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  1. Exactly, it is “optional” but makes all the difference. Just make it required and decrease the grind.
  2. Well they do, and have for me, whether you want to believe it or not.
  3. Jesus Christ... even WoW's grind wasn't this bad.
  4. Tell that to the ecstatic dev who said Cantha is going to be a blast on your skyscale!
  5. Except legendaries are for cosmetics, whereas skyscale is a functional upgrade.
  6. Stopped reading at: "it only took me a few weeks". That is an insane grind.
  7. Then we won't have to trade our souls in trying to acquire one. Seriously, the grind is unreal. And it's always excused with: "Well, it's optional!" I'd rather have a mandatory skyscale that wasn't an egregious grind than an optional skyscale that left me feeling excluded and inferior for not being able to obtain one.
  8. Jeez, at least let EoD come out first before speculating on another expansion.
  9. No, the game is mediocre, play literally any other single-player FF instead.
  10. I bought this PC 9 years ago to play vanilla GW2. I've had minimal upgrades, so PoF wasn't the best fps-wise. Will EoD put a strain on the PC even further? Is your PC ready for EoD?
  11. Do you not play other games? This community is a godsend in comparison.
  12. Yes, shirtless lads grinding for housing decorations. Thank goodness ANet doesn't listen to the playerbase.
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