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  1. Silly question.. It's 2022, why are people still playing a 2013 MMO?
  2. By all means give us something to work for. But make that something cosmetic-only. Isn't that what people wanted?
  3. I came from TBC WoW, which is ancient enough to have a classic version of now.
  4. Blizzard straight up ripped the Skyscale and is going to make 10x more than ANet because it's a selling point of their expansion. Meanwhile, ANet makes it a tedious side quest that forces us to minimize the game 100 times in order to use guides that also link to other guides (e.g., Runestone 'puzzle'). That is not good design. But people will keep defending it, because they got theirs. I get it, you worked hard, so you're obviously going to think that others should too. You enjoy the reward, which makes you think the journey is worth it. That is flawed thinking. Enjoy keeping this
  5. He's not exactly some hidden gem that you have to link us toward. He's the biggest GW2 content creator atm.
  6. And just when is that story update slated to release? After this return to another living world story ends?
  7. It may be 'new' to you, but it is still 8 year old content of a story we already know. Those resources are better spent making NEW content. Cantha wasn't enough. They are handing you crumbs so you don't complain.
  8. Your new characters will gain nothing from this. It is simply ANet finally abandoning GW1 vets and targeting the next generation of GW2 players.
  9. False. It means they're diverting resources to "polish up" the core game instead of using them to deliver actual new content.
  10. Releasing Return to LW1 alongside LW6 would've been the proper move... and making the LW1 releases weekly... but you get what you pay for (sub-free game).
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