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  1. This isn't the announcement stream it's the trailer. EoD version of this would be the video that came out like 10 months ago with "What a lifetime means, what an ending means" (cool line). The stream announcement was: Much more info!
  2. But we still saw the mounts doing things that we knew would change the game. We saw the Jakal blinking, the springer jumping, the raptor jumping....so far all we've seen from the skiff is....it floats...and you can walk on it.
  3. So you're saying GW2 mount system is the same as other MMO's mounts. If this is truly your opinion and you're not joking then there's no point in a back and forth. You're beyond help lol.
  4. Every living world story PATCH has given us a new map, new masteries and new story.... And it came for free....in a PATCH. I'm not sure how you're not considering this patch content.
  5. Really? A reveal showing major world changing content in the form of 5 different mounts all with their own unique abilities that completely change the way we play the game. How is that anything like....fishing. Game me a good laugh, thanks.
  6. Quite literally....yes lol. However, most expansions expand upon the game ins some major way. We got gliding and magic in HoT, mounts in one of the best MMO expansions ever imo PoF, what's the new world changing content here? Nothing.....it just seems to be regular patch level content. Again, they may reveal the big guns later, however, that's just bad marketing. The PoF reveal was done flawlessly and created massive hype pushing the game to levels they hadn't seen since launch. This was the opposite end of the spectrum.
  7. New Maps and New Story come in patches.....in other words....patch content. And I didn't forget new elites, that's mentioned as specializations. Thanks for proving my points I guess....?
  8. This exactly. Boats aren't a feature, they are an already existing mount. Fishing isn't a feature, it's from the early 2000's....we have games literally trying to push the limits with 500 on 500 bg's and massive universes to traverse....and then here we are in our game in 2021....we got fishing!
  9. Go watch the PoF reveal then come and tell me this expansion is anywhere near that level..... That's what I was expecting.....
  10. This is the problem, and the famous mindset of an MMO a year from shutdown. Wild Star fans loved to say the same thing defending their game.
  11. For the game to be expanded on.....that's the point of an "Expansion" Not 20 minutes worth of content in fishing and an already existing mount...now in boat form....
  12. Their big features are a mount.....you know....something we've had multiple times in a patch already...... A skiff....something that already exists as mount...this isn't a new feature. And, Fishing.....something that is literally a patch....about as big and feature heavy as our sitting in chairs patch. The only thing that seems new is specializations....so we have a one feature expansion with the rest being patch content. People leaving WoW in mass and multiple new MMO's coming out, GW2 needed to deliver a reason to come to our game...instead the
  13. This was the big reveal, the whole purpose was to hype their expansion. I agree...there could be stuff left out yet to be announced, but I doubt it will be anything big and feature heavy...why would they leave that out of the big reveal? I mean...fishing? That's like a patch....that's about as big as sitting in chairs......c'mon.
  14. Why wouldn't they show it in their reveal? The whole point was to hype their expansion.....they wouldn't hold back the big features.... These were their big features...and they were bad.
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