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  1. Well, it shouldn't be. Why do we need to be like those other MMOs?
  2. "Perfection" isn't a meaning that's up for debate, and no, the next expansion does not need to be "perfect."
  3. It limits variety, because the latest legendaries are the "bests" skins, and everyone will use those to show off their grind instead of other skins.
  4. Except legendaries are counterintuitive to fashion. They’re harder to obtain, which makes people wear them for prestige and not because they’re the best matching.
  5. I spent $200 during the gem card sale to purchase 3 legendary skins. Now ANet announces there are going to be gen 3 legendaries. In other words, my legendary skins will be supplanted by flashier, more up-to-date looking skins. Is everything being added to the game just a grind for legendary-everythings? How can food be "ascended"? Kitten design.
  6. They'll make mistake B and C regardless of whether or not they fix A. At least by fixing A, they'll have some goodwill.
  7. You don't see how apologizing for their screw-up and promising a better follow-up would help fix their reputation?
  8. I think GW2 needs to stop being achievement-based, which makes chores feel mandatory, and go back to the play-the-way-you-want phase.
  9. FFXIV revealed their expansion before their story chapters were finished. I don't know why Guild Wars 2 is waiting this long.
  10. Well, everyone was saying they had gone into maintenance mode, so they had to save face. Naturally, they are going to wait for the end of Champions to start hyping up EoD.
  11. Ugh, no. There's a certain Asian MMO for people to play instead if they want shirtless men running around. So, female characters running in metal bikinies are fine, but male characters aren't? That's called hypocrisy. Also, i'm sure that you meant "Korean MMO".Because females are not the same looking as males? Also, I was talking about FFXIV, which is Japanese.
  12. Ugh, no. There's a certain Asian MMO for people to play instead if they want shirtless men running around.
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