobile, which is frankly what I was having issues with, because it really just looks like people that just never played the patch and complained after glancing at the notes. I played it during bit of my lunch break at patch day and it was pretty obvious there really was no difference other than your dodge nukes and you press a different button sometimes. I didn't mention PvP and WvW much because as I mentioned before, I haven't tried it yet, but I can talk about PvE. You can't just decide to mention non PvE when I specifically asked if you were talking about PvE or PvP or WvW man. Different game modes are pretty different and I haven't played in all 3 yet. So no, I can't talk about it because I haven't tried it yet. I can only guess that if a master trait was added that increased damage and healing.......I have no idea because I don't know what are the numbers, how to trigger it, what is the radius, is there a cd etc etc etc.
  6. I really just don't understand why people find it annoying because it has none of the usual things that makes people feel "clunky", aka the stuff I talked about like long cast time or forced movement etc. Of course I can't force people to like or dislike something. I find it great because I press it and big number appears, monkey brain happy at big number. I think that's pretty common. People are quoting things like "1/2sec cd" even though most buttons you are pressing has a 1/2sec cd and is not like energy meld has some gigantic after cast. So I think this is more people are not used to press a different button so they call it clunky instead, aka it goes away after people are used to it. Also what are you even talking about, your second paragraph honestly looks garbled. I don't quite understand. The point of the change is to make the profession button worth using, we can talk about whether or not it feels impactful or is it good enough whatever, that's fine. I just really don't think that this is suddenly makes the class rotation clunky is true. At least I am looking at it and I don't see why it would be more clunky than say GS3 which is a forced movement skill that you use for damage. I guess you can accidentally cancel it via dodge?
  7. Overall damage went up, where did you hear it went down? Also genuine question, do people really want damage to up even higher? We are kind in the middle of the biggest powercreep the game has ever seen.
  8. Mate, where exactly are you having issues soloing? I will be honest but I have been holding this question as well, but I am 99% sure during OW vindi has a overcap on endurance because unlike group PvE. You should be spamming scavenger's burst to maintain fury and quickness. This skill is way up the priority list in OW compared to raid rotation where both boons are provided. Each enemy hit by this provides 20 endurance, each, not 1 instance and you need to spam the kitten out of this skill to maintain your buffs which incidentally gives you a kitten ton of endurance back even with 1 enemy. I literally overcap on endurance, yes even after the update. Much less mobile? Where? You know what skill is being swapped out in damage rotations? GS3 and nomad, now you can use them to move instead of using it for damage. Yes yes the cd was generally low enough that is not a huge deal. But 8 sec wasn't super low especially since you seem to be talking about OW where alacrity is not guaranteed. So really the only conclusion I am getting here is that you are not pressing scavenger burst. Press it more often, is super good.
  9. See I just don't understand, because in PvE barely anything changed. This thing about how 1/2cd made the rotation is "clunky" when the vast majority of the damage buttons vindi press has a 1/2cd cast or more. Is not like there is some expensive aftercast either, or rather I haven't noticed it. I am convinced is just people not used to the new rotation than anything else and just call it clunky. Unless you are referring to be able to spam dodge as much as possible then I don't know what to say. Also guys, do you not see how big is the increase? Is 100%. Your dodge NUKES since it crit for 60k with boons/vul. You can just pretend energy meld is a power up like a dragoon preparing to fly and then come down later with a super powered jump. This is great. There is no forced movement, there is no huge cast time, there is no some ally targeting and there is no forced to stand still to cast that generally cause the "clunky" feeling. The only thing I can agree is that the animation can be buffed because to be frank, none of their animations lately has been great due to budget issues. Maybe the powered up jump can have more flair to it for sure. But I am really not sure where is the "clunky" complaint coming from.
  10. Is this PvE or PvP or WvW? Because DD is a very different story in different game modes and I mentioned that I only tried the change in PvE so far so I can't make a reference about PvP or WvW. Regardless a vindi not even using dodge is just trolling in any game mode. You can't look at at a bad player and think it means anything lol.
  11. Mate, there is a reason why I said in my very first post that I only tried this in PvE so far and not in PvP/WvW. I am not the type of person who is just going to talk about things I have not tried which is why I made the disclaimer so people know what I am referring to. I will have a better idea after I get some time this weekend to play, but I can't really comment on something that I haven't even spend 5 minutes on yet and responding just based on patch notes is nonsensical.
  12. Great, sounds like they can buff the profession skills even more. Which is completely unrelated to what I was talking about. What I was talking about is the people saying the rotation is now somehow suddenly incredibly different or difficult or clunky. There is literally nothing that makes the rotation suddenly more clunky or difficult by pressing energy meld. It feels like people see the patch notes and decided pushing one extra button is now somehow end of the world and makes it completely different when in reality if you play it for more than 2 minutes, you will realize is just a button like any other button. There is literally a guy saying the cd should be reduced...when it is already reduced to 10 seconds in PvE if you pick the trait. This sort of stuff just makes me realize people literally don't actually play the game and just decided to complain about reading the patch notes. Also since you bring up BDO, I'd say that is the ABSOLUTE worst MMO to compare to. BDO is the epitome of all flash, in fact it has way too much flash. The PvE is ultimately a pure mob grinder. What it does well is the skills feel cool but when the vast majority of it is basically dynasty warrior for X hours, there really isn't much to consider in terms of skill design other than crank flash to the max. You play PvP, then surely you see the problem when this sort of design comes into play, yes it is incredibly skillful if we completely ignore desync and lag but is it really the good kind of skillful? Everyone moves at super sonic speed, you have literally rng cc hit chance, everything is incredibly difficult to read unless all you play against is a warrior running at you trying to grab, not to mention their recent design has neutered gvg in general. I don't know if you actually played bdo or just watched videos and just played seasonals, but is not as great as it looks.
  13. Change is pretty great in PvE, not sure what the crying is about. Haven't tried in PvP/WvW yet. This is a good change in the right direction to make energy meld and jump more flavorful. Like seriously guys have you ever tried to play with it or did you just read the patch notes and said this is awful? What is so "clunky" or "difficult" about this button compared to literally any other button? It doesn't have forced movement, it doesn't lock you in animation for eternity, it doesn't require some wonky targetting. Is it just because is on F2?
  14. and what would you propose to nerf in exchange for this, because that is an absolutely massive buff for herald in literally every game mode. This isn't something you just slap in randomly, is basically a complete rework and I don't think Herald is in such a state that it needs it.
  15. Mate I solo dungeons and bounties too, haven't tried fractals so far. There is a difference between literally one person doing one activity and in a giant mob where you can't even see anything and you get hit by a stray cc out of nowhere. Generally though no this is not a PvE trait, is a PvP one.
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