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  1. I loved the overall seriousness of the storytelling. There was no annoying Taimi to constantly talk (at least not always)...so the tone was definitely better than most stories so far. There are some things that annoyed me though: - Braham............ - Ending - Bangar's 'meh' state.
  2. Both! Both is good. It's good popping into game after a hard day and then just roaming without much stress and completing tasks on your own if you don't feel like teaming up or spending time with anyone. However there should also be a certain dose of group content as well, fun lil tasks to complete with group. So kinda a mix of both?
  3. What I really hope for most is just areas to be huge, with lots of secrets to discover, lore, depth...and not cluttered with mobs or heart objectives. 🙂
  4. Yep...apparently they entirely switched their places. I have no idea why they did this. 😕
  5. Even if they did, Drakkar's model is an insult and nothing like the original. There's absolutely 0 connection to the original model that all of us loved and were spooked of!
  6. So much this. Drakkar's model from GW1 meant a lot to me. I was always scared of underwater monsters, Drakkar was exactly that. That model from GW1 was both fascinating and creepy, it made me imagine how terrible it would be if it suddenly came to life while I was standing right on top of it, swimming underneath you and eventually coming to the surface, brrr! It's the kind of fight I have been imagining for Drakkar. Similar to Mordremoth's fight, just instead of 'big drop' it would be water with icebergs and with Drakkar swimming around, sometimes destroying the icebergs and pulling pla
  7. Admittedly it was disappointing to me as well. I thought we'd get to see some epic combat between Jormag and Primordus. I really enjoyed IBS, I thought that the approach and writing got a bit more mature, we got to see a lot about the Charr, we witnessed a more 'brutal' approach, the Warband mission was amazing, music was breath-taking and I really, really enjoyed it...up until we imprisoned Bangar. I really liked Bangar and I had hoped he'd have a much bigger role in all of this, that he'd become quite a nemesis even. Anyway, Jormag was a huge disappointment, Primordus even more.
  8. Honestly, these new skins are AMAZING!Got the Cockatiel Griffon skin and I'm so in love with it. I dyed it to resemble the black cockatoo and 'dracula' parrot. So nice.Planning to get the Glaucus skin too at some point. They're all SO nice.On top of that I could not help but get the Lunar Wing Skyscale skin too. It's so gorgeous, fluffy and badas.
  9. I want Tengu and Skritt above all :)Largos are really interesting too.I believe these races would offer quite an amazing variety of customization options too. Skritt wouldn't necessarily need to be mice. They could go from different types of mice, to rats and degu. Would be really nice.Tengu, though, the options are endless for this! As a huge bird lover this would keep me glued to GW2 maybe forever hahah. Imagine all the customization options they could get! From plumage colors, plumage shape and length; to different types of bird heads!!! Parrots, hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, ravens etc etc
  10. I'd much prefer if Tengu sounded more like Arakkoa, Skeksis and more like a BIRD, than a human.The voice is out of place. It doesn't resemble birds in any sense; it's a teenage girl.Voice needed to be put into some filter and make the character sound more unique, so when we close our eyes and hear a specific race talk, we should be able to instantly tell what race it is.Right now the first thing that comes to my mind is a female Asura when I listen to that Tengu.
  11. I like how Skeksis from Dark Crystal sound...especially the Emperor. Menacing, yet awesome.Arakkoa from WoW sound really good too, very fitting.Tengu shouldn't sound THIS human. They need something, something...better filter, less human voice, some effect added...and maybe even accent.
  12. Ehh, I wanted a Wyvern dragon since mounts got introduced. Smaug-like Skyscale or like dragons from "Reign of Fire" film. That's the type of dragon I REALLY like and want.But since we can't have that model, I'd be ok with a more dragon-looking Skyscale, with a nice long snout and head that looks beautiful yet menacing. Body that is not like an earth-worm, nor bulky, but somewhere in the middle. Nice long tail with spikes and spines, proper dragon-like wings that could even be tattered a bit at the ends.But yeah, kinda want a classic dragon look for Skyscale, rather than the one that got punche
  13. We're two on this. The way the voices are just 'put' seem very out of place in game.It also made me question: "What happened to different accents?"Accents make races unique and I feel they should've done that with MANY races, which isn't the case for some strange reason.So many voices really don't fit the game's immersion. GW1 never had these issues, I was fine with all voices from GW1. GW2 though...something is off.What you mentioned about Tengu voice is 100% true...and it could've been handled better. Make her sound more like a bird and less like a 21st century human?However...everything abo
  14. Lately I can't help but wince at the choice of voices.That Deer spirit in the new Canthan Fractal...why? Why does that deer sound like a little girl? Why is its voice so high-pitched and out of place? Why doesn't the creature sound wise and soothing?What's with the Tengu voice from the new story bit too? She sounds high-pitched again and annoying. Most of the birds are very appealing and like music for your ears. Why must the voices be so out of place and annoying? Lately all I'm hearing in GW2 are annoying and high pitched voices.Heck even my parents roll their eyes, asking if it's some kid
  15. They updated them in hot and we dident get them as playable race in path of fire so unlikely to get it now either. They updated the green ones yes, but not the classic model we keep seeing across the rest of Tyria. This new NPC from Caledon Forest response mission is an updated model of those and I think it's quite interesting.Not discarding the possibilty they're being set for something more than just NPCs, or ANet is going to upgrade them for the sake of 'immersion' and keeping the creatures up to date if we are to see the Tengu city.Keeping my mind open for anything though, don't see where'
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